Date: 12th June 2018 at 7:00pm
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Juventus are keen on signing Mousa Dembele according to the Italian local newspaper Corriere Di Torino.

The Bianconeri’s CEO Beppe Marotta is a fan of the Belgian international, while manager Max Allegri was impressed by the 30-year-old during the Champions League tie between the two clubs last season.

Currently, Juve have too many midfielders on their books, and they will look to offload Stefano Sturaro and Claudio Marchisio before making their move for our no.19.

However, they have reportedly made contact with the club and the player’s agent to indicate their interest in the midfielder.

They reportedly rate Mousa at €20m (£17.7m) although other reports have suggested that Daniel Levy will resist any bids below £30m for the Belgian.

With the player’s contract expiring in 2019, we are said to be seeking a buyer, but with interest believed to be high, we are unlikely to sell him on the cheap this summer.


9 Replies to “Italian Champions Said To Be Lining Up £17.7m Offer For Tottenham Star”

  • With Dembele being that little bit older and City being dominant, it will be interesting to see whether he wants to join Juve and play in Italy as much for trophies. With Spurs about to head into their new stadium and start a new chapter, perhaps he’s mentally ready to call time.

    I still hopes he stays for a couple more seasons but starting to believe he will be gone by the time the new season starts.

    • Unfortunately his legs just don’t seem strong enough for the pace of the Premier league, Italy is a little slower and more suited to prolonging his career at a high level.
      £17.7 for him in this market thought is practically giving him away!!

  • He is nearly 31. His long term hip problem has now given him other problems. He has lost a yard of pace, his agility is not as good as it once was.

    I have been a massive fan of his since day one. But reality is he just can’t be counted on as a first 11 player now. I think the time has come, sell him for a small profit and let him go with dignity.

  • I have to say I’m beginning to think the same as above – will be 31 very, very soon and has had his injury problems – the way he plays is very physically demanding and in the Prem it takes no prisoners so perhaps joining Italy where it is slower and less physical would be a good way to preserve his career, gain some medals and earn a big wage swansong. Anywhere from £20m+ would have to be taken into consideration.

  • I thought that Dembele was looking as strong as ever for most of the season… Perhaps tiring toward the end of it?

    People often talk of needing top experienced players to perhaps not start too many games but ready to come off the bench when needed. And yet, we also always talk of selling guys like Mousa (who fits that description) and replacing them all together.

    If he is indeed slowing down and age is catching up with him a wee bit, but is still mostly fit enough to play, doesn’t that make him ideal cover? 31 is not exactly past it for most footballers.

    Of course, if we replace him with a fitter, younger version to start games, then do we then have Winks sitting on the bench? Or do we have Winks starting regularly and a new guy on the bench?

    But, we want guys to be 1st team ready, don’t we? And (young) Winks has been out injured for much longer periods than Dembele has. And who is the new fitter and younger version that we can get, anyway?

    It’s not so straightforward this fantasy football stuff… So many ifs and buts. Do we stick or twist?

    Of course Dembele may have already made up his mind to leave. And/or MP is okay with that.

    But what of Harry Winks? Will he now be able to return fit and strong enough for such a demanding role in the team? If he can get back to full fitness then I’d like to see Harry in place of Mousa as a starter, whether MD stays or goes…

    What do you want Poch?

  • HT – agree. Stats would tell us that Dembele is only fit to start 30 games a season whereas the payer themselves might put that down to Poch being too conservative with him. That would suggest that Dembele wouldn’t be willing to take a reduced role this coming season if Winks or anyone else did step into that role.

    He definitely looked as strong as ever when we played the toughest period of fixtures.

    Anyway, we’ve heard that Winks is through his op and will be participating in pre-season. We’ve also heard that Spurs declined Wanyama’s selection in the international friendlies after the season end and was getting the rest his left knee needs. These are good signs as we need both these players this coming season. Let’s hope Dier gets through the WC, rested up and ready to go again. These 3 are hugely important players.

  • HT/muttley …. Good points. I think a lot is going to depend on how Winks shapes up next season. If he comes back close to the form he showed before his injury it could well solve a midfield dilemma for many seasons to come. Got to say I’m really impressed with his progress so far and would love to see another one-of-our-own fulfilling his potential and playing for Spurs and England. Early days, but ….

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