Date: 14th May 2018 at 3:30pm
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An interesting statistic was doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday. Harry Kane’s winning goal against Leicester earned the club an extra £2m for finishing third.

Spurs Stat Man then tweeted that the additional funds could be used to finance Toby Alderweireld’s salary increase in order for our no.4 to stay at the club:

Fans had a mixed reaction to the stat:


Depending on the reports you read, Toby is either demanding £150,000 a week or as much as £200,000 a week to sign a new contract. The additional money from finishing third would amount to £38k a week for just one year.

It would certainly not be enough to finance the defender’s increased wage over the length of his new deal, even if the club would consider putting that prize money towards such an offer.

With financial pressures surrounding the new stadium to think of, Daniel Levy is unlikely to up the clubs offer to Alderweireld. The Times reports the proposal on the table is £110k a week plus bonuses.


9 Replies to “‘If only it were actually that simple’ – Spurs Fans React To Solution For Paying Toby’s Wages”

  • Did you see number of times Toby turned his back on the ball when Foxes players were about to pull trigger….I will leave decision to Pocc…if not Toby then go hell for leather in getting DeLigt from Ajax (Ajax players never fail for us)… or Koulibaly from Napoli.

  • I really don’t know what all the fuss is about Alderweireld, sure he had a very good 2016/17 season when our back four was very effective and tight but he isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread. The way some fans who frequent various blogs and the media constantly offering their opinion and speculative nonsense, you’d be forgiven in believing that should the club dispense with his services this Summer, THFC will cease to exist. Whilst I admit that he’s a good player, he isn’t the messiah indeed, he isn’t even selected to represent Belgium as a centre back but as a right back. They don’t see him as good enough for that position. I also take into account his age and asking for more money as it’s likely to be his last contract in the top flight but I certainly don’t see him in the same light as Kane, Eriksen or Alli in importance to the club. I could also add a couple more to the list as well. If the hierarchy relent and give him what he wants, it will open up a whole can of worms which will be to the detriment of what Pochettino is building at the club in my humble opinion. If the right offer comes in for him preferably from abroad, I’ll bite their hands of, he wasn’t actually missed at all this season.

  • The player to be sold as to be Eric Dietr. The number of games he as cost us, no club can have this player on their books.

  • From what I have heard it isn’t just about the money, it is more about how long he wants the contract to run for. I heard he wants I think it was another 5 year contract, but because of age and injuries they are not prepared to go the distance.
    The money side of it wasn’t too much of an issue compared to the contract length issue, cz again from what I heard he was prepared to drop somewhat if he got the contract length.
    I could be totally wrong, but it does throw an interesting light on things.

  • Levy is right on this one. Toby wants big money, a long contract at 29 and a release clause. That’s too much and the bigger picture is the knock on effect for other contracts if we cave in. We’ll offer him sensible money/terms and that’s it, otherwise we should sell to a foreign team. That’s the biggest problem though, as I suspect only English sides really rate him. Agreed with other posts here as well, he’s good but he’s not even our best centre back – that’s Vertonghen for the last two years. No one should be allowed to hold the team to ransom for personal gain.

  • You can only make the numbers add up if you pretend the rest of the squad will be happy for Toby to earn a lot more than they do. The reality is if you want to improve player’s contracts you start with Kane and work from there. Toby would be well down the list. I actually expect any increased net income from the new stadium to go primarily on contracts rather than transfer fees but Toby is looking for something we can’t give him and he knows that. As has been said he wants his last big pay day and someone with deeper pockets will have to provide that.

  • Jod… Toby and his agent have been called out by Mr Levy. There is no way THFC board of directors (inc Alan Sugar) who are experienced and robust businessmen ! I do not expect they will be acceptable with this demand. So Toby has to go, if he cannot be reasonable.. i.e. back down these demands to sensible levels.

  • Toby is better than some comments would have us believe, but he’s not a sine qua non for Spurs success. Sell him for big money to a team in China.

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