Date: 4th October 2019 at 5:50am
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Writer: OyvehMaria

Well, I woke up Wednesday morning and opened up one eye to the press comments and the Tweets and listened to the radio and the post mortem results after the death of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club etc etc.

Above all the doom and gloom and the “Poch out” hysteria, I take a different view.

I think this is a good result for the manager and the team, it’s one of those defining moments, not just in a season but in the history of the club. 7–2 will be remembered for many a year (and will also become a chant that the Gooners and the chavs can throw at us every season!).

This result needs to be treated as a turning point in our season. Levy in particluar has to now reliase his manager can not turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. It’s no good relying on Poch to make mediocre priced players into something they are never going to be.

We as a club, have punched above our weight for 5 seasons to the point where, expectations of what we can achieve have always been too high. Yes Poch has set expectations by saying he is going for the Big Titles but how many semi-finals and finals have we made with Poch in charge and how many times have we fallen at the final hurdle whether it is an FA Cup Semi or a League Cup Semi or a Champions League Final or a chase down of Leicester for the premiership, bottom line we have failed.

But it was Poch that got us into those semi-finals and finals, Poch got us competing for the Premiership title!

As Dele said after the Chelsea FA Cup Semi-Final loss “we can’t keep doing this to ourselves”.

Tuesday evening laid bare the lack of quality we now have at the back and the naivety we have in the middle of the park – going forward still going strong, lots of good things to shout about at the spearhead of our attack, even if we do miss too many chances.

I hope Poch and Levy can have another dinner engagement and talk about the club, the players, the squad, not about how brilliant the real estate is and how the property portfolio is growing in value every month and, “Poch please be patient for another couple of seasons cos we ain’t got any money to spend on players like Philippe Coutinho…”.

Use this time wisely Mr Levy and make sure you come away from last nights result with the news all the fans want to hear in January – cos the alternative is back to mid league mediocrity, yet another manager in a long line of managers Spurs have had since Enic took over and still tumbleweed passing through the empty trophy room and a brand spanking new shiny stadium half empty every week!

If that’s what you want Mr Levy, you keep sitting on your wallet, you keep balancing the books, let’s keep the prudent spending on player contracts and new players whilst increasing the value of the THFC property portfolio.

On the upside, we won’t have to worry about spending on new quality players cos we won’t be in the Champions League next season, we won’t even make the Europa. So maybe that’s your excuse Mr Levy to leave your wallet in your jacket pocket.

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