Date: 24th May 2021 at 8:26pm
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With Tottenham Hotspur securing seventh place in the Premier League table for 2020/21 with our final day victory over Leicester City, we of course pipped rivals Arsenal by a point which was a good reason to smile.

There’s no denying though that this is now a huge summer for the club, we have the ongoing managerial search, there will be the distraction of the European Championships and then, not only will fans be focusing heavily on how we choose to strengthen the group, a big topic of talk this summer will be whether or not Harry Kane finally moves on.

If Kane does leave, he surely goes with the best wishes of most, but a move abroad would be more palatable for fans who wouldn’t want to see him lining up against us. A departure would significantly boost our transfer kitty, but it would also be another major headache to solve – not just in terms of finding a quality replacement, but it might see others address their own futures, so the calibre of our incomings would also need to send a message that minus Kane, we are still looking to break that ceiling.

Let silly season begin…

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211 Replies to “2021 Transfer Thread – Something Else Spurs Need To Get Right This Summer”

  • Agreed Goef re the media, look at the Leicester PL win, the media was certainly behind them Mr Linker
    and Co, to me this defo swayed a few Refs decisions in the latter stages of that season.
    Again the positive media from the likes of the Beeb, for Liverpool and in particular Man U actually borders on disgusting. Think on it how often are Man U’s FA Cup matches shown on the Beeb, I think over the last three seasons, we we shown live once and that was because it was a replay.
    When we foul it’s a complete autopsy or we buy a foul yet again, more reruns than “Dad’s army”
    This colours the Refs opinion for next game, do you think Sonny is going to get a foul next time he gets a dig in the gob, no way.
    Yet Martial, Rashford, Pogba, Vardy, Mane,even Grealish, and Saha go over with a feather touch and at worst it’s gamesman ship.
    I would like to see fair unbiased analysis, but no chance.

  • This Poch story seems to be rumbling on. I suspect that it will do so until the season ticket renewal deadline passes on Thursday. . Then we may turn back to the real targets.

  • Seems to me it’s actually gone really quiet today and more focused on Conte and posibly Galtier.

  • Geof – we probably won a few fans in the US when the club signed Alex Morgan for about 3 months. Whether that marketing ploy was/is a valid reason to become a Spurs fan will depend on who you ask, but I personally don’t value it very much…

    If you are yourself susceptible to said marketing ploys, and if winning fans and sponsors is the end goal for a football club as far as you can see, to each their own. It completely plays into the hands of chairmen who put profits above all else, so ENIC must have been love at first sight for you…

    That sort of thinking (raising the club’s profile to worldwide audiences, attracting sponsors…) is precisely the line of thought which got the ESL project going. By all accounts, most football fans don’t want it, butI suppose you are the proff that some fans do.

  • There you are! What took you so long?

    With respect, I’m not sure where your head is this morning, BS …. check the top of your shoulders because I think it may have spun away.

    Don’t you realise that ‘a raised global profile’ and ‘attracting sponsors’ is what happens to all top teams who plays entertaining football …. whether they want it or not! It’s people generated. It was, however, a nice attempt on your part to spin the comment in a less sensible direction.

    I love the way you brilliantly dismiss the growth of our fan base in Asia and the States, due to THFC’s clever move of including ‘one of their own’ as part of the entertainment package. What did you say …. ‘we probably won a few fans for a few months’? Nice one. Silly, understated, but funny.

    Do you understand that non-entertaining football will reduce that fan base …. and that is already happening.

    And I really enjoyed (still laughing) your irrelevant ‘spin’ concerning Morgan. That was nowhere near your usual standard …. not even close. I eventually had to give up trying to make sense of it.

    Just for the record, nobody on VS has ever said they do not want Spurs to win silverware. They might not agree on how to achieve it, but that’s a mute point.

    On the other hand I cannot remember you ever saying how much you enjoy ‘entertaining’ football or how important it is to you in the hidden recess of your football consciousness.

    But why do you never fail to make negative remarks when someone says they enjoy watching entertaining football.

    You are the True North and the word ‘entertainment’ seems to be the magnet that attracts you and compels you to make a negative comment …. because usually, when someone mentions ‘entertaining football’ you immediately appear with some pathetic spin such as your ‘Morgan’ comment …. or something obvious and irrelevant to the effect of, ‘but it won’t guarantee silverware.’

    I cannot make up my mind whether you would be happier watching a game at The Lane or spending the afternoon browsing in a trophy shop with a piece of rag and some silver cleaner on the go.

    Again, with respect, I worry about you.

  • Must be slow day in Australia. I believe my generation call this “living in someone’s head rent free” :-). You did make me laughn so it least your post had that going for it.

    As other posters have said, you might want to worry about seeing Spurs win something again in your lifetime. That would be a legitimate worry to have. I’ll be doing just fine, probably still around long after ENIC have cashed out.

  • Skipp and Sess back in – give Scarlett and Divine a “proper” sniff/”Bale”, Aarons, Andersen, Ake/Pau Torres for me to come in!

    Keep Lloro and Lamela (new contracts) and obviously HK10 and Sonny for sure 1000%!

    CCV, Foyth (unfortunately), Aurier, Toby and Sissoko – all out (which should cover Max and Joachim) but we’re still going to need Levy to come up with around £40-50m cash from somewhere to basically get the left footed LCB but if he cannot see it as worthwhile – for me next season is already starting off on a pointless basis – we’ve been crying out for such for at least 24 months now since Vert’s rapid decline towards the end of his time with us and this is all hoping we get “Bale” back similar to last season so as to avoid shelling out a fortune to bring in some1 of similar quality even if most likely younger, etc – something we likely cannot afford to do anyway – especially in terms of transfer fee!

  • Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan all lost their managers and all appointed new managers within days. Meanwhile we are still having this dance with Poch – which will last until the season ticket renewal deadline before we go crawling back to Ten Haag or Potter. We really are a pathetic shambles of a football club at the moment with no leadership, no plan and no direction. The man responsible for this shambles is still making all the football decisions and whilst that carries on being the case, the football club will continue on its aimless path to mediocrity.

  • Hi TQ – Lamela has when fit actually played well over the last couple of seasons and come up with some decent goals and assists, general creativity, etc and he seems perfectly OK with playing a squad role, etc as well! We won’t get more than 15m Euros for him now and who can we buy of similar quality for that kind of money – pretty much nobody (we paid around 12m Euros for bloody Jack Clarke which says it all for me), he’s also still only 29 so I’d be willing to give him a 3-4 year contract but I’d have to say he needs to be earning 5 figures and not 6 as I believe is currently the case – it’s not warranted and even less the case with the current pandemic situation on top!

    Thing is for me I’d go with the following attacking wise: N’Dom, Lo Celso, Dele, Moura, Bergs, Lamela, “Bale”, Sonny, HK10 and Scarlett for next season – with if we’re desperate maybe pushing Sess forwards as a winger also – so basically for me – keep the status quo from last season by keeping all together, bringing back Bale again and starting to incorporate this supposed kid prodigy that is Scarlett!

    In CM/DM – I’d stick with Hoj, Winksy and bring back Skippy and that’d do for me – with perhaps Devine pushing into the 1st team squad also and maybe looking for some more/decent minutes in cup games, etc!

    This stance would also allow us to concentrate fully (minds/funds/training/tactics, etc) on defence which was and is our real weakness currently and what is stopping us from challenging again at the top! I’ve already mentioned the names I’d be interested in wanting us to get and also potential cost and how to at least in part to help fund, etc! Let’s remember – our problem ain’t necessarily scoring (HK10, Sonny and Bale – showed this very well this past season and I reckon it was just a taster and could still get better – indeed Bale is only seeming to come into full fitness and form of late and furthermore Dele and Gio were basically non-existent all season and you know they are way too talented for that to continue to be the case long term …………………………..) – thus it’s defence where we really need to be concentrating fully and properly:

    Aarons, Doh, Andersen, Ake/Torres, Davy, Dier, Jaffa, Rodon, Davies, Reggie, Sess!

    Nothing wrong with having 11 defender’s – especially as a good 4 of them are attacking full-backs and we could easily be looking to play a 5 man defence at times as well as a conventional back 4 and there’s a lot of games when fighting in 4 comp’s+standard internationals as well and all that after a summer ladened with EURO 2020/1, etc – thus would make easy sense to have a big squad – although I did read and take on board what Niall (Hi matey BTW) was saying about a compacted squad which might keep everyone happier, better bonded, better fitness and form, etc – of course always avoiding the dreaded deadly duo of injury/tiredness – tiredness/injury …………………………!

    Lloro, Hart, Whitey – again maintain status quo at GK for now!

    Let’s see what happens – but I’d be pretty happy if this above indeed worked out ………………!

  • Fabio Paratici has been confirmed as the new Director of Football at Spurs. That marks a change in the way the club is run and in my view not before time. If you accept that any managerial appointment is a gamble then you need stability if you have to change managers which is what you hope the DOF brings. Of course it does mean that anyone we appoint as manager needs to be able to work with Paratici. We know that part of the problem at PSG is that Pochettino and Leonardo, the Sporting Director, do not get on. In Germany the DOF model seems to be accepted by almost everybody, less so in England. Presumably the new DOF will be heavily involved in appointing the new manager and hopefully it will happen quickly. I can see though that once Spurs decided to go with a DOF we needed to appoint him first.

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