Date: 24th May 2021 at 8:26pm
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With Tottenham Hotspur securing seventh place in the Premier League table for 2020/21 with our final day victory over Leicester City, we of course pipped rivals Arsenal by a point which was a good reason to smile.

There’s no denying though that this is now a huge summer for the club, we have the ongoing managerial search, there will be the distraction of the European Championships and then, not only will fans be focusing heavily on how we choose to strengthen the group, a big topic of talk this summer will be whether or not Harry Kane finally moves on.

If Kane does leave, he surely goes with the best wishes of most, but a move abroad would be more palatable for fans who wouldn’t want to see him lining up against us. A departure would significantly boost our transfer kitty, but it would also be another major headache to solve – not just in terms of finding a quality replacement, but it might see others address their own futures, so the calibre of our incomings would also need to send a message that minus Kane, we are still looking to break that ceiling.

Let silly season begin…

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211 Replies to “2021 Transfer Thread – Something Else Spurs Need To Get Right This Summer”

  • TQ2Spurs – Soumare aside, his coach Christophe Galtier may be worth looking at.

    He may not know the PL but he has worked absolute miracles at Lille.

  • BS…I was just reading about him and that he is leaving Lille so is a free agent. Players who have worked under him are full of praise for him not just from a footballing angle but also in his relationships with players. Could certainly be a dark horse and he could bring a few players with him if he likes! :- )

  • AND…

    Of course Harry Kane is replaceable. When he goes, we will not be forced to play with 10 men! Ha bloody Ha! ………………

    Chelsea have made it to two cup finals this year and finished 4th in the PL. Their top scorer in the PL this season, Jorginho, has just 7 goals and all from penalties. Their overall joint top scorers, Werner and Abraham have just 12 goals each.

    Spurs, after a much poorer season than Chelsea have had, have HK on 23 PL goals, Son on 17 and Bale on 11. Kane is not only the winner of the Golden Boot, but also has the highest amount of PL assists… But so what!

    We finished in 7th, just 3 points above the newly promoted Leeds… We lost a cup final… And we were embarrassed in the EL… And we played a hell of a lot of crap football along the way…

    I’ll take our top scorer next season, as anyone even scoring just 7 pens, if it means finishing 4th next season and making another CL final. (Win or lose)…

    I have a sneaking suspicion (in a perverse kind of way), that we may well benefit from losing Kane… Ah, but who knows? It’s just the opinion of a fool and a fantasist! Ain’t it?!

  • Apparently our old friend Jurgen Klinnsman would be interested in the Spurs job. Maybe a bit off the wall, but perhaps a bit more feasible than some already mentioned.

  • This is Spurs we’re talking about here, if there’s a decent chance to win we fek it up.
    If theres a decent chance to sign a decent player for a decent sum, we fek it up.
    Nope we get the no hopers, or bring some guy in for a trial but he signs for Chelsea.
    Our scouting/recruitment process is totally hopeless, watch over the summer some player will have a decent euro competition, score two goals in reality he’s a donkey but we’ll sign him.

  • So many managers making themselves available, we’re being spoilt for choice. Conte rumoured to be destined for Madrid if ZZ goes.

  • TQ …. I did see the news about Kennedy. There must be a plan if we’re turning over so many players at once. Looks like major upheavals in both squads! I guess the TW won’t be boring.

  • Hi Geof, yes it’s going to mean a lot of players to integrate, not just into the squad as many of the leavers have been regular starters. It’s definitely going to be an interesting summer throughout the club.

  • Geof – I like the optimism, but there is no guarantee DL will actually do anything about the plight we’re in. He may be perfectly happy to stand pat, say Covid affected out budget, and bank on better seasons from a few players. It would be foolish but I’m not putting it past DL.

  • Perhaps more important than the personality of the new coach is the speed of the appointment. The Euros will interfere with pre-season as it is, so the new man will need every available minute to make his mark.

  • Foyth gets himself a EL winners medal, plays pretty well if you want a defensive right back.

  • Why is it that Foyth isn’t talked about as playing RFB at Spurs? I watched him in the Copa America for Argentina when I was in Brasil and thought he was quite solid there. It was totally new for him. Now we see much the same while he’s out on loan at Villarreal. I’d give the lad a solid look at RFB for Spurs.

  • TK….I’ve always liked having one defensive full back and one full/wing back in the squad to give us options. We currently have Tanganga as the defensive option but I think Foyth is better if we want to convert to a back three during the match as we do with Davies on the left.

  • Yep folks,
    Great to see Man U the Kings of the fake pen actually go down on penalties.
    Re Froyth, yet another great strategy by our management, we loaned him out but the option to buy him is totally in the hand of Villa, Real to accept or reject.

  • Can’t remember the last time our squad was in this much need of a rebuild.

  • Spurfect,

    If you can’t remember the last time our squad was in this much need of a rebuild, SpurO, then we are with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Opportunities, of course, are nothing other than problems that we prefer not to view negatively.

    So, yes. Let’s push for a big rebuild with the goal of constructing a team that plays football the way it’s meant to be played. Let’s not see the opportunity bungled.

    If it is bungled, then I’ll back the use of rails with pails of tar and pails of feathers for the pale bungler in chief–DL, the phantasm who sits with little expression during matches. He of the opaque soul.

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