Date: 6th October 2019 at 7:30pm
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When the immediate emotion-charged reaction to recent performances had returned to calm contemplation, I was able to find some perspective.

For many seasons we have been privileged to watch some of the best football Spurs have played since the sixties. Supporters have enjoyed high-class entertainment on the pitch and seen THFC’s world-wide profile climb to the point where we could all be justifiably proud of our club.

The ‘project’ that is THFC has been viewed by all as a huge success…not success in terms of trophies, but success in terms of the club’s development. We have witnessed the club’s growth with the addition of our training facility, state-of-the-art stadium, reputable manager, and various sponsorship contracts. All the groundwork for the club’s long-term future is in place.

The reality, in football terms, is that this was the easy part, the tangible part. Finding a squad of players that have the capacity to take the football world by storm is another matter…and far more difficult.

Every football club is embarked on a never ending journey of evolution which, by definition, means regular stages of transition. All of the so-called ‘top six’ clubs have demonstrated how the evolution of football works in recent seasons. The older generation of supporters have witnessed many such transitions no matter which club they follow.

It is beginning to look like Spurs are now in transition. Players have aged or not fulfilled their potential. New players have come in and some players have left. The squad is not the same one that delivered all of the stunning performances and glorious football we have witnessed for several seasons. And, believe me, there were many stunning performances creating many memories. Currently, the squad is not playing as the team, the unit, it once was. There is not the harmony or the understanding between players. Results and performances on the pitch have suffered since the start of last season.

It needs to change. But that change, that transition, will take some time. We still have a very talented squad of players. They are all parts of the jigsaw that completes a picture. Presently, the pieces are difficult to put together. There may even be a piece or two missing…but the foundation is there, as is the answer to completing the puzzle. It just has to be found and, personally, I believe that the manager and chairperson are capable of finding it…will find it. After all, they did get us to this point in the first place and neither of them would settle for it all ending here.

The periods of transition will not take so long if there is something real to start with and build on. There is much to build on at Tottenham. In a sense, Spurs are the victims of their own magnificent performances in recent seasons because ‘transition’ means there will be a lull, a backward step, and this is never acceptable to supporters who are emotionally connected to the club and demand never-ending success…which is never going to happen.

Evolution does not work that way in football.

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130 Replies to “Tottenham: Victims Of Their Own Success”

  • Good posts on this thread… I agree that players have not been forced to sign “low paid” contracts, or indeed renew / or a new contract with increased money. Which Levy does when a player is performing very well. As the player’s value has also increased and the extra valuation is added onto the THFC assets balance sheet. In Eriksen’s case.. we just dont know why Levy did not increase his basic wages… however like many jewish business men he does pay his staff (Which players are) as minimum basic as he can get away with, yet offers good bonuses for exceptional performances. (again benefits the club revenues in ticket sales /TV / PL / Merchandise income.

    My ITK source who has known Levy and Joe Lewis for many years, said that Levy has in previous TW told poch the money for new players is available, but no decision by poch to buy alternative players if his 1st choice not signed. I recall that that poch saying… he wont buy players who are not a better quality than the players already at spurs.

  • block 108 spurs – You seem to be getting confused between accountancy and finance. The numbers in the balance sheet don’t make any real difference, the sum is written down to zero over the life of the contract. Wages on the other hand are real money going out of the club. You also seem to be rewriting history, we know the club has offered Eriksen a new contract and he’s refused to sign it.

  • block 108, I can tell you from personal experience that the stereotype of Jewish employers paying their staff minimum wages is nonsense. Back in my heyday in the eighties/nineties I worked for a Jewish guy as general manager in his computer manufacturing business in London, we started out with two employees and grew to £70m annual turnover in 6 years. He was the best guy I ever worked for, he generously rewarded everyone throughout the company who contributed to making the business the success it was. As an example, even the factory cleaner was earning £10k a year when the average in London at that time would have been around £7.5k, and this was basic salary, not bonus related.

  • TQ …. Hope you don’t mind me adding to that. Most ‘stereotypes’ are nonsense. They are usually based on historic perceptions, but the world moves on and they are no longer relevant …. that’s assuming they were in the first place!

  • Again on here some of the posts/opinions are true and honest one way or another.

    It seems to me that some are seeing what I have said numerous times “nobody holds the players arm up his back to sign a contract” and I think HT’s post at 4.55am candidly points that out, ie..long staying players.

    Then, sorry Geof, up comes the use of the word “stereotypes”, bleedin hell we will be shouting racism next, its just a lol word, and I know that from a Jewish mate, whom takes it with a pinch of salt and no offence, the tight arse git lol! COYS

  • I noted last night that Sky Sports held a vote “would Spurs finish in 4th place this season” YES or NO, YES = 20% while NO = 80%, does this 80% mean we will finish 3rd lol, no matter I think the 20% will prove the 80% “dinlo’s” lol! voting NO wrong, we are still in the mix, long way to go. COYS

  • Morning PY.

    What you have said about players not being forced to sign contracts they don’t want to, is also something that I have pointed out many times before on here. It never gets a response from those that insist our players should be on ‘City’ like pay… (Or the going rate as they call it)…

    And when I wrote about Spurs having an average of the 5th most ‘loyal’ players at any club; that is in the whole of Europe. (I’m not sure I was clear on that). Spurs are top in this within the PL. So, money really can’t be the only deciding factor when it comes to most players loyalties. Whether at Spurs or elsewhere. Either that or the bonuses really are fantastic at Spurs or, no other club has yet to make them a better offer. Apart from the small minority that is Bale, Modric and Walker etc.

    By the way, your mate may take your stereotyping banter with a pinch of salt but would he take it from a complete stranger and/or an out and out facist? – Just wondering….

  • Jod.. What I meant about eriksen was, His contract as far as we know, was not increased in wages over the 5 years, so he is refusing to sign a new offer. A case of too little too late?

    TQ2… There are always exceptions to every stereotype (that word again..sorry PY…lol)

    • block 108……. the perception of Jewish bosses being tight was something he and I used to joke about often, he always claimed that I was meaner than he was because of my ancestry, apparently I was a mean Scotsman, is that stereotyping as well? lol

      Sorry PY! :- )

  • Every pundit seems to have a theory about our club these days. Nothing new there. What worries me, is that many fans now starts to believe the crap these people spit out. What do they now? What do we know really? It’s just guesswork. The worst cliche´ of them all: “Poch has lost the dressing room”, seems very popular. Another one is: “the players don’t like his methods”. After five years they suddenly realise this? The only thing I’ve read so far that makes any sense is that our squad is now one of the oldest in the League, compared to four or five years ago, when we had the youngest. That means that players have been loyal to the club and Poch, but now it’s time to say thank you and goodbye.

  • Which ever way we cut it the currennt contractural situation that allows a player to run their contract down is a joke ….. we are now in a Catch 22 situation…Levy’s bonuses are based on the team getting qualification into the CL that means if we miss 4th slot Levy’s bonus scheme ends and the players get paid less ……..which I have to say is a typical Levy borrow a sheckel and only give half a sheckel back tactic….the players have to make the top 4 in order to bump up their pay but Levy wont spend enough on new players to help Poch get the team to 4th place or higher …… Well that kind of philosophy is a self fulfilling one then isnt it cos its doesnt take into account mitigating circumstances….like having your centre backs suddenely become Donkeys in the summer or your best midfielder retiring on the pitch without the permission of the manager or the fact that some of the squad were shi* when we bought them and they are still shi* now…no name intended Aurier!

  • Oyveh …. I don’t think Levy pioneered the idea for pay-as-you-go bonus system. It is a fairly common part of employment contracts these days. Players would be aware of this when they sign contracts. I imagine most clubs offer a bonus as incentive to achieve desirable results.

  • Oyveh, it’s very easy just to state that Spurs players are only paid bonuses based on CL qualification… Easy but not true. They receive all kinds of bonuses right across the board.

    Man City now cap their wages as well and also make up their players pay in bonuses. Now why would a club with all of their money do that. Simple. It’s the same reason Spurs do it. Their owners soon came to the realisation that the City players basic wages structure could easily continue to escalate beyond any reasonable control. Many top and well off clubs have done likewise in recent times… They know it makes sense…

    Here’s a question for anyone that wants it; Was Levy to blame for the 2-7 defeat to Bayern and the 0-3 loss to BHA? Would have Eriksen played better if he was on more money? Would any of the rest of the team have played better? Would we have more than likely won these matches if we had spent more in the summer? Just asking…

  • HT….thanks for that, my mate has a a fair share regards “stereotyping” remarks from strangers, he just laughs it off, as for a facist, we/you always know who these people are, with massive chips on their shoulders, also because they take things to the extreme, thus resulting in a punch on the snout, lol.

    b108….no need to say sorry to me mate, anyway its just a bleedin word lol.

    TQ2S….what you wrote was basically what I was trying to say, stereotyping just a word, I served/played sport with/have mates of all colour/ethnics/creeds blah blah, all having a stereotype, esp myself lol! who gives a ?, my very best mate is a Glasgow born sweaty sock, lol, Spurs fan also, who describes himself as “frugal” another word for tight lol!

    There is no need for sorry’s to me, because it takes a lot more than a few words to upset me or even my mates/pals, male/female. Think we are all hard skinned Dyno’s lol! COYS

  • I will add that clubs in England do not formerly impose wage caps as such. The structure in England doesn’t really allow for this. But of course with teams such as City being fined in recent times for breaking FFP rules, this in itself is a form of wage cap. Although it doesn’t necessarily effect the high earning players anyway…

    I do know that Liverpool are perhaps one of the only English clubs that do have a formal wage cap for their younger players. There is a limit as to what their U-17’s can earn in their 1st year as a pro at the club. This is not so elsewhere as far as I am aware.

  • In other words… I shouldn’t have used the word cap. City as with Spurs and other clubs restrict their basic salaries as much as they choose to do and the rest is made up in bonus pay. It doesn’t mean there is a formal ceiling a such…

    Bloody hell! Who cares anyway? They all earn more than enough for just kicking a bleedin’ ball around a park for a living!

  • DL…..Spot on! your statement “what do they know, what do we know really? its just guesswork!” hit it on the nail. To be honest all we really can do is comment on what we witness live at games or on TV, whether its individual players, substitutions, game plan, attitude blah blah. Ok a few remarks can and are said regards Levy and his way, but again this is really only guesswork, as you said.

    Geofspurs….totally agree with you there regards the pay-as-you-go bonus system, its been around a while as far as I know.

    Back to football and the Prem, we are only 4pts behind 3rd place with 30 games to go, not bad really for a “crap” start, we will make it, a minimum of 4th place finish for me, others above us will implode and go through a “crap” period, that’s football. COYS

  • HT…..sorry I forgot to say “good afternoon”. Loved the final comment “bloody hell who cares anyway” so true. COYS

  • Exactly PY. What is going on with Man U for instance? You know, the PL club that has 4 of the top 6 highest earners in England. They are currently just 4 points off the relegation zone! The 3rd richest club in the world, below Spurs, Bournemouth, Wolves and the rest…

  • It’s happening in Spain too, both Real and Barca are coming to the end of golden eras and are in need of re-building.

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