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THFC …. Game On!!

On Saturday Spurs travel to Newcastle to open their season. This is not a match thread as OyVeh would have submitted (he is far better at it than I am. If you are reading and going to do one OyVeh, email it to, but rather a thread to take us through week one of the PL. In that respect, the game, before and after, is open for discussion …. as is everything else to do with THFC and the PL in general.

Having said that, I see little point in continuing to complain about what did, or did not, happen during the Transfer Window. The focus now should now be on the Premier League games in front of us although I realise that this will be difficult for some posters who will be in meltdown due to Bale, Modric, Ronaldo, or anyone else, not wearing a shirt with a cockerel on it. But the reality is that the TW is over and it is what it is.

The most interesting thing about this game (as it was for many games last season) is who will be on the team-sheet. Pochettino has already stated that he will not play any of our world cup players unless they are fully fit. None of us know what that means. The other interesting thing as the season progresses is how the manager will utilise Toby in terms of recent events. But if we play a back three, Verts, Toby, and Sanchez make a formidable defence.

As far as Newcastle is concerned I believe we have enough strength, whoever plays, to get a good result. As the season progresses it will be a great asset to the squad to have Winks, Toby, and a more experienced Moura, back in the squad.

So, it’s game on! Over to you VS people.

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  • In my dreams, I would play Modric in the Dembele role, Bale at left wing-back, Grealish, Martial and Zaha in the 3 behind Harry.

    They would at least guarantee an away draw v the Magpies.

    In reality, I think we’ll do just fine without those guys and get a convincing win. 1-5!

  • Thanks for the article Geof, very timely. TBH, I am all for the TW closing before the season. No more distractions, albeit the European windows may still create some anger amongst us!.

    I’d take Poch’s comment about the ‘weaker’ squad with a pinch of salt. I am sure most if not all of the WC returnees will be well up for the game and will do their best to make the starting 11. There’s a lot to prove by Poch and the players, so here’s hoping for a winning start to the campaign. We may just see the odd academy graduate on the bench, else, as we were last season. Can’t use the player bedding in excuse this time round. A win will silence many critics.

    Geof, I’m not yet in the mood for the customary 3-0. COYS!

    My prediction, Wolves or Fulham to be in the top 4 come Monday!

  • Verts and Toby played in a back 3 at the W/C and spurs looked good playing with a 3 until toby got injured last season. Also if it’s Toby’s last season may as well get good use out of him.

  • Critical … I don’t know what mood I’m in yet. My prediction; we’ll be in the top 20 come Monday …. I wonder if I can bet on that?!

  • Geof, you can bet on Harry breaking the August hoodoo. I’d happily stick a fiver on him to win the GB.

  • Here are some of my wishes/predictions:
    1. Harry to break the August Hoodoo
    2. Harry for GB.
    3. Harry Redknapp to keep his mouth shut!
    4. Aurier to master the art of throws.
    5. Moura to be our ‘new’ signing.
    6. Tripp to share free kicks and corners with Eriksen.
    7. Early subs by Poch.
    8. Llorente to be loaned/sold.
    9. We make top-4 + a cup final.
    10. United miss out on top-4.

    What are the odds for that accumulator?!…Harry Redknapp will probably kill my bet at the 1st hurdle.

  • I’m hoping for a decent result and as much as everyone else is disappointed by the transfer window…Just out of interest just taking Arsenal as an example which one of their 5 signings would you have liked to have seen at the NEW WHL ?…just a thought

  • I don’t recall Rose, Dier & Dembele being overly used at the WC so as long as they aren’t injured should be good to start.

  • window, is shut, as said on another thread, 1, we had no money or 2, the squad is good enough for top 4 minimum … I very much doubt we will win a cup … so as last year I will be happy with a top 4 … would be nice to see Sissoko and llorente leave .. Vorm in goal against Newcastle will be a disaster … he is a liability I would prefer Gazza in goal for lloris…. KWP should be at RB … Janssen should not be sold or loaned out I think either or either will happen their… I think MP is making excuses for the team and they will be fit to play … Kane not being fit, the bloke would play on amputee stumps …. we will be ok. Glad Grealish didn’t join.

  • That Pathetic Manger called Botch has now blamed Brexit, for not buying a player claiming they cost 30% more … last I see they wanted only English players. Also, selling players outside of the UK means they would of got 30% than they used too … typical Levy Man up the ring of the pathetic chairman and how the club has been run #LevyOUT

  • HT, the only difference to your team I sense is Tripp starting over Aurier. The lad is returning after a great showing at the WC and must be buzzing. I am sure with subs, we’ll get to see all of our top players get match time. Wouldn’t surprise me if Dembele starts too, unless he’s sold before 12:00 tomorrow!

  • Levy Out/Palmolive………………you need to re-think your last post. A weaker pound makes buying from abroad more expensive and brings in less when selling abroad.

  • HT….good wild selection, but am with C_S on Tripps for Aurier.

    TQ2Spur….haha you tell em mate.

    We are the lads from the NWHL and we are going to win tomorrow, 0-3, “our Arry” to score minimum of 1, breaking hoodoo and both Redcrapp’s unable to keep the gobs shut, sorry C_S. lol. COYS

  • It is up to Toby now to show what he can do for us and if he still wants to go, to put himself on show in the window this season, and as for all those people clamouring for Levy’s head because he won’t pay Toby what he wants maybe they should call for Woodward’s head at manure because that is apparently the very reason they backed off him, because he wanted 180K a week and for what they see as a probable injury prone 29 year old they really didn’t think he was worth it.
    So maybe Levy got it right yet again. Granted he makes mistakes, I think he gets things right more often than not, but people tend to highlight his failures rather than his successes simply because the failures don’t fit in with their way of “running the club”.

  • This is more of a key game than a normal first game. We need to get going early. How does Brexit affect us any more than Everton or West Ham or Fulham all of whom filled their boots in the window. Why didn’t we do any business a) because we are good enough anyway, we are the one top 5 team in Europe’s premier leagues, and the first team in TW history not to need to sign anybody, despite winning nothing, or b) because the stadium build had skint us, despite Levy’s assurances, or c) Levy’s priorities are other than on the pitch, or d) Brexit, but Christ’s knows how.
    At least can MP and Levy please get their excuses or stories on the same page, it adds some credibility, if indeed there is any. My forecast for Saturday is 1-1, sorry.

  • Chrishove123 , theres rumors that Woodward is concerned that this could be Mourinhos final season and they don’t want to be like Inter Milan, when Mourinho left them with a bunch of players in their late 20’s early 30’s. Had Varane been available, they’d have apparently been prepared to spend £100m for him.

  • I agree with Frank on the Brexit excuse. Brexit saga started about 18 months ago and surprised that it’s only just kicked in, more for us than anyone else out there.

    Anyway, one thing for sure, Brexit has aided the arrival of scores of European players in to the PL this window. Several teams have filled their boots with 15 to 30 mill players. It will be fascinating to see how may of those players become the future 100 mill+ players after one season. Everton and West Ham were the biggest culprits, so their manager shave been backed and now awaiting sack!

    I am amazed at the spending spree at Everton though. They spent just as much under Koeman, a rebuild just like our earlier mag 7. Koeman and many those players are history and yet they take the same route with the new manager.

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