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THFC’s Periodic Table!

A football club has its own elements; its own ‘Periodic Table’. A football match result can be influenced by any of these elements. They illustrate how many variables exist in a game of football and why any result is so unpredictable. Here are some that I can think of that affect every club.

They are submitted in random order.

• Referees decisions
• Referee Assistants decisions
• Weather
• Size of the pitch
• Playing at home or away
• Degree of crowd support
• Injuries
• Suspensions
• Skill level of players
• Attitude of players
• Work ethic of players
• Influence of agents
• Team spirit
• Manager’s coaching ability
• Manger’s ‘inter-personal (people) skills’
• Manager’s ability to deal with the media
• Coaching Staff
• Training Facilities
• International demands on players
• Medical Staff
• Influence of new players …. for better or worse
• Media pressure
• Financial capacity of a club to buy players
• Financial capacity of a club to pay salaries
• Financial benefits regarding sponsorship contracts
• Club ownership
• Club Chairperson
• Club Board members

Given the above, one has to wonder how hard it is to win any game let alone a title!

It’s also clear that, whereas supporters just focus mainly on match results and the league table, there are so many elements that have to be balanced by the club as a whole. To my thinking, it’s a balancing act of mammoth proportions!

What do VS people think and what other ‘elements’ could be added to the list?


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  • A players ability to handle pressure games/moments/situations.

    Some players melt under the pressure of simply playing for a big club.

  • Geof… quite is list LOL. I feel sure the negative posters will have their say..

    Under players attitude, their mental health and ability to following manager’s in game instruction !

    Agents influence.. kick them out the door.. greedy so & so’s

  • 1) Transfer fees, Lengths of Contracts and Salaries – the root of all evil 🙂
    2) Rupert Murdoch: Sky and The Premiership mafia running the English top flight.
    3) FIFA ruining football with ridiculous rule changes e.g. offside and handball.

    By the way, kudos to the team that developed the goal line technology that informs the ref through his watch. The difference between 3 points and 1 points on Sat.

  • muttley … Yes, there’s no way any referee would have given that as a goal without the help of modern technology. They couldn’t even give us the goal at United when the ball was almost touching the back of the net!

  • Geofspurs…..Yet another great article, though this one does give one something to think about, so that’s me ?ed lol.

    muttley… true with that post. Goal line technology is excellent. COYS

  • With due respect I think we are trying to over think the situation. In 9 cases out of 10 the best team wins. To be the best team you have to be proficient in defence, midfield, and up front, you must have sufficient top players, be tactically aware, and nullify the opposition, have enough creativity to carve out sufficient chances, have energy and intensity, convert the chances that are created, and have a strong bench to allow the intensity to be maintained all over the pitch for the full 90 minutes and to allow competition for places and selection options as well as cover for injuries. We are obviously strong in some of these aspects, and less so in some others. We did enough at Newcastle to get our 3 points, without exactly ripping up trees, we would hope to improve as the season settles down. Having seen the first efforts of Man City and Liverpool in their first games, we see the standard that will be required to compete. Incidentally this claim that new players from outside the PL need an extended time to “bed in”, should study Keita’s performance yesterday in his first game for Liverpool, MOTM in his first game. Great players are great players in any league, whether it is their 1st or 51st game.

  • I purposely avoided any comment on aspects other than those directly football related. My feelings on the activity or lack of, and the shortcomings of the hierarchy, are well known and will be justified, or otherwise, when the end of season results are known, and comparisons with the last 3 seasons can be made to determine whether we have stagnated, improved, or deteriorated. This will determine whether their frugal attitude, and lack of activity has been justified, or counter productive.

  • The way a club manages its Youth training program is another ‘element’. The more you think about it, the more apparent it is that its not a simple case of 22 PL players taking to the field each week. So many ‘elements’ determine the success or failure of a game before a ball is kicked in anger.

    Mind you, all such thoughts fly out the window come match day!!

  • I suppose the point of the article is that all of these (and other) ‘elements’ come together to form the bigger picture of Football. Whether they are small or larger elements, they all need to be factored into the equation to get a more realistic perspective on the game and the clubs that play it.

  • Frank….to be honest regards Keita’s game v Wet Spam, he must have thought bloody hell this Prem lark is easy, WS’s midfield including Nobel were total crap, not taking it away from Pool’s game though, but even Newcastle would have put up a far better battle in midfield, lets wait and see eh! until he, Keita, comes up against a more battle hardened/skillful midfield before we start singing his praises, just my opinion here mate. COYS

  • Geofspurs….those 3 lines in you last post, exactly! Mind all us armchair coach’s have our opinion’s but hey! that’s what being a fan is all about. COYS

  • Don’t forget PompeyYid, Kieta was up against that renowned Gooner reject, and much vaunted and over rated, Sick Note Jack Wilshere. That would have been an issue if Wilshere had got a kick, rather than being a non paying spectator. Mind you he did actually finish his game stood up, which makes a change. Seriously I agree Keita will face sterner tests.

  • Frank….hahaha! I forgot Wilshire played or rather was there making up the numbers Lol, you got that wrong though, as in, a non paying spectator he is actually paid to watch, mind! JW makes any half decent midfielder look good, COYS

  • And now I hear the new stadium will not be ready until the new year. What is going on at our club. ENIC out.

  • Doncaster Spur, you would never think our chairman had a land development degree would you. Mind you if he hadn’t p…..d about for Christ knows how long arguing with poxy little Archway Sheet Metal, and have given them a decent bung to bugger off, it would have started earlier and finished earlier, and would have been worth it.

  • Spot on Frank. The stadium delays mirror the transfer window delays. Levy being the common denominator. Looking at City and Liverpool at the weekend, they are miles ahead of where we are. Pathetic owners. If they don’t have the will to invest in the team, they should get the hell out. We are paying so much for our tickets, the least we deserve is investment in the football team.

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