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Three On The Spin For Conte As Improved Spurs Creep Back To Their Best – Match Stats


Norwich MotM

Lucas Moura

Lucas Moura

Son Heung-Min

Son Heung-Min

Davison Sanchez

Davison Sanchez

Ben Davies

Ben Davies
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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

Tottenham Hotspur
3 – 0
Norwich City

White Hart Lane

Premier League

5/12/2021 2:00 pm

Attendance: 57088

Referee: Jared Gillett

Tottenham Hotspur Norwich City
Lucas Moura (10), Sanchez (67), Son Heung-Min (77)
Lloris Krul
Tanganga 62 Aarons
Sanchez Omobamidele
Dier Hanley
Davies Gibson
22 Williams
Skipp Lees-Melou 72
Hojbjerg Gilmour
Lucas Moura 80 McLean
Son Heung-Min Idah 69
Kane Pukki


Doherty 62 Rupp
Winks Dowell 72
Rodon Cantwell
Sessegnon 22 Kabak
Alli Tzolis
Gollini Sorensen 81
Bergwijn 80 Sargent 69
Ndombele Gunn
Scarlett Giannoulis

Game Statistics

17 Goal attempts 10
7 On Target 1
6 Corners 4
11 Fouls 4
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
41 % 59

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  • Love totty says:

    Let’s face it, as a team we are rubbish. We gave woeful Norwich 10 shots on goal and only their ineptitude kept us in the game. 38% possession in the first half at home! Thankfully they were just as woeful in defence to flatter us.

  • jod says:

    Love totty – So Norwich had 10 shots “on goal”. I use the quotation marks because in fact they had 1 shot on target. They can have as many shots off target as they want. We scored three they scored none and never looked like scoring. If we weren’t carrying a passenger in Kane we would have scored more. Oh yes Norwich also had more possession, which just shows how meaningless that particular statistic is. I realise to you pretty football is much more important than winning football so your negativity is understandable. But most Spurs fans will be happy if Conte keeps delivering what he’s delivered so far.

    • Love totty says:

      No need to be so patronising chaps, my opinion is equally as valid as yours. They had 10 shots at goal if you want to be pedantic, which obviously you do. A better team would have had more on target. Am I being negative? Probably, but also factual, as this group of players consistantly demonstrate an inability to control possession of the ball and will not attain the level necessary to either play attractive football or win enough games to challenge for a trophy. Fresh blood is needed urgently. 9

    • 62rovinella says:

      I for one am happy…..the results are going our way ..
      How do you stop a team from shooting at or attempting to shoot at your goal???
      Can someone clarify!!
      There are two teams on the field .
      Conte is doing what he can with what he has until changes can be made,and getting points on the board…no matter what some will still moan..
      Come on you spurs…..coys

      • Love totty says:

        Hi 62, you stop teams shooting at your goal by denying them possession of the ball. You do that by playing as a team to force errors to win it, and then have the technical skill to retain it and use it offensively. Yesterday we were lackadaisical defensively and poor in possession, giving the ball back much too often. Sonny and Lucas did the business but this was Norwich not our top 4 rivals. Our 3 at the back and 4 across the midfield plus subs are not bad players but lacking as a unit both defensively and creatively. Can Conte improve them or will he replace some of them? The latter methinks.

  • 123spurs says:

    LT the rubbish team scored 3, stop been so negative, and a drama queen. With a game in hand we are in a decent position. Possession means nothing quailty over quanity.

  • 123spurs says:

    LT please name the fresh blood players we need.

  • wentworth says:

    At the game today and thought we played ok. Great goal from Lucas. We have a few concerns Sanchez (although he did score) and Tanganga are not decent footballers…both lack control and passing ability. Tanganga is not a wing back. Skipp is growing in confidence every game. Poor Harry could not do anything right and is in a very sad run of play. Thank goodness for Sonny.
    Lady next to me got Lucas’ shirt.
    I think we still need a creative midfielder. They had a number 8 (Gilmour) I think who wanted the ball all of the time and reminded me of Modric.Shame he had little support from front men.
    We must give some of our youngsters a chance,,,Nile John,Dilan Markanday and Alfie Devine in the Conference. They cannot be worse than Winks and Lo Celso.

  • Love totty says:

    123 if I could do that I wouldn’t be in conversation with folks like you. But you don’t need to be a professional to see that we cannot play out from the back and retain possession consistantly. At the very least we need a player of the calibre of Dembele or Eriksen in midfield. Should have been Ndombele but the attitude is just not there.

  • Niall D says:

    I thought W did OK today, mind you I only heard the commentary and watched some highlights.
    Kane was a bit unlucky, on another day he could’ve bagged 2 goals.
    I’m starting to wonder did the COVID infection last year hit Doherty bad and he may be just recovering now (who knows).
    But all in all I think we had about 7 shots on target to their one and a couple of nearlys.
    We aren’t where we should be, but we are getting just a bit better every week, so for me it was a good result, there is, work to be done, and a few new faces in January, I do agree with WW some one creative in mid field to drive and control play would be an asset.
    Good result.

  • Love totty says:

    Niall, I did watch the whole game and Norwich looked the far better team in possession. The difference was our quality up front. They couldn’t hit a barn door but the point is that they were given 10 chances.

  • Niall D says:

    Anyone watch MOTD tonite
    I note the Beeb were up to their usual Man U bias
    They show a team in 6th place in a boring 1-0 win 3 shots on target
    Over us in 5th with a 3-0 win with 7 shots on target.
    The pundits virtually gushed about Man U and actually analysed the match for longer than the highlights, and funnily enough didn’t mention Palace once.
    Bias or what

    • BelgianSpur says:

      Well, because it was Rangnick’s first game in charge, it probably got more headlines than what the actual football warranted. But I suppose it was newsworthy in its on right, given the managerial change.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I for one am delighted with the result. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, there are areas still needing to be cleaned up, but we won on a day when we weren’t at our best and that’s always a positive.

    We know that Conte is going to need a bit of time to improve us, and it’s unrealistic to expect immediate perfection. We remain a work in progress but the results are there at the very least, even if the performances aren’t yet. The reality ids that it will probably take several weeks/months before we play like a Conte team, but in the meantime, if we are in the top 4 mix despite not being the finished product yet, what more can we ask?

    We can also see a plan, something which was lacking under Nuno.

    I also thought Kane’s passing was superb yesterday, and if he still isn’t scoring (obviously a concern), at least he is helping the team in other ways.

    • Love totty says:

      Hi BS, even Conte can’t make a purse out of a sow’s ear. The squad is not good enough to challenge for a trophy. Sonny and Lucas are papering over the cracks and will win us some games but even Kane firing again can’t make up for the lack of quality elsewhere.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    LT – all of that depends on what your expectations are. If you are expecting Conte to come in and win a trophy this season, I can see your point. But I would also venture to say that those are unrealistic expectations.

    Conte will need a couple of transfer windows, and at least a full preseason before he can have enough influence on the squad to even begin to dream about trophies.

    There is so much work to be done that I don’t think trophies are a consideration at this stage of our rebuild. If we could get to a point where we managed 4th place this year, that would already be a fantastic achievement. We are so far off the top 3 teams in the league, it’s not even funny. And it will take time to bridge that gap.

    In the meantime, if Conte can turn us into “the best of the rest” and pip West Ham, Arsenal and Man U to 4th, and hopefully lay a foundation for bigger, better things in years to come, that would be fantastic. That’s a plan I can definitely get behind, and I am willing to show patience if there is a plan in place.

    We’re not perfect but neither are the 3 teams I mentioned, and of all of those teams, I would back Conte over any of the rival managers. Time will tell but where we are isn’t so bad compared to where we were just a few weeks ago. Baby steps, and continual progress.

  • Love totty says:

    Yes BS, expectation is a key factor. I’ve supported Spurs for nearly 60 years, proud as hell of my team and the Club’s history. That pride was severely challenged after the foundation of the PL and the decline in the team’s competitiveness. Harry R restored that pride and Poch took us to the brink of success playing great football. So now, any negativity I express is borne out of frustration that the plot was lost. Yes we need a rebuild, but we are entitled to expect better from the current squad. Yesterday’s win really flattered us but of course I’m pleased that the result keeps us in touch.

  • Niall D says:

    Hi LT
    I did presse my comments by stating that I didn’t get to see the whole game.
    However what I will say to our credit is that all three of our goals were well taken, no flukes, or defensive mistakes, as some have said for all their possession Norwich had one shot on target, we had 7.
    But there is indeed work to be done, which I did say in the last thread and several threads before.
    Conte has had the team in reality for about a fortnite, given the internationals, so it will take time to see great improvement, he does need a couple of windows to work some “magic” and whilst I take your point on the “Lowly” position of Norwich, we are also a team low in confidence and perhaps fitness and tactics until Conte arrived.
    I do think we will see a different Spurs after Christmas.
    For now enjoying the result (s) so far, the performance will come.

  • wentworth says:

    I am mostly in agreement with L T having been a Spurs supporter for 65 years. I still believe we have a weak squad with a couple of really top players e.g. Son and some workmanlike performers. We have a very poor bench and NO decent youngsters being given a chance. Sessegnon was better yesterday but no where near the threat when he played for Fulham.
    My biggest worry is that we are so boring and predictable. I did enjoy yesterday because of Lucas’ wonder goal and that we at last scored some goals. However, we miss a controller, midfield maestro. Someone who can dictate play and pass the ball around and score.Skipp and Hojberjg are solid but not very exciting.
    We have far too many on the bench that should be moved on and replaced. The Jan window is unlikely to bring us much change so hopefully Conte has his sights set on the summer.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    Here’s an interesting bit of reading:

    “Financial fair play calculations show that Tottenham have the greatest opportunity to spend big in the January transfer window – and put their season back on track under new manager Antonio Conte.

    An analysis of top flight clubs undertaken for Sportsmail by Kieran Maguire, a lecturer in football finance at the University of Liverpool, estimates what each club could spend and still stay within the FFP limit.

    He has calculated that Spurs have by far the most FFP ‘wiggle room’ after a decade of bumper profits and limited transfer spending.

    In fact, the north London club could spend up to £400m and stay within the FFP limit, twice the sum available to Arsenal and comfortably more than Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

    ‘Spurs net transfer spend since 2010 is between a quarter and a half of the other Big Six clubs and it is the most successful club in terms of keeping its wages low as a proportion of income the club generates,’ Maguire told Sportsmail.

    ‘Spurs have had a business model rather than a trophy winning model.’

    Other telling quotes:

    Maguire has calculated that between 2010 and 2020, Spurs made profits before tax of £401m, compared to huge losses at Manchester City and Chelsea and pre-tax profits of £128m at Manchester United.

    In addition, Spurs net transfer spend since 2010 is between a quarter and a half of the other Big Six clubs.

    ‘They have got the ability to spend in this transfer window provided they can get the funding for it. Whether that comes from ENIC, they go to the market of they have the cash, added Maguire.

    ‘Daniel Levy has run the club as a business superbly, but if you view it as more than a business then it’s not superb. The gap between Spurs and the bigger clubs has been maintained. If Spurs are happy to be sixth, then fine.’

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