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There is a LOT happening in Russia and very little discussion about it on VS. I think this might be because there is not a ‘World Cup Specific’ article for posters to find easily. Yes? No?

I seem to have watched more games in the group stage this year than any other year since 1966. And there have been so many good performances … many by teams I would least expect it from.

England and our boys are doing well and it’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep it up when the opposition gets stronger. Belgium and our other boys are doing just as well. As they are both in the same group and meet in their next game the adrenaline of all of us should be flowing with a vengeance.

Russia has survived the group stage which is great for the home country and the competition in general. Some of the ‘big guns’ still have some work to do and could provide some WC shocks.

Harry has both the footballing gods and lady luck on his side, as demonstrated by his third goal against Panama. Everything is falling into place so well for him that they may as well give him the Golden boot now! I think it was Real deal who suggested that the test of Kane’s maturity will be on show if he gets a penalty …. in which case Harry seems to be the most mature person in Russia.

Sonny boy scored a wonder goal but looks like he’ll be coming home after his next game. He might well be sitting next to Sanchez on the return journey.

There is a lot to talk about and discuss … so come on VS, share your thoughts on the World Cup and the Spurs boys who are a part of it.

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  • Thought Kane’s back heal the other night was genius, he knew exactly what he was doing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quality to see one of our (England’s) players get a bit of luck for a change wasn’t it?

  • Must admit, I hope Rose gets the nod for the Belgium game. I think Southgate has managed it well but there is a little blindspot there in my opinion. Mostly our defensive frailties have been down our left side and on Young’s outside.

  • ffs vital, cut all the sheeet out with speculative, click bait articles. Let Geof’s article stay as a sticky so that we can debate something topical. How many new members have you really attracted with spam articles?….in fact how man have you lost due to this change in approach. Any more of the garbage, I will be joining the queue by the exit sign.

    Well done Geof, can always rely on you bring us back to reality. By tomorrow, expect another 5 articles to send yours to the grave yard though.

    Rant over. COYS!

  • It’d be interesting to see how the final matches pan out as teams jockey for position to play the ‘weaker’ opponent in the last 16. Could well be that both Belgium AND England field the peripheral players. Harry wants to play and if Lukaku is rested, Kane will defo start. Nice to see ‘do I look Cool on the big screen?’ Ronaldo miss the peno!

    I personally don’t think Harry has had any real good games, despite scoring 5!…. imo, because other AM’s are seeking glory. I quite fancy us doing well, as long as the midfield finds a way to advance rather than the Spursy backwards, sideways!

  • Half Spanish, half Portuguese, born and bred in London lol so happy days for me – all 3 qualified and HK10 leading Ronnie Ronaldo in the scoring charts – that pen miss must have hurt! 2 great games guaranteed with Russia and Uruguay but hopefully get through – same with England.

  • Trippier and HK10 doing brilliantly, thought Alli did well in the first game until getting injured. Rose and Dier so long as fully fit – quality players also. Verts and Toby not been asked any serious question’s but conceeding 2 goals to Tunisia is actually pretty poor, Dembele cannot believe he can’t get into team. Davs OK with Colombia but was in part to blame for the player being sent off in Colombia’s 1st game, Sonny scored a cracker for S.Korea, Eriksen also scored a cracker and got a nice assist in 1st game and Lloris is doing OK with France.

  • I agree with you El jefe. I bet Poch has a little proud smirk on his face watching most of our lads do so well. Am I right that Sonny will be the sole early departure from Russia?

  • So far all of our players have had good WCs. Kane has not only played well but is scoring at will, even when he isn’t looking. Trippier 7 chances created and 2 assists plus defensively he done well. Deli had a very good first game despite injury. Rose played well but didn’t shine, obviously needs game time. Dier yet to get on the field as is Dembele. Verts and Toby playing well, son had a great second game but must stop blaming himself and face reality that he plays on a fairly poor team. Sanchez had a great second game. Really impressed with all our players so far.

  • As far as Trippier is concerned, I would imagine he is going to come back from Russia as a very confident and very competent player for Spurs …. even more so than he was before! He has been brilliant. I keep trying to remember the name of that other wing-back who recently headed north …. but his name escapes me.

  • Tonight …. For Australia to reach the knockout stage they have to win and Denmark have to lose. If that happens, Christian will be on the plane home with Sanchez and Son … and I’d be a little bit sad about that! I want to see the Aussies perform well and be competitive which, as Australians are not the most respectful people on the planet, I expect to see. My head tells me that Eriksen will be playing on …. but it is football!

  • There has been a lot of speculation in the media lately that VS is going to provide foreign language courses for its members … I guess that’s true!

  • Just goes to endorse my point earlier on about how Vital have totally spiralled out of control…

    Geof, if Trippier comes back a more confident and competent player, I’d hate to think what impact the WC will have had on Walker?!!….been slated by many a pundit and media!

  • CS …. This is very weird! I’ve emailed Jonathan to point out we have a language problem on VS … either that or English is no longer the first language in England!!

    Good point about Walker, but I’m so pleased for Trippier and hope he keeps his performance going. I expect Australia to bid farewell tonight.

    It’s quiet on here at the moment but I hope this article will get some of the regulars chatting …. in English!

  • Four games tonight. I’m hoping for a good result for the Aussies against Peru. France against Denmark should be a good watch. I’d like to see France win that one 4-3 with Christian scoring a hat-trick (because it gives Australia a chance).

    And later, it’s Nigeria against Argentina. I won’t cry for Argentina if they lose. And, finally, we get to see the ‘Midfield Magician’ against Iceland. I don’t care too much who wins but I do enjoy watching The Croatian in his office.

  • Trippier has done well, but lets keep it in perspective, he’s only played against Panama and Tunisia, he gets harder opponents in practice then he did for those games.

    Yes its Nigeria against Argentina, I will be happy if Nigeria win, as i would if Peru win today and a draw in the Denmark game.

  • Geofspurs….I get the idea you want the Aussies to do well, just a thought, I could be wrong haha COYS

  • This is it Geof. Vital has become free for all. Get used to it. I’ll just keep away for now as the admin are losing the plot. Makes me seriously question the security on this website. Take care.

    p.s., I will continue to read the contributions from some great posters here.

  • One thing that this WC has done is to confirm that HK will be staying at Spurs for the foreseeable future, because nobody, not even Barca or Real Madrid, have the financial wherewithal to prize him away, he is now unbuyable.

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