Date: 17th March 2018 at 2:37pm
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Swansea City
0 – 3
Tottenham Hotspur

Liberty Stadium

FA Cup


Referee: Friend

Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur
Eriksen (11, 62), Lamela (45+1)
Nordfeldt Vorm
Naughton 45 Trippier
van der Hoorn 81 Sanchez
Bartley Vertonghen
Mawson Davies
Olsson Dier
Dyer 86 Sissoko
Ki Sung-yueng Lucas Moura 73
Carroll Lamela 81
Clucas Eriksen
Abraham Son Hueng-min


Britton Lloris
Narsingh 45 Alderweireld
Routledge 86 Llorente 73
Mulder Dembele
Fernandez Alli 81
Byers Foyth
Roberts 81 Aurier

Game Statistics

3 Goal attempts 25
2 On Target 11
1 Corners 14
5 Fouls 10
0 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
25 % 75

12 Replies to “Stats: Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur”

  • Comfortable, professional performance and win. We looked good with lots of movement and the superb Eriksen. The only time we lost our shape was when the statue Llorente came on and missed two good chances. What a donkey he is with lead boots. Absolutely no good reason to bring him on and break up our momentum. Even Sissoko looked ok today and gave a solid performance. But Llorente…well. Totally useless.

  • How could Llorente, playing as a striker, make us lose our shape? I agree that Sissoko played well.

  • Geof because he gets in the way and does not move around. Did you not see our players tripping over him. Our team up to that point were moving around,interchanging, dropping back, moving wide, darting through, making space,playing short passes, waiting for returns.Perhaps you were listening to the radio. Our play immediately deteriorated. Yes the game was won but we did not need a donkey breaking up our rhythm.

  • I’m not sure the Llorente offered nothing. Perhaps we was worse than nothing. Might have been better to have played with 10 men instead of 11 including Llorente. wentworth is right, he gets in the way.

  • The Swans were less than impressive but even so and, with just 25% of possession, if it wasn’t for Vorm they still could’ve easily scored a couple of goals and therefore made more of a game of it. Likewise with their keeper, he also kept our goal count down with a couple of fine saves.

  • Llorente had a big say in getting us to this Quarter final in the first place. It was still just 1-1 v Rochdale when he scored his quick-fire hat trick… It’s easy to slag him off for what he hasn’t done well but to continually have a dig and offer no constructive criticism is petty and needless, IMO. He could still have a big say in our season and for that possibility I will continue to back him… And when he is no longer a Spurs player,It’ll be so long, good bye but, I’ll still wish him well…

  • HT, I wish Llorente no ill, but I still think his main contribution yesterday was to take up space where other more involved and mobile Spurs players could have maneuvered. There were moments when our team would have been better served if the place he stood was empty and available. I don’t say this to slag him off, but to point out that he actually got in the way. Put me on the pitch and clearly the team would be better off playing a man down than for me to stay on the pitch. That’s simply the truth.

  • I agree, though, that having a go at Llorente for the way he wore his snood is beyond the pale, especially when made by an FA official.

  • Thought Lamela deserved to be man of the match and voted so but maybe Eriksen pipped it overall but he gets most of the plaudits so to be a bit different went with Lamela. Thought Dier and Sissoko were quality in CM aswell like the fact that Sissoko is always looking to pass forwards and tends to hit his target – liked what I saw, also sound when defending our corner’s in and around centre of pitch. Vorm quality aswell shame Llorente could not score from Son’s pass and do a “Vorm” come in for HK and make up for him as best possible on the day. He had a few neat touches but he should have buried Son’s pass and added to his personal tally in this year’s FA Cup. I wouldn’t slag him off too much as by then we had stifled the game out that was the whole point and Son did fire it across and there’s always off-side to be considered – a shame but that’s life – thankfully was not needed. Son did OK – scored a cracker of a goal but was probably rightfully disallowed and almost set-up Llorente did enough to suggest can be called upon again if needed, then there’s also Dele given he can play as a no.10 and be the main attacking focus in the absence of HK in the centre. So we’ll have to beat Utd and Chelski – so much for an easy cup to win – atleast we’ve got home advantage. Liverpool was obvious would beat Watford, we need atleast a draw against Chelski next but defeat would not be the end of the world yet as we’d still have a 2 point advantage – but best to atleast keep the 5 points difference. 4th and then a final to look forward too would be fine.

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