Date: 18th March 2018 at 1:31pm
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As an ex-striker who liked to play silly-buggers with the ball in the box I do admire the way Salah plays ….. just as I admire the way Messi plays, and Greaves and Law used to play. With the recent goal-scoring exploits of Salah you’d have to think it will take much of the attention and, subsequently, the pressure, off of Kane.

Kane and Salah have very different games. Salah is an out-and-out striker whereas Kane, on the other hand, has so much more to his game than scoring goals. They cannot realistically be compared but, of course, they will be. The race for this season’s Golden Boot will be a major topic of discussion for pundits and supporters alike until the winner is decided; and Kane and Salah will be at the front of the discussion.

The benefit now is that the media have someone else to drool over and Harry won’t be viewed as the only PL player capable of scoring goals. I doubt that he thinks this but, with all the media hype over the last two years, Harry could be forgiven for thinking that he is odds on to win the Golden Boot every season. That kind of thought can mess with your head and change your game.

With the emergence of another top striker to keep the media occupied, Harry, who lacks nothing in terms of maturity and common sense, could actually find this a helpful thing by maintaining his focus on the team goal rather than individual goals.

So, do you think Salah is taking the pressure off of Kane, or adding to it?


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  • One hopes that our ‘arry is mature enough not to take all the hype all that seriously. Hope his injury isn’t a sign that that ankle will impact his career seriously. I love the well rounded way he plays. Twould suck if an chronic injury hampers his game. Come on home, ‘arry. We love ya and want you back healthy. Golden boots are not what it’s about. Helping the team and making your teammates better is the name of the game that’s important. Be well, me lad.

  • David … If we eliminate every player and every team that is NOT Spurs …. Spurs will cease to exist!

  • not suggesting, Geof, that we eliminate Salah, at least not in the concrete-boots sense of eliminate, just that I don’t care that much about how he does in terms of winning golden- boots. I care about how ‘arry does, but not whether he wins the golden-boot or not, but how he does in making Spurs a better team and how he does in making other Spurs players better. But as to Salah, forget about him. but I’m not suggesting we toss him into either the Thames or the Mersey in concrete-boots.

  • But That might help our cause, David! 🙂 My point was how Kane ‘might’ be thinking, rather than discussing Salah, which is of interest to all of us.

  • HK might actually relish the pressure and keep him hungry although there’s plenty of records to chase like Shearer’s so if he does that…….!In house is were we need to take the pressure off – Alli, Son and yesterday’s 2 – Lamela and Eriksen then Moura also. Even CM and from defence – they all count lol. Salah will probably walk away with it now after yesterday but so be it – it’s much more important to get top 4 and reach the final of the FA Cup.

  • What about Jay Rodriguez to replace Llorente – he’s home-grown and had his best form under Pochettino at Southampton. Loan Janssen to a Prem team in the meantime to see what he can do there.

  • So, Its at ‘home’ in an ‘away’ match to United in the semi-final but at Wembley, a ‘neutral’ venue!

  • Harry will continue to do what Harry does best. Score goals and then score some more… I think most strikers probably have one eye on records that are to be broken. Whether it’s for club, country or league. It’s what Spurs them on in their quest to be the best… Harry is no different and he will no doubt want to pip Salah at the post if he can. And, I wouldn’t bet against him doing just that, even if it looks unlikely at the moment… But, the best reward of for Harry Kane (as with them all), would be an FA cup winners medal. And this has no say at all on the Golden Boot award. He’d love to score the cup winner but even an own goal in the last minute, off a Chelsea or Saints backside, will do for me. Or, perhaps a Llorente, leaden-booted mis-kick from a standing position, back to goal, with both eyes shut!

  • If we want to sign Malcom as another top talent on the wing it’s the kind of thing we’ll have to look into (judging by what I’m reading – we definetly hold an interest). We’re only allowed 17 foreigners and have them already on the books not to mention Janssen. Janssen could swap for Llorente but just shows why Rose cannot leave.

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing Janssen loaned out to another Prem league team to see what can do there. They do it all the time in Spain, Italy, etc – we did with Walker, Rose, etc and worked beautifully. Winks is another one we should look to loan out within the Prem to get some game time. Swansea would not be such a bad fit especially with Carroll being a regular for example – just one option.

  • EJ …. If Levy were to adopt Lamela, Lucas, and Foyth, I think the problem would be solved! 🙂

  • Geof it is a problem though as it limits our capability to improve the squad immensely. We now have to tinker properly and none of the foreigners can afford to be carried especially as we are on limit. I would like to see us sign Malcom seeing as we have been so heavily linked and he is 1 of the most promising talents in European football at the moment add to that his compadery with Moura. Also Sessegnon would be another I would like to purchase as again looks one of the world’s brightest prospects at the moment. I know Sessegnon won’t be a problem but Malcom certainly will be – how do we incorporate him if we do sign him?! Bye-bye Llorente and Janssen and do we incorporate Son and/or get someone like Rodriguez to cover HK10?!

  • “Salah is an out-and-out striker”, no he isn’t. He’s a freakish inside forward who scores far more goals than someone in his position really should. He’s a closer comparison to Son than Kane. He’s helped by the way Liverpool play with a front three rather than the single centre forward we favour. Its important, the reason we signed Janssen and Llorente was because they were centre forwards. It hasn’t worked out but there’s nothing wrong with the logic. So why do I see people suggesting Rodriguez and Malcolm as answers to our problem ? Neither is a centre forward, neither can play in Harry’s position.

  • Rodriguez is a tall forward someone who could probably incorporate into our style of play up front quite easily and is English and home-grown and MP knows him well. It’s a decent and cheap option to what will be out there. WBA are going down so to have on the bench a la Janssen/Llorente for maybe £10m or less would be an interesting option especially as can also play in a 3 forward formation. For me it’s Janssen the problem is incorporating him and say Malcom given the 17 total foreigner rule!

  • I guess letting go of Lamela – don’t like it – look at Saturday – goal and an assist and for me joint MOM with Eriksen. Can he do enough from here until the end of the season to save his career with us?! He can play either wing and even ACM/no.10 so to let him go and probably “on the cheap” might turn out to be a massive mistake. He seems to have a good attitude, is constantly up for it and pressing and makes the game look easy, sometimes too easy.

  • El Jefe – What we need is someone who can deputise for Kane, we’ve already plenty of options for the three behind him. So wasting money on players who can’t play with their back to goal and hold off a centre half is pretty pointless. “He’s a good player, lets sign him” isn’t a smart way to build a squad.

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