Date: 3rd October 2019 at 6:10am
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So, it’s time to turn attentions to Tottenham Hotspur’s next Premier League clash as we face Brighton and Hove Albion at the Amex Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Following Tuesday night’s debacle, fans are mixed on what it means for the future of manager Mauricio Pochettino and our current side – is it proof of a slide, or is it a wake up call and time to seriously address our expectations moving forward.

Whichever side of that fence you are on, there’s no denying it was the harshest night I can remember, and for those of a wiser and more experienced vintage, plenty have already commented it was their darkest night in our history.

We have to bounce back though. The season doesn’t, or certainly shouldn’t, end in October. The battle for the top four is still on, we can still qualify through the Champions League Group stages (let’s face it last season was much more comfortable and look where we got to) and this weekend isn’t the proverbial must win as most fans talk about it.

Three points and a win is obviously the aim, but I think some pride, passion and a performance is maybe more important than the result after that hammering. Show it was a blip, show we can use it to unify once again and let’s finally get ourselves going this year.

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132 Replies to “Spurs Need To Steal Three Things From The Seagulls – Match Thread”

  • What can a man say after Tuesday’s shameful result, that is the slightest bit positive? I haven’t a clue…

    Please lads, win this one and win it well…

    Up the Spurs!

  • All spurs fans had a say on tuesday’s dreadful result.

    Now it is the players and poch to show they have the guts and passion and fight to win 4-0 at Brighton. Any bad performances / attitudes by certain players should be dealt with by benched or out of squad selection. Poch should now be ruthless and show players they need to return to commit of his philosophy, train to 100% .. play in games 110% effort. If not then out of the team, and transferred out asap.

    Time for more game minutes young players like Tananga sess foyth lo celso (when all injuries ok /are fit) and lamela, and moura. Change the formation to 343 when in possession of ball and 4321 when defending, with fluid interchange during the match as these tactical suggestions infer. COYS

  • Much like the game against Southampton, I’m not sure beating Brighton proves anything, no disrespect to Brighton. Winning wouldn’t really erase what has happened against Colchester and Bayern, but losing would just make everything worse.

    It’s a step in the right direction, but really, we’ll need a lot more than that to show that we can “get ourselves going” as the article implies.

    We’ll need to beat Brighton, Watford and Red Star, and look to get something at Anfield to really claim that we are back on track.

    Right now, we’ve had 4 bad results in our last 5 games (Bayern, Colchester, Leicester, Olympiakos) and you don’t have to go much further back to include disappointing results against Arsenal and Newcastle (granted, some fans may want to claim that the Olympiakos are Arsenal results weren’t that bad – the result in itself wasn’t, but throwing away 2-goal leads away remains poor).

    Whatever way you look at it, we’ve only won 3 times in the 10 games we’ve played this season (3W, 3D, 4L), beating “football powerhouses” Aston Villa, Palace and Southampton.

    We’ll need a lot more than a win at Brighton to offset this string of disappointing results.

  • You are right BS, winning at Brighton would only be the start of trying to put things right. I don’t want to seem negative but I am a realist, I don’t believe our current issues will be sorted for at least two transfer windows, hopefully by then we will again have a settled squad that has a younger more dynamic feel to it, I’m thinking our back four here in the main!

    I also believe the midfield diamond isn’t working for us, when the middle two play fairly narrow it leaves wide open spaces down the flanks which was exploited to great effect by Bayern, we should go back to our more familiar 4231 formation with a proper defensive midfielder protecting the centre backs.

  • TQ2Spurs – what’s disappointing is that the “demise” of the back 4 has been very predictable.

    At right back, we really still haven’t compensated Walker’s departure. Trippier was flawed, so is Aurier, and KWP isn’t really taking his chance. If we are to spend big in January, going out and buying one of the world’s best RBs would probably be the best investment we could make.

    At left back, Danny Rose has been showing signs of unrest for well over a year now and I just don’t understand why we have let this rot to this point (although I am assuming that the long term plan there is Sessegnon, with Davies as a stopgap).

    At centre back, I actually like our succession plan with Sanchez, Dier and Foyth, but through a combination of inexperience, ineffectiveness and injuries, MP hasn’t really trusted anyone of that group to step into the starting 11 yet. I think we’re probably going to have to invest in our own Van Dijk when Toby and Jan leave – someone who can marshal the back 4 and act as a mentor to the other 3. It would have been nice to offset the departures and plan that succession a bit more effectively, but it is what it is. If they’re not interested anymore, it’s a shame but at least we know how to move forward. 2 transfer windows sounds about right.

    In midfield, I think we’ve got the right players at the club, but MP still hasn’t found the right combination yet. It seems that we are insistent on trying to include Sissoko no matter what – while I understand the physical impact that he has on games, he offers little in our build-up play, not to mention goals.

    I personally think that we need to build the midfield around NDombele (what was the point in paying all that money otherwise?) and pair him with someone who will put his foot in. Winks can be that player but he just needs to work on that aspect of his game, and perhaps get a bit stronger.

    Dier has been that player historically, but he has shown his limitations as a DM and I think he is better served refocusing on trying to be the best CB he can be. It’s the position he grew up playing, and the one he should go back to. It’s also arguably where we (and his national team) are going to need the most help in the next 12 months.

  • Can’t disagree with any of that BS, Ndombele has already shown he has the quality we need, we ideally need at least another 3 of a similar standard in various positions, as you say right back, a left-sided centre back, and a defensive mid who I would love to be Rice. It’s a shame Lascelles is a right-sided CB, he is young, already a good leader, and is a good defender especially in the air where we struggle. He is of course home grown as well which would be a bonus, and I don’t think it would take too much to persuade him to move or cost silly money.

  • ….any player who wasn’t crying after Tuesdys result like Son was should not be wearing the shirt! Its time for the youngsters to be brought into the side especially at the back. Its time for Poch to ditch his philosphy and park it cos his team arent fast enough or fit enough anymore to follow that philosophy. We need a different shape and style to fit the players we do have….the only way to get all the knives that are out for us in the press is to go on a winning run. The biggest statement that will shut every trappy plonker up, either on the TV or the Press, is to go to Liverpool at the end of the month and win!

  • OyvehMaria….”We need a different shape and style to fit the players we do have” just about sums it all up

    With what we have below are 2 teams, different set ups..
    Team 1
    Foyth Toby Verts Rose
    Dier Sissoko
    N’Dombele Kane Lamella

    Team 2
    Toby Dier Verts
    Kwp Winks N’Dombele Rose
    Maura Kane Son.

    Just a couple of shapes n changes, any other ideas out there. COYS

  • How can there be any expectation of a win v Brighton, we have failed at both ends of the spectrum against Colchester and Bayern Munich. We can hope but definately not expect to beat Brighton. If we do win there will be those who think that everything in the garden is lovely again. I’m afraid that will be far from the truth, it will take many more wins to show that the corner has been turned.

  • To be fair Frank, I don’t think I have read any posts that suggest a win at Brighton will put things right, quite the opposite in fact. I have suggested it could be at least two transfer windows to do so and I believe most on here think similarly.

  • TQ2S….so very true with that post.

    As things stand, I do not expect a win v Brighton, but I do expect a completely different attitude in play from the players, so that hopefully, we will win. COYS

  • ………As long as we can pour cold water over these bull***t headlines with Poch looking to leave and Harry wanting out blah blah blah! Poch! ….. just put out a team that can beat Brighton, a Team that can beat Watford and a team that would rather “die in a ditch” than lose to Liverpool…… Toby is on Twitter telling everyone who has had a pop at him and the team that they have it all wrong “its not that the team dont, care they do” its we the fans who dont understand how much committment the team still has! Excuse me! after the Bayern Game you can see why the fans want you Committed! Rose Alders and Verts might as well have used a Zimmer Frame to get around the frigging pitch on Tuesday! ….well the balls firmly in the players Court …right now you aint as good as you think you are …so get out of your Range Rover OverFinch’s and Turbo Bentley’s show some frigging humility and lets see how much the shirt means to all of you ….I’ll be at the Amex ……..we’ll sing our loyalty to you if you show loyalty to us and turn up!

  • OM….excellent post, so true, tell it as it is. As you say to the players/team” the balls firmly in your court”, now go out and prove everybody wrong, do it for yourselves but more importantly do it for the fans, we are owed big time. COYS

  • Franks been telling it as it is all season and been told to stop moaning by you and others who were in denial, glad your starting to wake up and smell the coffee. We are a gutless team who think they are better than what they are and crack at the first sign of pressure. the only thing we are good at is being consistently inconsistent

    • 3 points to win and everything to lose. Only a result against Liverpool can expunge the shame of recent performances.

  • Oy Veh… Good post there… The players did not give 100% last 20 mins on Tuesday.. I thought the training methods pochs has them doing makes them super fit. From what I saw of the 2nd half goals from the far end of the west stand to you in South Stand? They did not run with the opposition players, did not man mark the no.29 (ex gooner) Bayern player or even get moussa to”heavy tackle ” and take him out of the game. Messed up defending many times Winks especially. They just gave up …. As I posted here they have to have a 360* turnaround v Brighton.

    So they are ashamed, so they should be… I and many other spurs fans have had friends who support other clubs… (west ham in particular) giving trolling messages and photos on Whats App. So toby & co need to get out at Brighton a put them to the sword…get back some pride in playing for THFC, not just pocketing the wages and not giving a damn about the fans / club who pay their wages….

    • Sorry block but in my opinion there’s no shame in losing heavily to a top team on top of their form which punished every mistake and brilliantly took almost every chance that came to them, particularly after we were eventually knackered by our ten man performance on the Saturday. The only shame is having Spurs supporters who make no allowances for these factors because of the hurt of the defeat.

  • Talking about dangerous players and man marking… when sonny had the ball he had 2 players onto him with a 3rd backing them up, we did not really do any of that.

    • That is Pep’s style of play block 108, if they lose the ball the three nearest players converge on the opposition player in possession to squeeze them off the ball.

  • I’m not one for over-analysing the team, the manager, his tactics, formation or, individual players. And, I’m not going to join in with the current gloomy outlook based on Spurs current form or fears for the near future. Or try and convince anyone that I know precisely why things are not quite right at THFC.

    However, I don’t believe that any of our players are at all gutless and are generally lacking in motivation. I don’t see the season as over, when it’s only just begun. I can’t see any good reason for firing Pochettino or even blaming Levy. Why? Because I know that things in football can change very quickly. I know that a 2-7 CL defeat on Tuesday can turn into a 0-5 win on Saturday.

    Whether it does get better from hereon in is anyone’s guess. But, I’m guessing that all is not lost. And, that we can turn it all around…

    I’m not an expert. And I’m not a fortune teller. But I do know we are still a good team with very good players and a manager that knows his stuff. I do know that we are more than capable of giving BHA a real good hiding… But, we will all just have to wait and see…

    Up the Spurs!

  • A Pompey season ticket holder said to me yesterday quote “a good team which Spurs are doesn’t turn into a crap team overnight or even after a number of games, for me its a big blip which I believe they will change/come out of, you watch” had me thinking and that he is probably right there, hopefully starting tomorrow.

    HT…well said. COYS

  • Block 108 – I sincerely hope the team don’t “have a 360° turnaround”, because spinning 360 degrees would just take us back to… exactly where we were ;-). 180° will do just fine!

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