Date: 7th December 2018 at 4:23pm
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Maybe it was just the mood I was in when I spotted this late last night, but Tottenham Hotspur fullback Danny Rose has been accused by one idiotic press outlet of ‘breaking ranks’ when it comes to our appearances at Wembley.

Now fair’s fair, Rose has history for slightly tasty interviews here so I can see why an overeager sub-editor or somebody or other at the Express made the link but sadly for them the title doesn’t actually match what the England man said – but never let that get in the way of the media in this day and age.

The 28-year-old was asked following the Southampton game in midweek about the size of the crowd at the national stadium and manager Mauricio Pochettino was tasked with similar questions and he admitted himself it was far from ideal for fans.

Rose said broadly similar.

“It’s just not nice any more. I don’t feel it’s an honour to play at Wembley any more. We’re all itching to get in the new stadium and hopefully it’s not too much longer. We’re all itching to get in. We’re disappointed it’s taken longer than expected but we know everybody’s putting in the hours to make sure the stadium’s as good as possible. It’s not that much longer now, so hopefully over the next couple of months we’re going to be in there and we all sympathise with the fans. The atmosphere’s a bit flat. Obviously I sympathise with the fans, travelling a bit further away to come to Wembley. It’s the lowest attendance since we’ve been at Wembley and that speaks volumes.”

I’m not really sure what’s wrong there and I think you have to be a pretty sensitive sort of soul to consider that a ‘verbal slamming’ or lived an incredibly sheltered life.

He’s right on every point in my mind.

Playing at Wembley on an almost weekly basis means it will no longer be special. Fans are hacked off we aren’t in the new stadium yet and with three ‘home’ appearances in November, most expected the Southampton game to be a win owing to their form so as we near Christmas, something has to give on cost and a lower crowd will naturally affect the atmosphere.

The report actually gave me a little chuckle (maybe I should get out more?)

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