Date: 19th June 2020 at 10:24pm
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Tottenham Hotspur
1 – 1
Manchester United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

19/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Bergwijn (27) Fernandes (pen 81)
Lloris De Gea
Aurier Wan-Bissaka
Sanchez Lindelof 78
Dier Maguire
Davies Shaw
Sissoko McTominay 89
Winks Fred 63
Son Heung-Min James
Lamela 70 Bruno Fernandes
Bergwijn 70 Rashford
Kane Martial 78


Lo Celso 70 Pogba 63
Fernandes 70 Greenwood 62
Matic 78
Ighalo 78
Bailly 89

Game Statistics

10 Goal attempts 12
3 On Target 6
7 Corners 6
17 Fouls 18
0 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
39 % 61

With Tottenham Hotspur fans left twiddling their thumbs for the last 100+ days, tonight was the night where we all got some kind of distraction from real life once again and we welcomed Ole Gunnar Solkskjaer’s Manchester United side to what was an eerily empty White Hart Lane Stadium.

Sitting four points off our opposition and the Champions League places, victory would undoubtedly put a nicer reflection on the top flight table given our struggles so far during the 2019/20 campaign, but there was every reason to believe the performance wouldn’t be fantastic – not least given match sharpness after the layoff.

And it wasn’t. It took a while for the game to more come to life and although United dominated possession, we edged chances in the first half, despite having less of the ball, and Steven Bergwijn gave us the lead 27 minutes in.

Second half, well, we’ve seen it before haven’t we. The visitors came more into it and we ceased being a threat and then eventually equalised late on as Eric Dier brought down Paul Pogba, and Bruno Fernandes made it count.

That was where it ended but for a first game back I think most would take that, even if losing the advantage was a bit gutting. I don’t think I’m going to get used to drink breaks or the ridiculous five substitutes though – and maybe the less said about computer game like crowd noises the better.

At least the technology was off furlough tonight though or I might be typing different words.

Onto the next one and hopefully more sharpness and improvement.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Skipp, White.

Unused Man U Subs:

Mata, Lingard, Romero, Williams.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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40 Replies to “Same Spurs Different Day, But It’s A Point On Our Return To Action – Match Stats”

  • If someone offered £150m for HK10 this summer I would definitely take it. I know he has been out for a good while but he has looked pretty sterile for some time now, he was so little a threat to the MU defence Maguire spent most of the game playing in our half! Is it Jose’s tactics that are to blame for him having so little involvement in matches?

  • Why no tanguay, i like gedson but i think he would have been a better option, im dissapoined tbh, we defended really well and you can see the work that has been done but the wrong choice on one of the subs imho..

  • Even could have brought him on for kane in last period, kane was knackered from the kick off..

  • sadly we never threatened in the 2nd half with all the talent and pace we have are a and the so called clas players in the final 3rd, we seem clueless, is it the tactics, players over rated……

  • Not a gr8 performance yet again we played well in flashes. HK10 fairly anonymous in the game. Still not a fan of Wonksy what the fek did he actually do tonite. I think there were better options on the bench. Thought the pen was dubious how can you give a pen when the attacker wraps his foot round the defender. They were never scoring from out field play we weren’t good in attack. It looked a bit like a friendly at times.

  • Pathetic bus parking dinosaur of a manager. If ever I had any doubts about renewing my season ticket next season, this made up my mind. After a decent first half we handed the initiative to United by sitting so deep and surprise, surprise we conceded chances until the inevitable goal came. And guess what, sitting deep was not down to tiredness because we then started pushing forward again. Jose is outdated and clueless. Get him out now

  • Both Kane and Son looked a little off the pace to me. Having said that they will get better and the front three as a formation looked to have some potential, a bit like the England set up with a fast player either side of the centre forward. Where we struggled a bit was in midfield, I thought United had the edge there. Part of the problem was Lamela playing as a 10. He was finding good positions but then not able to play the ball accurately enough. Meanwhile Winks and Sissoko were left to do the donkey work. It might have been better to sacrifice the number 10 and play a third man in midfield. The defence did OK, Lloris looked back to his best, United did not really create that many chances. I’ll forgive the first penalty, that was just brilliant work by Pogba. The second raises serious questions. When a player is shown to have dived on VAR and the penalty is reversed but the referee doesn’t book him is that referee corrupt or incompetent ? He has to be one or the other.

  • I thought it was a very good game of football given all the strange and new circumstances. And in the end 1-1 was a fair result. Even so, I don’t think that the first penalty also should’ve been given. But it was!

    Kane hasn’t played for 6 months and so I can accept his lack of sharpness and involvement. Likewise with Son. But the 90 minutes would’ve done them both the world of good. As it would’ve for the rest of them.

    I thought that we were well organised and strong defensively and that Winks and Sissoko did a good job ahead of them, given that Joses tactics were obviously set up to allow United the lions share of the ball and to contain and nullify and minimise their fast-footed and talented midfield and attack. And then to draw them out defensively, hitting them fast on the counter. It worked well a lot of the time…

    Lloris saved us with some great goalkeeping. In contrast, De Gea slipped up but it was also the sheer power of Bergwijn’s shot that caught him out. But he then did well to tip over Sons looping header.

    Given that we were so bad before lockdown, I’d say that we were equal to United on the night hence me feeling that a draw was a good and fair result. I have my doubts that we would have been anywhere near so competitive and defensively strong if this match were played back in March. So, I’m quite confident for the next 8 matches.

    West Ham here we come!

  • On another note regarding the ref, how did he think the 2nd peno he gave, was a actually a peno. We seem to buy one or two quality players to improve us but it seems they drop down to the level that we have already. Sadly this group of players are never gonna improve us, they need a serious shake up.u cant see it happening no matter who is in charge

  • TQ – how you doing mate?! Hope all is well first of all – here’s hoping anyway! Regarding HK10 I thought originally we should ask £250m for him and look to get it if he was to be sold but given his latest injury and the CV crisis and the repercussions you may well be right that we can only get £150m or so for him in the end if he is to be sold – that said do you think Levy would let him go so “cheap”?

    Personally I would keep him for atleast another season and see what JM can do with him whilst also hopefully working some wonders in this summer’s transfer market to hopefully sort out the defence as I set out in the match thread and then be able to give it a real go with a fully fit squad next season. I think we’ll need HK10’s goals and overall play next season to force our way back into the top 4 and get CL qualification again whilst also allowing time to get his transfer value back up with hopefully him proving his full fitness again and returning to past levels of performance and outlay and it would give us a full season to source a replacement(s) whilst also allowing the CV crisis to blowover as much as possible!

    I reckon he stays this summer and then hopefully has a cracker of a season next and then we take it from there!

    Regarding JM’s tactics I think it was actually quite brave of him and quite attack minded to start with Bergwijn, Lamela, Sonny and HK10. I thought Lamela let him down a bit though as the no.10 – poor creativity and final decision making cost us dear – he should have thread Sonny, etc in on several occasions but constantly fluffed his lines – big shame really, then again he’s at best a squad player these days – he has never convinced me unfortunately and I don’t see it changing – seriously lacking in productivity for the position he occupies!

    Bergwijn very impressive and could well force a regular 1st team spot alongside Sonny and HK10 up front – fine by me as long as he keeps performing. Dele still to come back in and Lo Celso also to be much more involved from the start so bodes well in terms of attack.

    Defensively we were not as good as many think though – heroics from Lloris mainly and even Dier on 1 occasion flattered us to deceive in my opinion – also Utd looked rusty in attack as did we to be honest and on another day we could have been on the receiving end of a convincing defeat. Constant mistakes from Sanchez, Aurier and even Dier showed up how bad we are as a defensive unit overall – we need serious surgery in the summer – just hope we can find the funds somehow to do it. Don’t get me wrong all 3 mentioned (Sanchez, Aurier and Dier) had some good individual moments but that should be standard for top defender’s in the Prem and there should not be any serious mistakes especially in a team looking to fight for top 4 and more – indeed solid displays for 90 minutes regularly is what one would expect and is needed for us to achieve our main objectives – simply not good enough and it’s not as if they are rare occurences – there are constant serious defensive mistakes in practically every bloody game and we regularly get punished because of them – something has to change ASAP – for me ample opportunity has been given to most of the current pretenders – time to get new faces in and mix and match!

  • I think defensively on the night there were a few mistakes. Dave headed one to set up a shot at goal. Arguably a mistake. Dier gave away a pen (questionable) and where was wunksy he was watching it unfurl rather than back up Dier. But my main defensive issues come from Aurier he was involved in 3 unforced needless errors which led to Man U goal attempts. This is the sort of play I can’t abide. In real terms Man U created 1 shot on goal and 1 shot slightly wide at the end, the rest we gave them. Yes they did have a lot of possession but very little at the end of it. I’m unsure if HK10 suits Mourinho’s style of play. Is he a play on the counter attack striker does he have the pace for that type of game. He certainly has the strength. Lamella worked hard, got into some good positions then made the wrong decision. Would love to have seen N’Dombele come on for 20 mins or so. But it is hard to judge first game back and all the atmosphere, water breaks etc. We are around a similar standard to ManU as was said earlier and some changes need to be made to freshen the team. Fernandes was the best player on the pitch(weren’t we linked with him?). Put it down to first nite nerves roll on Tuesday nite.

  • Others here have said it all about Kane’s performance.. When he is playing like that surely it would have been better to sub him at some point. Unfortunately Lucas was not available but we could have still rearranged the attack and brought on a more productive player in his place, N’Dombele is the nearest we have to Pogba and look what a difference he made when he came on. Does anyone have an answer to why N’Dombele was left on the bench?

  • “Does anyone have an answer to why N’Dombele was left on the bench?”

    No Stan. But I think that Jose probably has the answer.

    It could be that he wasn’t deemed fit or ready enough. Or that he wasn’t a tactical fit for the day. Or that he was saving him for Tuesday. Or, he hadn’t trained well enough this week. Or that he just wasn’t needed… Or?

    Lot’s of United fans wondered why Pogba was on the bench. Difference was of course that he did play some minutes.

    Personally, I thought that Jose could’ve made better use of his subs, given that he only used 2 from 5. And, that all players are lacking sharpness after a 3 month lay-off. But we do have a lot of matches coming thick and fast and maybe Joses thinking will become more clear when looking back on these final 9 matches and not just this first one.

    And, if we now go on to win the remaining 8 games, then we can all say; “Well done Jose”, you’re a bloody genius”! 😉

    And you know what? I reckon we will give it a bloody good shot. I reckon we will get into a CL place this season. Which will be then be seen as a great comeback…

    But, who the hell really knows?! Anything can happen…. I do know that we won’t get relegated…

  • Personally I thought it was a good game and a fair result …. although it’s a pity the penalty deprived us of a better result. We looked far better than at any other time of the season, particularly in defence. We stopped United from scoring in open play …. that says a lot. Both teams had chances which were not taken. But every
    team in every game has chances that they fail to take. I certainly feel more optimistic about the few remaining games. I’ve even recovered some enthusiasm.

  • HT love your enthusiasm I sincerely hope you are right. What annoyed me about Sky’s coverage last night was the fact that all pundits were ex Man U. Who was there from a Tottenham or even a neutral perspective. Have to admit loved Roy Keanes rant.

  • It is clear to me that other than setting the team up defensively Mourinho has not got a clue. Ironically, the deeper and more defensive we got, the more chances we conceded. But this is the only way Mourinho knows. He has nothing else. We are miles away from challenging the top six or seven teams in the league. Talk of possibly qualifying for the Champions League is an absolute joke. There is no money to spend (we will have to sell to pay back the £175m loan) so please get Jose out of the club now and re-start with someone who knows what they are doing. COYS

  • Don’t think we really stand a chance of CL qualification for next season – we’ve just given up too much ground already for me and that’s even if 5th becomes a qualifying spot with Man City being punished and omitted from it.

    That said I’ve got decent hope for next season especially if we can keep hold of HK10 and really look deeply at our more defensive players and add quality there in the right position’s – as I’ve banged on about in the last 24 hours think we need a RB, a LCB and a DMC. We’ve been linked with RB’s (Meunier, Aarons, etc) and DMC’s (Hojbjerg, etc) so that is a good sign for me already that we are addressing what I see as our main problem(s).

    Where the money comes from to make these signings though is a massive conundrum and I guess we’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens.

    For the rest of this season not sure what to say – I expect us to get back to winning ways from Tuesday for sure and it could just be a case of players proving to JM that they deserve their spot in the side/squad and also adapting further to his tactics, etc for better results next season.

  • I’ll take the draw, but felt Utd was the better team, and having a better bench did help. I’m worried about Kane, I felt it was more the way we play which i don’t think helps his style, i think we more set up for the counter attack, rather than a target man, I do not think hes enjoying his game at the moment.

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