Date: 19th June 2019 at 8:00am
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According to Andrew Dillon of The Sun, Real Madrid have bid £45m + Dani Ceballos for Christian Eriksen. Tottenham are holding out for closer to £130m, so it’s hard to see this opening offer being accepted for the 27-year-old. Spurs appear resigned to losing Eriksen this summer, but they want to be adequately compensated.

Daniel Levy has seen Philippe Coutinho join Barcelona for £142m and Eden Hazard join Real Madrid for £86m + add-ons and believes Eriksen is worth a value in between. The £75k-per-week midfielder wants a fresh challenge away from Tottenham and could leave for nothing in 2020, so Levy can’t afford to price Eriksen out of a deal.

Tottenham have been linked with a move for Ceballos, but his inclusion in Real’s bid for Eriksen doesn’t make up £85m. The 22-year-old hasn’t nailed down a regular spot in the first-team. He made 34 appearances last season but started only 56% of the games and was substituted in 47% of those matches. Real’s bid is something of an insult.

Los Blancos paid twice the amount for Hazard just days previously, so why would they try to convince Tottenham into accepting considerably less?

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11 Replies to “Report: Real Madrid make insulting opening bid for £75k-per-week Tottenham man”

  • C. E would have been a hero at Spurs had he given his 100% like Hazard did for Chelsea and put Spurs in the winners enclosure. Instead he shied away
    He’s lost a lot of respect with the Spurs fans with the way he’s orchestrated his move away
    Levi should look at other European teams to sell him

    • Well said indeed, Sir. To be honest with you, I can’t see other clubs coming in for him, well, not if they’be been noting his inconsistent and halfhearted input. I love that crap about his brilliant free kicks in training and Lloris’s comment that in training, he is the one player he can’t ‘read’. Call me old-fashioned but I wouldn’t have minded Lloris, as captain, and Pochettino for that matter, to have taken Eriksen to one side and asked him to do it in actual games. His corners, for example, are usually abysmal. There again, other clubs might have a brainwave and decide to buy him, provided their club change their strip into Denmark’s, because that’s the only team he saves and plays his best football for.

    • J,

      C.E could have been a hero at Spurs your right, if he was a braver and more competitive player. You cannot teach those skills and that is why he is a liability overall, and also why he will be hard to sell. 45 million without any player thrown in is a deal Spurs should take immediately ! If there is any truth to this article at all, which I doubt. If that deal was offered we would be reading articles on WHEN C.E was at Spurs . Hazard goes for 100 million and still people think Spurs value Eriksen at over 100 million?? Half would be fair and generous. I really hope some team does actually want him ,but there is no guarantee and I really prefer he moved on for everyone’s sake.

      • I fully agree. Its time spurs cash in and get something for C. E. He is replaceable and now is the time to do it with little or no cost if he goes immediately.

  • First of all Eriksen is not worth as much as Hazard,if your looking at Coutinho that didn’t work out very well did it.So Levy doesn’t want to sell to another English team reason the high price being quoted,but if he can go for nothing next summer like Ramsey did at Arsenal surely we have to be realistic here.If Real Madrid want Eriksen and are offering £45m plus Ceballos it’s a good starting place not an insult.Isco is closer to Eriksen in age and talent were Ceballos is younger with loads of potential.If Madrid walk away and sign someone else like Pogba,we end up having to offer Eriksen a new improved contract and have a player whose dreams are in tatters and doesn’t want to play for us,he has become too comfortable and now is the time to part ways.I believe his value today is £70/£80m if he had a longer contract maybe £100m.

    • Well said. It’s better to sell Eriksen to Real Madrid for a mutually agreed practical price… Else Tottenham would have to leave with an unhappy player with less productivity & loose him free TO real Madrid in 2020…

  • Madrid are playing Levy at hes own game talk about the biter bit all coming back on the bald one

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