Date: 4th November 2019 at 8:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspur’s disappointing season continued at the weekend with another poor showing against fellow Premier League side Everton, but this midweek (Wednesday) affords us another Champions League distraction as we face the return leg of our battle against Red Star Belgrade.

Having hosted them at White Hart Lane only a couple of weeks ago, Spurs took a much needed 5-0 victory on the night, and after recent results we could certainly do with similar again as at some point manager Mauricio Pochettino’s side will click properly…won’t they?

Having been withdrawn from the Everton squad owing to illness, Poch will be hopeful that England striker Harry Kane is back for this one, but given his sending off that should be appealed and rescinded, I guess it’s more a case of whether likeable Son Heung-Min is mentally right for this one given his reaction to the Andre Gomes injury.

Win, Lose Or Draw?







Which Spurs side will turn up on the night – at the moment it feels that’s anyone’s guess.

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168 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Will Spurs Get Any Delight – Match Thread”

  • To be honest, looking at our next 4 league games against 2 form teams (Sheffield and Bournemouth), the derby at West Ham and a trip to Old Trafford, I am hoping for 6 points from those 4 games, however they come. That’s not setting the bar incredibly high, but I think that any higher expectations would be unrealistic. It would be a step on the right direction, for me.

    That would still be a long way off “top 4 form” (we’d need at least 9 points, possibly 10, from those fixtures to claim that), but it would be an improvement.

    We’ve got to be positive and take risks in those games as well, because 2 wins and 2 losses would give us more points than 4 draws. We’ve seen some encouraging individual performances in the last 2/3 games (even if the results haven’t been outstanding, last night aside), and I hope we can build on that.

  • PY – funnily enough, I thought Sissoko was one of our worst players last night. On a night where we saw encouraging performances from just about everyone (Alli with an assist to add to his goal agaisnt Everton, Dier looking composed at CB, Foyth and Lo Celso playing well, Son and Eriksen scoring, NDombele and Kane’s distribution), I thought Sissoko offered nothing. He was his busy self and it wasn’t an atrocious performance, but he really couldn’t make a mark on the game, either with his passing or his shot selection/execution. It just isn’t the type of game for him, when teams sit deep and force our midfield to create. The worst of a good bunch, if you like.

  • BS….to be honest regards the next 4 games, my minimum points expectation is 2 x wins, 2 x draws, thus 8 pts, but would love the full 12 lol! its not expected but it could happen, after all football is a funny ole game, think that was once said by one of our greats, lol! COYs

  • We can predict whatever we like for the next 4 PL matches… I’ll predict 4 wins and the maximum 12 points. A ton of goals for and just a couple against!

    But it ain’t only about the next 4 games and how we do in them alone, is it? It’s about the next 27 PL matches right up until the final day and just before we win our first ever CL final!

  • Right now, we are struggling not to lose 4 on the trot… Baby steps.

    6 points would be 3x as much as what we got from our last 4 league games.

  • Good performance overall with our opponents missing clear chances for a change. Not convinced though by the Dier, Sanchez combination in defence. Nor by Dele’s performance. Just because he passed on to Sonny to score doesn’t make up for another generally ineffective display. Same goes for Eriksen whose goal against 10 men doesn’t really make up for some wayward passing when he came on. I can understand giving Sessignon some game time . But did CE and Skipp have to come on at the expense of Lucas whose morale must now be at rock bottom.? Also, it makes me laugh when the pundits keep praising Poch for getting us to the Champions final when it was Lucas who got us there almost single handed and whose absence from the final arguably cost us the match. No way to treat our hat trick hero in my opinion.

  • Very welcome result meaning we have gained 2 wins from 2 against Red Star with an aggregate of 9 goals for and 0 against. Forgive me but considering our trials and tribulations in the PL, and a first game defeat in the League Cup, these two results v Red Star asks more questions about their quality and capability than suggest a miraculous recovery and transformation of our team. Let’s see 2 or 3 impressive results against PL teams before we get carried away. Having said all of that it is nice to win and keep a clean sheet.

  • JOD – BS I see has already answered for me – let’s see what January brings.

    PY – well done mate – nearly got it all right lol!

  • Stan – nobody is calling Dele’s performance outstanding. All we’re noting is an improvement. That’s not to say that he’s back to his best, but he is at least impacting games more. Maybe still not enough to your liking, but a few weeks ago we’d have struggled to even spot him on the pitch. In his last 2 games, he’s scored a good goal and assisted another. It’s a step in the right direction.

    Regarding Moura, this is a good article explaining why he’s been used sparingly by MP:

    In essence, the article contends that he’s an awkward fit for MP’s system (more details in the article). He’s a fan favourite due to his exploits last year, but he only really excels in very specific conditions, which pigeon-holes him in a rather limited role. And when he’s been given opportunities to start, he really hasn’t made the most of them.

    It’s a fair assessment, for me.

  • Right SU up next, battling side doing well at the mo, bring em on! but Poch has to give last night’s side another go, do not change a winning team, but will his ego, as in being proved wrong a number of times, let him, can he note that in both wins v RS we only had one “rebel wantaway” in both teams, ie Verts n Rose.

    I say to Poch “GIVE EM ANOTHER GO” do not make changes again this week.

    BS….ok! you have your opinion, no probs, but with Sissoko what I saw was a player quietly/unnoticed going about his no nonsense business in the DM role, freeing up his compatriots to play, simple as that. COYS

  • BS….I forgot, age you see lol!, that Sissoko’s stats for last night’s game showed a 94.7% pass accuracy, with comments of imposing and creative, as I said prior a typical DM, quietly going about his business.

    First name on the team sheet for me, though shame about his shooting lol! COYS

  • BS to play devil’s advocate and also back up Stan’s argument a bit – might Moura not benefit from having a regular run in the side – not on and off as has been the case so far?! Sonny was not brilliant in his 1st season but we persevered with him and from his 2nd season seen the fruits of backing him regularly. Don’t know – I like Moura and felt he should be given much more game time but have to agree when given a full 90 minutes he rarely produces but the 1 gripe I would level is he has never been given a regular run like Sonny was for example to prove his worth – might this be the secret to un-locking his obvious talent?!

  • PY I’ve said all season that Sissoko and N’Dombele are the best we’ve got and the way forwards for now as the double pivot in the 4231 formation – glad I’m being proved right. Good to see Dele getting back involved in goal production regularly aswell as stated by BS.

  • To back up Stan on Dier and Sanchez – Defence worries me greatly all the same:

    Aurier and even Rose – liabilities and do they want to be at the club anyway?

    Toby and Verts – contract rebels and wrong side of 30 (still feel they’re both the best we’ve got at CB though).

    KWP – too lightweight and likely won’t make it – needs loaning out best case scenario.

    Sanchez – fast becoming like Aurier and Rose – a liability – rash and clumsy in the tackle and does not look comfortable 1 on 1

    Davies – only rated as a 2nd choice LB by many

    Foyth – young and in-experienced – will he make it as a RB finally for us?!

    Dier – DM by trade these days so says it all.

    Sess – appears will be used as a LWF not a LWB going on last night (only opportunity to see him so far).

    Only really confident in the following but it’s got problems all the same:

    Foyth, Toby, Verts, Davies

    We need a major overhaul in defence starting in January!!!!!!

  • Stan – despite Moura not showing up as much as many would want when given 90 minutes, 15 goals in a stop start season suggests there’s something there which needs to be looked at with more scrutiny and worked with and would be nice to see him given a regular run in the side at the expense of Poch favourite’s such as Lamela and Dele and Eriksen who appear can do very little wrong. I do take the point (read the article BS) and that TQ already mentioned last week that Moura is at his best coming on against tired legs with his pace, trickery and direct running. Perhaps Stan you and I have to settle for Moura being OUR super sub and in that I’m more than happy to have him in the squad!

    • Thanks for the support EJ. My worry about him is that the way he is being treated will destroy his confidence which is a crucial part of his game. So when he comes on as a super sub he probably feels that having no impact or making one or two mistakes and he’s out for another six weeks. This can lead either to him playing safe or making reckless runs that do not come off, culminating in a transfer request.

      And just to pick up on that Everton game where he was given 90 mins I said before it started that the performance of our front runners will depend on the supply line to them. As it happens Dele (apart from his goal), Eriksen and N’Dombele were very poor in that game leaving Lucas and Sonny few balls to run on to.

      Coming back to the consequences of not giving Lucas a far crack of the whip I note that Marcus Edwards who was also written off by many fans was man of the match against the Gunners and may now be the target of leading Euro teams.

  • Great post there Stan – no worries about the support – I like the little Brazilian wizard also lol! Agree it already happened at PSG and that’s why we were able to get him on the cheap regarding wanting a transfer, etc because not playing enough – it’s not as bad as the PSG situation but it’s still certainly not ideal and a pity seeing as he hold’s cult status with most of the fans. Also he can play in any type of attacking formation 4231, 433, etc and across the frontline also so it would pay dividends to keep him involved and happy. As JOD would say where are we going to find better for around £25m?!

    It was actually good to see Skipp get some minutes especially as Winks is not playing consistently well at the moment (indeed Winks has been heavily involved these last 11 months since Dembele left and the results speak for themselves – despite the blame not resting solely on his young shoulders – the loss of Dembele and his regular introduction have culminated in a serious loss of form) and Skipp could 1 day be better than Winks hopefully so I’m kind of glad he came on – I think though in an ideal world we loan the likes of him, Tanganga, KWP and Parrott out like Clarke (he needs minutes, but we’ve done our part by loaning him out) to hopefully see what they’re really about.

    I think I would have had Moura on instead of Eriksen but it clearly shows that Poch is going to be counting heavily on Dele, Eriksen and Lo Celso in the next 2 months IMHO and probably Lamela also if fit – does not bode too well for Lucas from the looks of things. Dele and Eriksen have been poor all season and to say that in a moment either can change a game is also true of Moura so hopefully he starts to get a fair crack of the whip because even those questioning his 90 minutes productivity still seem to want to see more of him when being used as a sub namely calling for him to get regular 30 minute stints instead of 10-15 minute cameo’s as tends to be the case on the rare occasion’s when used.

  • P.S. Stan agree on lack of service to the front men vs Liverpool and Everton (watched both games) but did mention above how poor Eriksen and Dele have been this season especially given as they have been our main playmakers for the last few years.

    In terms of Edwards – shame he didn’t show enough on loan to become a squad member but he was facing Moura for 1 given both are similar and we’re already finding it impossible to include the little Brazilian wizard in the line-up as it is.

    We’ve got 1st refusal I believe and 50% of any future sale and his release clause is 15m Euros so atleast we covered our arses here with this one reasonably well – long may he continue to play well lol!

  • i suppose that there’s always several ways to look at it. Either Moura is not being given a fair shot, or Moura has now failed to make a case to start at 2 different clubs, having been given opportunities by several fairly well rated managers. By all accounts, PSG gave up on him, not for lack of talent, but because none of their managers could figure out a way to best utilise him. Is this a coincidence or is a pattern starting to emerge?

    To some degree, it’s up to the managers to design formations that get the best out of their players. However, it’s also fair to say that the more versatile/adaptable a player can be, the more valuable he becomes. Maybe that’s where Moura’s weakness is. If you have to build a system around him to get the best out of him, at the detriment of others, Moura needs to go to a club where he’ll be the main man. That is never going to happen at THFC, certainly not for as long as Kane is at the club.

    Game time is earned, it isn’t a right. Either Lucas can start making a stronger case for himself where he is given opportunities, or he’ll just have to be happy with that super sub role. I’m also quite happy with him in that role, and it’s a role he has performed in. Why mess with something if it works?

    Moura just simply doesn’t provide enough for others to justify more game time as part of the 3 behind Kane. As opposed to Alli, Son, and Eriksen, who when on form, can both score goals AND create for others (you could even throw Lamela and Lo Celso in there), Moura boasts a good scoring record but that’s it. Again, it’s pigeon-holing him into a striking role where he is going to be in a direct competition for minutes with arguably the best striker in the world. Tough place to be.

    I also think the allusion to Marcus Edwards is a stretch. It’s going to take more than 1 good game in the EL to convince the world that Marcus Edwards is a world beater. Everybody can have one bright game, and football history is littered with one hit wonders. Let’s see him perform over the course of a full season, at a good level, before we regret letting him go.

  • PY – I saw a tidy player who didn’t make many mistakes, but when your game is about playing short, safe passes,passing accuracy only tells part of the story. NDombele’s stats are due to be worse, but the creativity and the vision of his passing were on another level.

    Again, not to say Sissoko was dreadful. It’s just that while tidy, his performance didn’t stand out to me. He had the sort of game that Dier used to get slated for – keeping it tidy, but not really impacting the game.

    I just think NDombele does everything Sissoko does, and then some. I still think Winks, given his ability to hold the ball, has a place in that midfield.

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