Date: 27th August 2021 at 7:30pm
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With an aggregate victory over Pacos de Ferreira in last night’s Europa Conference League clash, it turns Nuno Espirito Santo’s start to life at Tottenham Hotspur from good, to quite impressive.

Three wins from four as we head towards September, is no bad return, especially given the confusion and issues we have to deal with – although thankfully the future of Harry Kane is now off the table until at least next summer. Everyone hopes the squad is added to, a most have their preferences for who we move on to help cashflow, but for now, it’s all eyes to Watford.

It’s been a mixed start for the Vicarage Road outfit with a win and a defeat from their opening two ties, so arguably ‘form’ is in our favour for whatever that counts for at this early stage of the season, but the return of Kane is a massive confidence booster on top of what has been a defensively steady beginning.

Let’s see if we can make it three PL wins from three and then get a bit more business done.







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188 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Target Three From Three With Watford Up Next”

  • Normally with chances/games like this we go all, but today we didn’t go all Spursy lol!

    1 Top of pile, Tottenham Hotspur 9 points
    20 Rock Bottom, Gooners fcuk all points.

    Whatever! it looks good, brilliant, fantastic etc. COYS

  • Wolves have been the better side in the first 30 against United, be good if they could take 3 points from them. 🙂

    • And another sensational performance from Traore. Laid on several chances from his fantastic runs. I just don’t understand why he is blamed when others miss these chances. This game also demonstrates the part luck plays in games. Wolves missing their many chances then Man U get away with a clear foul on Neves and score from a goalkeeping mistake. To be fair we’ve been getting the luck in the opening games that we rarely had last season and look where we are now. We definitely need more goals to allow for when the luck turns against us. That means more creativity in attack from the midfield. . Dele is not the answer in my opinion.

  • 3 goals, 3 wins, 9 points. Isn’t the game easier when you can defend properly ? Not a great performance today but we could still have had a couple more with better finishing. What’s making the difference is the Hojbjerg/Skipp combination which is giving the defence much more protection. Which makes me wonder about this replacement for Eriksen people are calling for. My question is who gets dropped for him ? Drop Hojbjerg or Skipp and the goals against starts mounting up. I’m not keen on dropping Ali when he’s starting to find some form. The only other option would be to lose one of the front three and to be honest that doesn’t thrill me either.

  • These are the games that you win and a big difference 2 points fantastic start, clean sheets but also struggling g to score. Also with stevie b and lucas no goals in 3 games is very worrying and simple not good enough for an attacker.

    Dier sanchez romero
    Regs, tanga wing backs
    Skipp, hoijberg.
    Ali behind
    Kane and sobe

  • Top of the league, over the moon, particularly with “Arse” at the bottom.
    31 points to go.
    Re defence we’re actually defending higher up the pitch, rather than us crowding our own 18 yd box we are defending at the half way line, so we look a bit more solid plus if we win it there it’s easier to turn defence into attack, we are more effective and workman like, perhaps not as much flair, but certainly not pedestrian as in the JM days.
    Unfortunately as usual for us when we get a good run, the fekin internationals start and upset a decent run, why fekin play these (what?) 5 weeks after a competition and just 3 weeks into the new season this is wrong at every level, we’ll now end up with 2 or 3 players injured or knackered from travelling.
    These games just upset the the smooth running of the league, there should be a two week period in November for 3 internationals, then again February and maybe again when the season is over, that should be it. Feeek

  • I note with some interest that the BBC were at their usual “Man U” bias again this, week end.
    A feature on Ronaldo going to Man U, followed by a feature on Paul Pogba, we didn’t get a mention.
    Again tonite on BBC news we’re top of the league yet the Beeb news showed Man U’s goal at Wolves, why????

    • Did they show the circumstances leading up to the goal????
      That should be the focus…
      Up the spurs….down the arse-anal……coys

  • And there we go first game om MOTD tonite, Man U vs Wolves with a big 5 minute build up (why??)
    In reality a nothing game, which saw United get yet another really dodgy decision in their favour yes they won but they’re what 3rd or fourth, we’re top yet we were the 2nd game bias or what…

  • And what a waste it was Niall…….could have been used to show some football instead of fawning all over them.

  • TQ …. No PL games this weekend but the WSL kicks off which gives us something to keep us entertained. I’m looking forward to seeing how Spurs start the season. And, of course, watching Kerr and Kirby doing their thing.

    • Yes Geof and hopefully I’ll have access to watch all of the games which are spread across Sky, BBC and The FA Player.

  • We didn’t play that well at all yesterday. And yet we find ourselves at the top of the PL…

    And, what I said earlier in the thread about Harry, is what I feel we saw yesterday. A real lack of effort. And yet he stayed on for the full 90 minutes. Why?

    So, we are top and yet I am underwhelmed by it… Can someone please tell me why I should be feeling like this and not jumping for joy this morning? 🙁

  • Hot Tottingham – Easy question, because for you its about pretty football and whether we win or not isn’t important.

    • I didn’t need it to be “pretty”, jod. Just better…. We were however strong in defence again. Which is a good thing, of course.

      I’m – as always – delighted when we win. I’m just not ‘over-the-moon with the (attacking) performance. That’s all.

  • HT…..I felt the same as you, Kane was by far our least involved player and, if I’m honest, he looked a bit disinterested. I hope it’s just a case of a lack of match fitness but having said that he looked much sharper on Thursday evening than he did yesterday.

  • After watching a replay of Pogba’s tackle on Neves in the lead up to United’s goal yesterday you have to question Mike Dean’s decision not to award a free kick and book Pogba. There was no excuse, Dean was just a few yards away and had clear sight of the foul. I’m all for letting the game flow by not stopping play for every minor infringement or 50/50 challenge but in this case it was a wreckless tackle borne out of Pogba’s frustration after losing control of the ball. So unfair on Wolves who would probably have earned a deserved point from the game if Dean had called it as he should have done.

  • I believe time will show that we made a big mistake in not selling Harry Kane. He clearly doesn’t want to be at the club and the transfer saga will return again in January and next summer. Will he go, won ‘t he go and in the meantime our transfer dealings in limbo until it is sorted. Him staying at the club men’s we have been unable to fill the massive gaps in our squad.
    No decent right back, at least one centre half short, zero creativity from midfield and no one other than Son and Kane who can score a goal. We have Auroer, Docherty, Dier, Winks, N’dombele, Moria and Bergjwin at the club. None of these players are anywhere near good enough if we are even thinking about getting close to the Champions League positions. The great Don Paratici has really not done a very good job has he.

  • I’d like to see Nuno encouraging our players to be a bit more willing to shoot on goal from around the opposition box. Too many of our midfielders particularly seem afraid to ‘have a go’ when they are in a position to do so. Skipp was a good example yesterday, twice he was in a good position to shoot when there were few other options for him to find another player in space but the opportunity was spurned both times. We have seen this often in the past with the likes of Winks, Sissoko, and going further back Dembele all being reluctant to try their luck.

  • Bergwijn does like to have a go, TQ. But he is just not managing to put them away as yet. But I do agree with you.

    I think that when we have two such natural goal scorers, in Son and Harry, others tend to leave it up to those two to save the day. And then not show any confidence in their own shooting abilities.

  • I thought HK10 looked a bit off the pace, but he made some good passes and did 90mins for match sharpness. Watford did park the bus most of the game with 7, 9 or 11 players in their 18yd box a lot of the time when we were attacking / set pieces. So a 1-0 against a physical bus parking team is a good result in my views.

    International duty needs to be rescheduled forward by a month to october, so clubs get a decent run of games and all players (new transferred ) settle down and gain match fitness.

    • I agree block……having the International break so early in the season, especially when it coincides with the transfer window, is very disruptive and should be moved forward by a couple of weeks at least.

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