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Match Thread – Spurs Set For A Turf Up Against Burnley

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After another frustrating performance at the weekend against West Ham United, it’s safe to say Tottenham Hotspur fans can now settle in and expect nothing but inconsistency from this side for the remainder of the 2021/22 campaign.

Nine games into the Premier League campaign we have won five and lost four, conceding more than our formerly high flying attack have scored and it seems safe to say that Nuno doesn’t do draws.

Given the performances we are now becoming accustomed to, the surprising thing is we are still sat in sixth place in the table, whilst debating whether or not former talisman Harry Kane should rest his backside on the bench for a bit given his individual performances.

Before we turn our eyes to Manchester United, this midweek we have a EFL Cup break and on Wednesday evening we make the trip to Turf Moor to face Sean Dyche’s Burnley side. We all know how this tie looks on paper and Burnley are way down in 18th spot, but they’ve only scored two fewer than we have and conceded two more.

This is unlikely to be pretty, it won’t be a classic but it will be tight. The only questions that actually matters are, will we be up for the fight and will Nuno make XI changes again and make us even more disjointed than we already are?







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  • wentworth says:

    Yes TQ, Hojbjerg would make a strong captain. By midfield general, I meant a good passer, free kick taker and goalscorer. Hoj is more of a destructive holder rather than a link with our misfiring strikers.
    Loyalty to Lloris just because he is French captain has always been a mystery to me. There are times when the whole team needs a kick up the backside (Arsenal game) but no one except Kane shows any real concern.
    I wonder what is going on in the changing room currently. Nuno is a quiet man and short of ideas. We have gone from the exuberant, gentlemanly Poch to the deadly, grumpy, bullying Mourinho. Now to the sad, reticent, bewildered Nuno.
    What next?

  • Niall D says:

    Morning folks
    Trust you are all keeping safe and well, good to see PLY make, a welcome return.
    WW Good points m8, however you forgot to say that apparently we are also the least mobile team in the the Premier, covering less ground than any other.
    Hi B 108
    Your comments on, N’Dombers are certainly ringing true, he shows, in flashes of brilliance, what he is capable of, but sadly its not consistent enough, again its back to our scouting team.
    Do they actually go and watch a player for more than one game, do they assess how he would fit in the team structure or even how he would settle in a new country.
    For me it looks like they watch a UTube vid of his “Best bits” give him a quick medical “that’ll do 54 mil there ye go”.
    Which goes back to WW’s comments, if we as punters can see and indeed inentify what our” need’S and goals”are as a team, why can’t a highly paid scout on(what?) 60 odd grand a year. 🙄

  • BelgianSpur says:

    We all have our doubts as to Lloris’ leadership qualities (I too feel that he’s too quiet to be our captain), but there are a few facts which are hard to argue with:

    1. It’s not just one manager who has chosen Hugo as a captain, but several, both for club and country. Whatever he is doing has convinced all sorts of different managers/personalities ranging from MP to JM to Deschamps.

    2. With Hugo as captain, our club has known its most successful period in recent years, culminating a 2nd place finish in the PL and several cup finals including the CL.

    3. With Hugo as captain, France has won a World Cup, the Nations League, been to a EC final and have generally been regarded as one of the better teams in the world.

    Either this is the biggest coincidence, or Hugo brings more to the table than we might see.

    I’m not saying all of that is solely down to Hugo, but it’d equally be unfair to deprive Hugo of all credit for those achievements as well. He must be doing something right that we’re not seeing.

  • Niall D says:

    BS very good and valid points there re Hugo, there was a time I would’ve swapped him for Kane as captain but not now, won’t go there.
    PY you beat me to it re the distance covered “factoid” 😉
    Hope for a result tonite 2-0 to a Spurs team with Kane rested.

    • PompeyYid says:

      Thats a lol! there Niall, “factoid” love it.

      Rumoured team for tonights wet n windy battle up norf!


      if above is true, for me I would have Romero in place of Skippy, rest him for Saturdays clash and nor play Kane but Son instead, maybe change Gil for Deli, only opinions after all. COYS

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    BS….yes, they are all valid points regarding Hugo, and I can see what he might bring as club captain in the background, but in the heat of battle on the pitch we need a leader in the thick of things setting an example in his deeds as well as by mouth, it’s not easy doing this from between the sticks IMO.

  • PompeyYid says:

    BS….regards Hugo as captain, your points are certainly true and valid, but for me as things are, its different times, that’s why I do not want him as Captain, yes he marshals his defence pretty well, but I do believe we need some sort of “bulldog and mouth piece” in the middle of the park. COYS

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I suppose the other thing is, you can be a leader on the pitch without necessarily having the armband. I feel that the “aura” of the captain is sometimes blown out of proportion.

    We should ideally have leaders all over the pitch, and not just rely on the captain to provide leadership.

    I watched Belgium’s defeat to France in the recent Nations League. Belgium were up 2-0 at half time and eventually lost 2-3. After the game several France players said that the half time talk was pivotal in turning the game around.

    The 2 players who spoke at half time were Lloris and Paul Pogba, who despite not wearing the armband, had no problem standing up, taking responsibility and showing leadership. Regardless of what Hugo said or didn’t say, others in that team stepped up.

    I feel that this is the ideal dressing room: a team where there is a captain, but where you have leaders all over the team.

    And I certainly hope that beyond who wears the armband, players with recognised leadership qualities such as HK, PEH or even Eric Dier have the opportunity to speak up too.

    In the end, the armband is symbolic but leadership should come in all shapes and sizes.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    That’s true BS but we should also consider that Paratici was brought in to re-build the squad in the hope of future success. Hugo doesn’t look like being part of that, isn’t he out of contract at the end of this season? My feeling is he will look to move back to France or elsewhere to see out his playing days and we should be looking forward and appointing a successor.

  • wentworth says:

    I have noticed that whenever there is an issue on the pitch, Kanne is always the one to approach the ref or intervene. Lloris is always too far away and never becomes involved.
    Also, I can never remember Llloris being interviewed by the media before or after a game. Mostly, he has been a good keeper. But he is not a leader like Shmeichel was.
    I have always felt that the captain should be in the thick of it on the pitch…cajoling and encouraging. Taking responsibility and making snap decisions. Being far away from the action with no voice does not really help matters.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    TQ2Spurs – I agree that if he’s not in the long term plans, someone else should be named. But maybe that in itself is a clue that Hugo is likely to stay beyond his current deal?

    Hugo’s not perfect but he’s not our biggest problem. If we again have to contend with limited funds (likely), I feel we could do worse than extend Hugo for a couple more seasons, and spend the money we do have elsewhere (be that at CB, creative midfield or back up striker).

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    I see the porn kings are looking to outdo us off the pitch as well by expanding the taxpayers stadium to 62,500 capacity.

  • niceonecyril says:

    Why not they get bigger crowds than us, we have never filled our ground to capacity

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    We’ve had three full houses very recently, one for boxing and two NFL games. 🙂

  • 123spurs says:

    So that 90 minutes of footie and not one shot on goal,

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    We have shown a bit more energy but are being let down by poor passing and first touches. We keep trying to play down the middle through a line of five defenders, it’s all too easy for Burnley to defend.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    Finally a cross that finds a head. Well, at least we improved our shots on goal figure.

  • wentworth says:

    Well we shaded it but it was another grim game with two mediocre teams.
    Great description in one report. ” Lo Celso missed an easy chance one on one. Should have used his right foot” Hmmm.
    Bergweijn and Kane were poor. The rest were average. Burnley were very poor. It was another huge bore.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    WW……he played a superb defence splitting pass in the first few minutes that Kane at his best would have buried, sadly he fluffed his lines.

  • Niall D says:

    Another poor watch.
    At least the result went our way.
    I thought Emerson played well enough putting in a couple of decent crosses.
    And for me at least Kane was getting into the right areas of the pitch for a CF.
    It was a hard wet windy Tuesday at Turf Moor, they’re never easy to beat, and in many ways they are a team of spoilers, they’re the Joe Bugner of football, but with that said it doesn’t take much currently to make us look bad.
    Good result next round beckons, roll on the weekend.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    Niall….the only team Burnley have managed to beat so far this season is Rochdale, it shouldn’t have been so difficult to get a result! 🙂

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