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Match Thread – Spurs Set For A Turf Up Against Burnley

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After another frustrating performance at the weekend against West Ham United, it’s safe to say Tottenham Hotspur fans can now settle in and expect nothing but inconsistency from this side for the remainder of the 2021/22 campaign.

Nine games into the Premier League campaign we have won five and lost four, conceding more than our formerly high flying attack have scored and it seems safe to say that Nuno doesn’t do draws.

Given the performances we are now becoming accustomed to, the surprising thing is we are still sat in sixth place in the table, whilst debating whether or not former talisman Harry Kane should rest his backside on the bench for a bit given his individual performances.

Before we turn our eyes to Manchester United, this midweek we have a EFL Cup break and on Wednesday evening we make the trip to Turf Moor to face Sean Dyche’s Burnley side. We all know how this tie looks on paper and Burnley are way down in 18th spot, but they’ve only scored two fewer than we have and conceded two more.

This is unlikely to be pretty, it won’t be a classic but it will be tight. The only questions that actually matters are, will we be up for the fight and will Nuno make XI changes again and make us even more disjointed than we already are?







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  • wentworth says:

    Having been a Spurs supporter since the 1950’s, I think we have one of the most uninspiring squads and boring style of play.
    Last night was another “paint dry” game. I am beginning to lose faith in watching Spurs play. However, we were marginally better than Burnley.
    Behind the settee for me against Man Utd on Saturday.

  • block 108 spurs says:

    The Burnley game was always going to be a hard and brutal game with spurs players kicked, pushed over obstructed and fouled. However I thought there was improvement in defence and romero / sanchez in particular. Skippy also has improved his game. We have to move the ball quicker and forwards move around faster. So I can see gradually the players are coming together as a team.

    Now Man Utd next and we can take 3 points if the spurs players continue this improvement. I cant see poch joining them as PSG will have to sack him by end nov. Anyway he has said already he will return to spurs as unfinished business to win titles and trophies…. COYS

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    block….I think Conte will be nailed on for United if/when they do sack Ole, they also have Koeman as an option now. :- )

  • Niall D says:

    On the back of WW’s comments (9:05am).
    I could sort of echo them, to a degree, and perhaps express my issues with Nuno.
    Since around 2018 we as a team have had a slow, sad decline in our playing style, to a point where now we seem to fail to dominate any team.
    Even last season under (the dreaded) JM and indeed Ryan Mason we did show a bit of flair in the odd game and at times were unlucky with some results.
    But currently we seem to hang on to or grind out results, with little flair or our headline cavalier exuberance, no high press, no fast paced forward thinking football.
    I do feel we are a bit tighter defensively, but is this enough??
    So for me whether it’s taking time to instill tactics or a lack of managerial nouse, sadly Nuno is losing my confidence.

  • 123spurs says:

    We all know we will buckle against united. If we don’t we may have turned the corner, to lose 4 London derbies is not acceptable,

  • 123spurs says:

    I also wouldn’t take poch back.

  • PompeyYid says:

    Regards Nuno, am fence sitting at the mo, got a sore arse, cos all our troubles really started just before Poch was sacked, also don’t want him back, then we hire Moaninasarous! we went even further back, then Nuno, poor sod, accepted the “poison chalice” undertaking.

    How much damage did “undercover Chav agent Moaning Minny” do to us, one hell of a lot me thinks!

    There is rot in the changing room, could it be “I am Mr Spurs” “Big I am” Harry Kane? it surely is not helping!

    Now back to Nuno, is he first and foremost coaching a system where we are hard to beat, that’s a maybe because our defence incl DM’s is getting better little by little.

    What is not helping is him finding the correct mid and forward combo, that is taking time, it is on a whole letting us as a team down.

    How many combo’s are there?
    How many players are playing out of their natural position?

    The questions are endless!

    What is the answer?

    I really do believe we would be better off if we drop HK, maybe he is off form or maybe it might just show him its not all about you, after all we have played better without him, so maybe try a front 3 of Son, Deli n Moura, reasonable quick with good movement, just an opinion folks…..COYS
    Just name 2 othere’s Dele n N’Dombele how were they treated by the previous prick?
    What damage was done there/

  • wentworth says:

    If Poch had been able to invest in new, talented players,e would not be in the position we are now. Yes Poch can’t come back as much as we know he was the best coach we’ve had in decades. He didn’t win a trophy but what a ride we had. Always top 4, beating the rest of top 5/6 with ease, playing attractive football…strong defence, creative midfield and top goals from all over the pitch. As the team aged, we needed to invest. Top players would have surely come.
    Then disaster. Levy panicked rather than opening his wallet. Signed up the miserable, conceited one who bullied two of our top players into submission (Dele and N’Dombele), and then dragged us down with his defensive, boring style of football.
    Levy panics again. He expects to sign a modern coach with attacking credentials…the Spurs way. Surprise, surprise no one wants to take the poison chalice of a demoralised squad despite the glamour of a pretty stadium.
    So we get Nuno. Nice, genuine bloke who takes a chance because he is out of work but very much 6th choice. It is not surprising we are in the current, dismal state besides hanging on precariously to 6th place.
    Tomorrow’s game against Man Utd will no doubt sort out the first manager to be sacked. If Man U destroy us on the rebound, Ole’s job is safe and Nuno’s is under greater pressure. The best result for both parties is a draw.
    For us to win at Old Trafford, would be a miracle with all the past history of dodgy refereeing, goals not seen (Carroll scooping the ball from the back of the net after Mendes “scored” from the half way line!! and of course Fergie time. I shall watch with trepidation but hope.

  • TK says:

    Thanks for the link, ww. I’d almost forgotten about that goal that wasn’t. Bad calls do not get worse than that one. Not within the confines of footie.

    The greatest harm to THFC in the last several years was DL’s hiring of Mourinho. I opposed it from the moment it was announced, but even then I didn’t perceive how deeply damaging it was going to be. We may be spending the next decade digging out from it.

    I agree that the Mourinho damage followed from the utter stupidity on DL’s part in not backing Poch in renewing a squad that was passing it’s “sell by date.”

    We many have the best stadium in the isles, but building it, and building the breweries in it, kept management’s eyes off the football side of running a football club, and that will cost us for years. Less NFL and more focus on football would have avoided a decade-long muck in the mire.

    I hope the mess doesn’t drag out more than a decade. But to watch the play these days is to watch a depressed group of employees. Employees, not football players. They are employed, but not playing football.

  • Niall D says:

    For me the rot set in around 2018
    We as a team were almost to a man in the latter stages of the world Cup.
    Which left us tired injured or both come the start of the season.
    Something happened with the Transfer of Walker which unsettled Rose and for me this in reality started our downward path, and issues with player’s attitudes and perhaps the dressing room issues, then came the the CL final that season, which as Toby said left the team mentally shredded, we didn’t freshen the team because of the “Vanity Project” also because of this didn’t even look at player contracts. But look you know the history as well as me.
    I do feel sorry for Nuno it’s not as if he’s getting a team “on the up” as has been said many are demoralised, and “may” want away if reports are to be believed.
    I still want to give the guy a chance, but we are a poor watch, and after JM perhaps patience is less forthcoming.
    Would I take Poch back, you bet, at least it was a good watch and we nearly made it.
    Man U whilst having a very strong squad on paper, I feel are in a flux currently, I think that some of the more senior player lack respect for Ole and his tactics and maybe there is a Ronaldo /Cavani/Pogba led rebellion against him.
    So are we in with a chance?
    Well if Kane etc get their heads sorted out, I feel we do have enough defensively, decisions and mistakes aside, to keep em out.
    But Man U are at home, all we need now is either John Moss or Tierney as ref to give em a soft pen or two.

  • TK says:

    We need a manager whose focus is on putting joy into the play. As it is we are watching players who look like they are overdosed on Prozac.

  • Geofspurs says:

    We need help.

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