Date: 4th January 2021 at 5:51pm
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Having started the New Year in the perfect fashion, Tottenham Hotspur had the chance to take a step closer to Wembley Stadium this week, with the EFL Cup semi-final clash against Brentford.

Welcoming the Championship side to White Hart Lane for the game, this could be the proverbial banana skin tie, as they cannot be underestimated and they are a good footballing side to boot. Having missed out on the Play-Off route last year, they sit in fourth place in the second tier table and have only lost three league games in 2020/21.

Given manager Jose Mourinho will make changes again for this one, the only real question on the lips of fans is which Spurs side will turn up?

If we are complacent, we could be in trouble. Play how we know we can and we should blow them away, but given how our standards have slipped at points this year, few would begrudge fans being a little nervous about this one.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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73 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Face A Tough Semi Clash With Brentford”

  • This sort of post may come back to haunt me if the result doesn’t go as planned, but I am actually quite confident about this one.

    I think JM was brought in to the club precisely to see us over the line in this sort of situation, and I think our players will trust his pedigree in this sort of situation and buy into his approach to the game.

    Brentford are having a good season in the Championship by all standards, but we’re not doing badly ourselves, in a division higher.

    I expect both JM and the players to take this game seriously, as they will smell blood and feel that they can win this competition now.

    I am actually more worried about our upcoming FA Cup game, against a much smaller team – that sort of game screams of complacency and that scares me.

  • On a side note, Liverpool have just lost. We are still very much in the conversation. for top 4, maybe more, almost halfway through the season. Not a bad place to be.

  • Thanks Danny for the thread.
    Fingers crossed for the big game.
    Brentford are no push over and can be free scoring.
    But I think we’ll be too much for them.

  • I Also agree.. Spurs have better quality players, and if they are on the non complaisant mental setup they will get the win. Jose will have them tactically ready for bus parking . counter attacking Brentford, or if they attack us great for HK10 and Sonny. COYS

  • Hi guys
    Hope you’ll afford me a bit of Lee way on this one.
    Off Topic a bit we were (sort of) discussing memories against medals /Trophies
    Here’s one of mine.
    We were playing Man U it was around the end of September 2012 ish
    I was on holiday in Majorca.
    We beat ManU 3-2
    I texted my Bro In a rainy NI
    24°sittin with a pint just beat you lot 3-2
    A few months later he texted me
    In Rome 22°
    My relpy
    So what you didn’t beat us.
    Now those are memories.
    Pre cancer no worries fit as a fiddle.
    Clear now but not quite fit YET.

  • Good to hear you have beaten the big C Niall.

    We moan about our lot (with some justification) but haven’t Liverpool now failed to score in 3 consecutive PL games?

    I’m glad we are at home for the semi tonight, I would be more concerned than I am if we were playing it at their place. As BS says, it’s time for Jose to justify the clubs decision to hire him for his ability to win things.

  • Well it is the day/night of our biggest game of the season so far…

    So no more of the “we only have to turn up” Spurs side problems we have witnessed before.
    Go for the throat.
    Show them why we are a top category Prem side.
    Ok! play them with the respect they deserve.
    But remember Brentford will be up for this one as it is there “Cup final” esp at our fantastic stadium.

    A fantastic win is in the offering. COYS

  • I’ve just found out that the final is not until the 25th April.

    Hopefully we can be there at Wembley. And who knows what our form will be like by then or indeed the form of United or City. In this unpredictable season.

    It would b e nice to reach the final by showing the Nylons just how tough a ‘top’ PL team can be to beat. And within the 90 minutes please. As for the 1st time in this seasons comp, it can go to ET before a possible shoot-out…

    Come on you Spurs!

    • lol @ HT…….I wonder how many sad old souls like us still remember Brentford Nylons! 🙂

  • Not really much to say about tonight except let’s score some goals , play some good football and show how good we are .

    No going a goal up then defending as we have seen vs Palace and Wolves Jose . I just hope we don’t go to pens which could occur if we let them come onto us .

    2 – 0 to us

  • I find myself having the strangest thought: I’d rather we give up the first goal rather than score the first goal. If we score the first goal then JM will park the bus and it will end up 1 x 1 after 87 minutes. If they score the first goal then JM cannot very well park the bus and we might go on to win by four goals.

    Funny old game, this. And downright peculiar with this manager who plays like we’re going against the Brazil WC team of 1970 when we’re going against a lower division team on a cold rainy day in COVID land.

  • Not so strange TK… I was thinking the same versus Leeds, when they out and out attacked us as they did in the first 20 minutes or so.

    I was beginning to think it would favour us more than them… Actually that is quite strange.

  • I’m glad you mentioned the 1970 Brazil WC team. It brings back sweet and very vivid memories of a game played with beauty and flair. Pure entertainment. (I always called them the Harlem Globetrotters of football)…

    And not being Brazilian, it’s not celebrating the winning of that trophy that sticks in my mind. Apart from the great Pele as an individual and all the rest, it was the fine art of team football at it’s best. And even the tricks and bits of outstanding skill that didn’t quite come off or result in a goal., stick in my memory as much as any goal scored or them lifting the trophy.


  • An experience that as a very young lad, obsessed with watching and playing football, can never be erased from my memory.

    Not just from the magic of Brazil but England’s efforts too and the competition as a whole.

    So those of you that say it’s not the football in itself that the history books will tell us about but just that Brazil won it. Well, I wouldn’t gain much joy from looking at a stat on Wikipedia like the pure joy of watching Pele and his team mates play… Like I said, them winning it means nothing to me as an England supporter. But it mean’t so much to me as a boy spectator and lover of the game and the sport itself… Ah, the pure romance of it all…….

    • HT, that’s a massive thumbs up there, nothing more to add except brilliant memories of a “you cannot win anything playing like that football” yes! that was said about Brazil, and a so natural a footballer called Pele. COYS

      • The same can be said of the Hungarian team of the 1950s and of a certain Hungarian major name of Ferenc Puskas. I remember playing hooky from school to watch them thrash England (including our lads Ramsey and Robb) 6-3 and then going on to beat us 7-1 in Budapest.

  • Anyway, it’s 2021 and we are the Spurs.

    And we can be magical too! Honest guv, we can!

  • I agree with the choice of the Rose goal vs Arsenal in his first match. Pure magic that. I’ll always have a spot in my heart for that man after that first goal.

    • obrigado para esse video! otimo! beleza!
      That’s the way to win matches. the beautiful game.

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