Date: 11th January 2020 at 7:31pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
0 – 1

White Hart Lane

Premier League

11/01/2020 5:30 pm

Attendance: 61023

Referee: Atkinson

Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool
Firmino (37)
Gazzaniga Alisson
Sanchez Alexander-Arnold
Alderweireld Gomez
Tanganga van Dijk
Aurier Robertson
Winks Wijnaldum
Eriksen 69 Henderson
Rose 69 Oxlade-Chamberlain
Lucas Moura Salah 91
Alli Firmino
Son Heung-Min Mane 81


Vertonghen Adrian
Lamela 69 Minamino
Vorm Lallana 61
Dier Shaqiri 91
Lo Celso 69 Origi 81
Sessegnon Phillips
Skipp Williams

Game Statistics

14 Goal attempts 13
4 On Target 7
4 Corners 3
4 Fouls 8
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
33 % 67

Tottenham Hotspur’s poor performances continue as we tick into the 2020 portion of the campaign and with injuries now also hitting hard with Moussa Sissoko joining Harry Kane on the sidelines, for most fans, it’s simply a case of going from bad to worse at this moment in time.

Saturday’s late clash with Liverpool was never going to be easy, especially in light of relative form and few would’ve been disappointed to take a point as we welcomed them to White Hart Lane, as Champions League revenge certainly didn’t seem to be on the cards.

Whilst we certainly didn’t have possession, I would imagine the more glass full amongst us will be more happy with the performance as we created a number of chances and really could’ve equalised having gone behind in the 37th minute.

I doubt many would argue we should’ve won and nicked it, but we were certainly more in the game in the second period.

1-0 was how it finished and given how some fans felt the game would go, at least it wasn’t an embarrassment and it could/has to be, something we build from.

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34 Replies to “Liverpool Take The Headlines, But Spurs Have Small Positives – Match Stats”

  • Liverpool players were out on their feet from about 75 minutes, we could/should have taken more advantage of that however, a vastly improved performance over the previous few.

    • We knew how difficult would be today but get even worst when we don’t have a left back able to making a pass where the ball end up with a colleague, same with a middle field player who seems not even be able to get a good game to get a new club an then bring suplentes that can score from 5 yards , pls what else did Jose needs to do ?? Go on the pitch and play himself

  • TQ2 – fully agree – there’s finally something to build on after today’s performance given our recent displays – we should have got a point maybe even been lucky and taken all 3 with better finishing – Sonny and Lo Celso poor marksmanship when they were desperately needed.

    Wonder if we’ll get anyone in this week – Gedson sounds interesting, Bruno definitely does and a back-up striker – let’s see where we go……..

  • Totally outplayed and outclassed by a perfect team. Defence and gk ok. Midfield impotent. Winks and Eriksen non existent. Rest tried hard but Aurier has to go. Rose has to go. Eriksen gone already. Lo Celso not good enough…sorry but he has done nothing and missed an open goal. Tanganga looked ok. Lamela has had enough chances. Sell him. We are dropping like a stone. Yes it was only 1-0 but we lost at home yet again. Bye bye Europe.

  • El Jefe, in all honesty we could easily been 3 down at half time but for a post ,a last ditch block from Tanganga,Van Dyik missed a sitter also.Lo celsio should have scored for us in second half but I don’t remember The Liverpool goalie having to save a shot on target for most of the game.Mourinho parked the bus and decided if he was going to be beaten it would be bye a small margin his ego would take a serious kicking hence his parking the bus tactics and hoofing the ball up the pitch to now one in particular.

  • Pauric I feel your pain but having watched us against Chelski, Norwich, Southampton, and even Boro recently and given the level of opponent we faced today I thought it was OK and something we can build on – Lo Celso and Son should both have scored so like I said earlier I think we deserved a point.

    Give JM time I think he’ll come good for us – problem is needs to be backed by Levy and the board to make sure – the same could of course be said of Poch. I think both are top manager’s so it’s just a question of Levy etc now backing JM and putting together a quality squad to challenge again.

    I see Richarlison who you do not rate but I thought was quite tasty has been in superb form since we discussed him on here back in November.

  • As I said in an earlier post sometimes it’s not about losing, it’s how we lose. At least today we showed some bottle and backbone. Yes they were the better team but I think on balance we deserved something. Let’s look at some aspects of the game. I stated before that when you’re on top small decisions go your way. The throw in for the goal. Liverpool should’ve had a player sent off. Compare it to Sonny against Everton. Or Abamayang against Palace in the early kick off. Much was made of Spurs fouling “tactics” against Wolves a few weeks ago, but little said about similar tactics employed by Liverpool today. I think we could’ve and should’ve had a point today no we didn’t dominate but we did well. COYS.

  • We upped our intensity in the last 30 minutes, and what a difference that made. We deserved a draw. Good performance against a team on a magical run.

  • To me there’s no way we deserved a draw…such a disappointing performance feel sorry for those who wasted their time n money going to that game….we usually on here cussing when teams play against us like that

  • Lets pick out some positives from a our game yesterday, the stand out 3 were our CB’s….

    Toby…very cool headed, ran the middle instructing his pair of nipper partners.

    Sanchez…best off all, pace, reading of game, great heading ability.

    Tanganga…what a full debut, heading, tackling, pace, ok one mistake being turned by a world class striker, he will learn, after all he is only 19.

    I was well happy with the 3 of them.

    Now sort out the RB position. COYS

    • Tanganga did well yesterday except for Liverpool goal but you have to realise we practically played 5 sometimes 6 at the back so I would not be getting to excited with our defending yesterday. Mourinho parked the bus yesterday and I don’t along with its because we had injuries ,he would have played exactly the same game plan with a fully fit squad. I take it the same people that where happy with yesterday’s tactics will not be coming onto this site crying and bitching about teams coming to white Harte lane and doing the same on us and also getting results.whats good for the goose is good for the gander .

  • Jurgen Klopp just said it best in his post match interview. When asked about all of the records Liverpool were beating at the moment, he said “beating records just doesn’t feel special somehow”, instead saying that the focus was on titles.

    I remember countless discussions on VS about 2-3 years ago, when we were beating club records left and right, and that was a sign for plenty of posters that we were on a great path which was sure to lead us to glory. Well, I hope those posters can hang on to all of those records now. I remember saying that legacies would be judged on titles, not records which are moving targets anyways. Glad to hear that someone like Klopp agrees.

    Myself, I can’t help but feel a mixture of jealousy and disappointment when I look Liverpool’s way . I admire Klopp for staying so focused, when I feel that our club somehow got complacent and settled for “doing so well on such a small budget”, getting satisfied with that, and using that as an excuse for failing to win a trophy.

    Last night wasn’t an embarassment all things considered, but just a timely reminder of the different paths 2 clubs have chosen, despite being very evenly matched as recently as 2 seasons ago.

  • The simple reality is that we defended well in the first half and pushed hard for the last 30 minutes against, arguably, the best team in Europe. And some supporters (?) think that’s a bad thing! Most supporters were predicting a thrashing. It didn’t happen. Just another tough game in the PL.

  • Really liked the way Jose set us up for this one. We were very hard to beat. More organised.

    Who said Jose doesn’t play youth players? Top game from Tang, even though he got caught for the goal.

    Play like this more often than not for the reminder of the season we should get top 6. But we have been on a really poor run and are now 8th in the league with average teams catching us up.

    We must start picking up wins. I’m not bothered how to be honest just get the points on the table.

  • How far we have fallen when we are trying to take positives from a home defeat when our opponents should have been out of site by half time. Jose’s tactics were an embarrassment, no attempt to attack and hit hopeful long balls for Son and Moura to chase. Hoping your opponents make a mistake is hardly a coaching masterclass. One thing that Jose has surely learnt, never play Eriksen or Rose again. What a difference when they went off and we brought on two players who actually care about Spurs. Suddenly we played with some energy and forced Liverpool into some mistakes. Will Jose learn from this (I have no doubts that he won’t). The way he set up the team tells me that he has not changed at all. You cannot succeed in today’s game by parking the bus. Jose’s record against the big teams at Spurs. Played three lost three outclassed three times.
    On the one positive note, what a debut from Tanganga. An amazing performance against a great team. His contract is also up in the summer so we need to get him signed up.
    Now that we know that we have next to zero chance of qualifying for the Champions League will Jose start introducing the younger players who I think now deserve a chance -Skipp, Parrot, Tanganga and Sessegnon. Somehow I don’t think so. Jose out now

    • Belgiumspur, you do make me laugh, always banging on about us not investing. Liverpool generate more money than us, we have no choice but to do things differently until we become more global and able to generate more funds.

      Under Poch i think we were 3 players away, we came close but the stadium build took over, rightly so, its our future. Even Liverpool wouldn’t be able to invest if they had a brand new stadium. It cane at a bad time in some ways. Cost more due to Brexit, sterling down. It came when we had a good team and were unbeaten at whl but then moved to wembley. Its a shame, but why on earth you keep banging on about spending and investing, its a typical society problem, live beyond their means and stuff the consequences. Im not saying levy gets it right and that we couldn’t spend more than we have, but i dont think we are in a position to spend like many fans including yourself want us to. We also have ffp and teams like Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea, even Arsenal have more global recognition and bring in more funds and have years of bigger stadium. The stadium was our next step, now we got to give it time to get in full swing, but we also got to pay for it.

      What liverpool have achieved their last step has happened over last two seasons, ours will get better, we have just derailed a bit due to the stadium and also the issues with players running contracts down. We could have got 100m for Eriksen 2 years ago, 50m for Toby, possibly 20m for Vertonghen and 40m for Rose but at that time we were doing the stadium and needed these players because we had to be prudent with the stadium build happening. Thats a lot of money lost.

      I think the down fall this season was Eriksen and Toby and Vertonghen not leaving for various reasons. My guess Eriksen holding out for RM and they didnt come. Vertonghen want to stay and wanted a longer contract and on form this season its clear to see it would be risky to give a longer contract. Toby clearly held out for big pay day. Is he worth it, i dont think so. His performances have been bang average, so slow and gets turned so easily. Take yesterday game, Tanganga got turned but it was Tobys header that was weak, would Van Dyke clear with such a weak header, no. Toby isnt worth the money but he got one over us and got a good pay day. Then Rose, henis bitter, has been since Walker left, and he is having a go at Levy digging his heels in. So players didn’t leave, it caused disharmony and it stopped us bringing players in although we brought 3 decent players in, one injured, one late and unfit and the other who has had so many injuries since arriving. This was all contributing to the malaise under Poch, and now under Jose. Had players left and a couple more players come in and players that did come in didn’t get injured we would have be fine under Poch and things would be different. Dele was injured, Dier had been injured and ill as well. A lot of this isnt about Levy not caring, unforseen circumstances and a combination of many things.

      I dont agree with sacking Poch although i can see why he got sacked. The manager always go. Levy is protecting his assets and to do that he felt jose was the man. Toby signed because Jose is a winner, plus Jose is peepared to drop Eriksen and this alone will push Eriksen to leave in January get a return, under Poch it was harder to drop Eriksen they had history and the same will be for Rose. When Davies is back i doubt Rose will play much and that will push him to leave and get a return. However, jose has also struggled and it will be interesting to see how Levy reacts if we dont get top 4 and CL. It was a gamble sacking PocH and bringing joss in, but levy obviously felt his assets would be more protected and that the players would respond to a different voice and one with a track record of winning. Im assuming he will be quietly concerned that the players havent responded that well even to jose other than first few games. Its easy to see why. Poch saw Toby, Vertonghen, Rose, Aurier were not good enough and he also knew we needed a striker to help Kane and a midfielder, hence we were in for Bruno and dybala. So now Levy has a decision to make. Write this season off if we dont get top 4 and start afresh in summer. Or bring in some fresh faces this month and see if its enough to get top 4.

      I think yesterday game showed us how jose will gear his team, it will be defensive and counter attack with ling balls. He will bring in players to play that system and it might work, but its not going to be pretty or exciting, but hey, everyone wants a trophy, no matter how, just win a trophy, pathetic imo.

      I thought Tanganga was shoulders above Vertinghen and Toby if recent months. His freshness, youthfulness, pace was refreshing. Our defence is either too slow or just bad (Aurier). For me Sanchez and Tanganga are our furture and i was hoping Foyth but it looks like Jose has lost trust in him. I think we need 2 rbs and 1 lb but i also think we need a DM and a striker. We can’t do it all at once, but i think we will get there eventually and i do think Poch will be back. I cant see Levy putting up with Jose too long, its a short term thing and has it stands it isnt the Spurs way, but it is to try and protect our assets, get more global recognition and win a trophy or two. But, we are already seeing Jose starting to call players out in public, calling coach a idiot, blaming the ball, it will go sour and im sure Levy will either go for Poch again or someone similar.

      Yesterday game was ok, we defended and tried to knick one on the break, thats fine against Liverpool. We pushed hard last w0mins and poor finishing let us down. I don’t like
      he style of play under jose and not looking forward to the next season but i am intrigued has to how it plays out with jose and rhe players and levy.

      Credit yesterday for creating chances, credit for not being thrashed, and credit to Tanganga. Its about the next game and seeing if we can build on that defence and get the balance right, but i still think under jose it’s not going to be pretty or exciting.

  • So we go into a game against a team who are winning the league by a mile and unbeaten in 38 games. We go in without Harry Kane and Tanganga playing his first Premier League game. We keep it to a 1 goal defeat and I’m pretty sure Son will be thinking he had enough chances to score. But to people on this site we were crap. Thankfully those I spoke to at the stadium seemed to have a more realistic assessment of the game. Some fans seem to have caught the Arsenal mentality, that we have some divine right to win and can’t have a tough season.

  • PY, Jod, Rd and some others thank goodness to see your posts. There were those predicting a 5-0
    Thrashing and I think revelling in it. We’re taking positives from this game because there were some positives to be taken. To all those Jose bashers who said play the new guys, play the youngsters, well he has done all that. As many have said this the European and World club champions playing under a manager who has had time to set them up. Yes we were beaten but come on guys we did well, and could’ve gotten something.

  • Niall D….your quite welcome mate, what I saw yesterday pleased me, fight/battle the lot, after all we have been poor and L’pool have been, well L’pool, in the end I was disappointed in not beating them or at least taking a point, but that’s football.

    As all top sides who are having a momentum, L’pool always seem to get the rub of the green and not just in our game with them, every bloody game they play, our throw in goes their way leading to their goal, cynical get on your nerves fouls when we were starting to attack, thus stopping our movement so they can get back into a defensive position, is it the conspiracy theorist in me, think on.

    They missed a couple of so-called sitters but how many did we miss? more than them I know, clear shots at goal by us, wide/high or straight into their GK’s middle, never really making him work, on an another day!

    A large percentage of their keeping hold of the ball was in their half, some midfield, that is sideways upwards of a dozen times, forward to a middle man then back to their defenders, waiting for a good forward pass, according to some brilliant control of game, but when we do it its CRAP! not entertaining blah blah, get the ball forward.

    No matter Spurs cannot win to some fans, even if we were in L’pool’s position some some would find fault, oh the ups n downs of being a Spurs fan, lol!

    Onward “optimistic” soldiers. COYS

  • I don’t think anyone thinks we have a divine right to succeed but to see such defeatist tactics from Jose was so depressing. For god sake have a go at the opposition. The difference when we did even if it was only for 20 minutes was amazing. Jose’s 10 men behind the ball was not only painful to watch but it failed miserably. If Liverpool had been more clinical they would have been at least four goals up before we decided to start chasing the game. And this was a Liverpool team who barely got out of first gear. This is why I think Jose is not the right manager any more. His tactics are so outdated.

    • Jack Grealish is going to be a bit cheesed off tonight, Villa already 4 down after the first half, might be a good time to put in another cheeky bid! :- )

      • When are they going to sort this page 2 crap out – it’s ridiculous – been on going for nearly 2 months – fair play and thanks to DW for posting up individual pages otherwise it would be completely pointless coming on here at all. We need our vitalspurs fix so it’s about time the powers that be got it sorted out ASAP.

          • My comment was only tongue in cheek anway, I wouldn’t want him personally, he’s a one club man like Zaha, if either of them move elsewhere they would probably want a clause in their contracts that allows them to miss the games against their respective boyhood clubs.

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