Date: 24th April 2018 at 8:00pm
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Mauricio Pochettino was more or less unprompted when he questioned his own future to reporters, according to Tom Collomosse.

The Evening Standard reporter said this wasn’t a one-off comment from Poch in the heat of the moment after the game against United. He said the below quote twice; once in interviews with broadcasters, and again in a press conference for newspapers:

“Tottenham need more time, with me or another.”

Obviously, that has led to an increasing number of reports that the manager could be off sooner rather than later. At the moment, the club are not too concerned with a new contract likely to be offered in the next few weeks, Collomosse believes. But until then, uncertainty could possibly cause some instability.

The semi-final defeat last season to Chelsea led to no loss of focus. The wins were defiantly comprehensive. A 1-0 win against Crystal Palace four days later led to wins against Arsenal, United, and thrashings of Leicester and Hull. The only blot on the copybook was the defeat to West Ham.

We should really be expecting the same this season. This time there are fewer games to play before the end of the campaign so the top four should be tied up in no time at all. Yet, there are more question marks this time around.

Players are said to be disconcerted by Poch’s remarks. With stars having decided to commit to the club on lower wages because of the connection they have with Argentinian, there is some genuine concern that things are more likely to go wrong than in last season’s run-in.

With that being said, home games against Watford, Newcastle and Leicester with just one away fixture West Brom left, it really is best fixture list we could hope for.

I’m probably just being very jumpy following a poor recent run of results, but combined with speculation over the manager, I just want to get the top four finish sewn up as soon as possible. We can then re-assess in the summer where we go from here.


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  • After the failures v Juventus, and Utd, we must now salvage something from the remnants of the season by finishing in the top 4 to gain CL qualification, for another crack at it next season, not to mention to attract the considerable increase in revenue that competition provides, which of course is music to Mr. Levy’s ears.

  • We’ve been playing with ten men lately… Harry Kane is back too early and not fit..
    .greed for golden boot is costing us..
    City and manu matches …he was almost invisible
    If poch goes which i doubt ..he goes and we move on.
    Lets see how the season ends…coys
    Nb:all these changes are killing vital spurs…too much work

  • It’s a good question whether players will be coasting their way to the end of season. You’d hope not because they are professionals getting paid a lot of money to ply their trade. As fans, we expect no less than 100%. However, there could distractions like their own futures, Poch’s comments and especially the World Cup. You have players like Toby who would bust a gut for the club right now perhaps for selfish reasons. The first is because he wants his World Cup shirt for Belgium. Proving he’s back to his old self may also help him around the negotiation table in the coming weeks if he is intent on leaving the club.

    Rose is another interesting one. At this stage, his WC place must be in jeopardy. He’s coming upon for a decade at Spurs and this is a season to forget for him. Compare that to his old mate Walker who has won the league, in the Prem team of the season and is counting his money. Rose will be 28 in July so unlikely to play in another World Cup. Makes you wonder where his head is at if called upon to play any of these final games. Could go either way.

    I guess we will find out on Monday when we take the field against Watford. They currently have the longest injury list in the league at the moment and are comfortably in 12th. They are missing guys like Cleverly, Deeney, Chalobah, Deulofeu etc. If the right Spurs team turn up and play with high intensity, we could comfortably win it.

  • I’d like to think we should be comfortably winning a game at home against Watford no matter who they play, but I suppose that given our current form, the question can be asked. I still expect us to rebound on Monday though. As for MP’s quote, there was an article in Football.London not too long ago, where their correspondent Alasdair God (usually well informed) was implying that this was really MP piling on the pressure on Levy. It was MP’s way of saying that he expects to be backed in the transfer window. We’ll see.

  • Please no place now till the end of the season for Aurier and Sissoko ! – I’ve been supporting Spurs for 60 yrs and these are two of the worst players I’ve seen to wear a Spurs shirt ! – cannot fathom why Sissoko seems to get involvement in nearly every game ?

  • Poch doesn’t seem to know how to play to an experienced player’s strengths, he expects players like Lliorente to change their style of playing. Lliorente could and should be used to effect in the box because of his height, hit the balls in high to him and he will score, play that stupid, for him, ticka tacka football around him and he doesn’t stand a chance.
    Poch is far too rigid in his thinking and style of play to bring in highly experienced players, he just tries to fit square pegs into round holes, then the player gets the blame for being rubbish rather than Poch getting the blame for not utilising the player properly.
    A player doesn’t become rubbish overnight, but a manger can ruin a player’s reputation and make him look bad overnight by not playing him properly. I know he is a young and relatively inexperienced manager, but at this level he just HAS to learn very quickly, but he doesn’t seem able to learn quickly enough at the moment.
    He, as a lot of our young players do, has the potential to be a great manager, but my thoughts are, will he fulfil that potential if he keeps on losing the big games and coming out with comments such as the ones he made the other day.
    I do hope he stays as if he does and the core of the team stays together and they both grow together the potential for future greatness is there, but he really does need to learn to keep his cool, stop making comments that obviously unsettle the players and be less rigid and more flexible with his thinking. ~Plus he needs to learn about plan B and how to get players in the transfer market that can hit the floor running rather than spending a couple of months on the sidelines which does nothing for that player’s confidence..

  • Good post Chris123.. Poch has a Latino temperament, I remember his playing days for Argentina, gets stuck in no compromise…

  • Over the last couple of seasons, every time we fail/cock up or go as some put it all Spursy, we have come back strong, 4 games of strength coming, for me 4 wins, 4th spot on, 3rd a good possibility and even a maybe 2nd.

    For me we have had a good season, considering 38 games away from home and despite all the bull***t sabotage the media has tried to inflict on us. So very well done lads. COYS

  • Thanks for that Ossie, but we will always have a few disappointing results, that’s the game of football and Spurs we all love.

  • Not sure how we change our stars at the moment were trying to win prem titles and Silverware with players on Burnley Wages whilst United – City – Chavs – Pool and Scum fork out top dollar prices for top dollar players and pay top dollar wages….then we wonder why we come up short ! Beating Real Madrid in the CL and United at home in the prem was one thing but when you consider we lost 7 -2 on aggregate to City this season the gulf is clear to see. Liverpool played with the kind of passion and aggression against Roma and City that just shows you how simple the game can be played. If we had showed that level of commitment in the FA Cup Semi as Liverpool showed last night we wouldn’t all be in the bad mood that we are right now. The bottom line is we run out of ideas when we have the lead and get pegged back by any of the bigger teams and Poch sits on the bench talking to Jesus or praying to Jesus I cant work out which!…its probably both…why? because we still don’t have someone on the bench who can change a game…how many times this season has a sub scored after being brought on ….answer? not many! Still at Least Daniel Levy has increased Joe Lewis’s Property Portfolio nice stadium pity about the trophy cabinet. After 13 years with one cup to show for it you ‘d think levy would have got the message by now ! Nah he will still be shopping in the bargain basement in the summer instead of in the show room with the other clubs!

  • Oy Veh sounds about right in your post. Perhaps Levy’s long time “assistant” Donna (now upgraded in admin hierarchy) still reads these Vital Spurs posts and tells him what the fans are saying….

  • My feelings exactly Oyveh, I think those who think that Levy will change his attitude towards fees and wages will change with the increased revenues from the new stadium are mistaken.

  • PY – 4th is still very much in our hands. 3rd is doable, we’ll see, but I think 2nd is a pipe dream now. 6 points and an inferior goal difference means United would have to slip up twice (and possibly 3 times depending on GD) in 4 games, while we win all 4. As much as winning all 4 is doable for us, I just don’t see United collapsing now. United have to play Arsenal and Watford at home, and away to Brighton and West Ham, and they need 7 points from those 4 games to finish above us. That’s hardly mission impossible for them.

  • If ENIC have no intention of improving players fees and wages, and in turn the overall standing and success of THFC (in accordance to increased revenue from the new stadium, etc), then why bother building it in the first place?

    As it happens, Spurs players’ earnings have already dramatically risen over the past few seasons in spite of the huge outlay for the new training centre and Stadium. How is this so?

    And still, the stadium costs have increased from an initial £400m estimate, to more than double, up to an estimated £1 billion. And, of course, the extra loans taken out on this stadium build will have to be repaid.

    And yet, given these massive builds and the cost of it all, some supporters still seem to think that we should be competing much closer with clubs (financially as well as on the pitch) on significantly higher revenues than Spurs. How?

    How do we, at this time, pay our players and staff a similar wage to that of United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal players and staff? How?

    How do we compete with United on fees and wages, right now? How does even City or Chelsea? How do Spurs afford to buy the likes of Pogba (£90m+) and pay Sanchez his ridiculously high wages? (That’s apparently all the way up to a high of approx. £500,000 a week!) How?

    Give me some sensible answers and I might then be convinced to start to agree with all of the above views.

    I mean, for instance, that saying nonsense like we are paying wages at the level of Burnley FC is not a very sensible, factual argument now, with is it?

    Who looks after the finances in your lives, guys? The goldfish?

    I wonder; If Dembele was on 3 times his current wage at Spurs, would he possibly have not so crucially slipped up against Pogba on Saturday?

  • HT – we’ve discussed this at length though. To your first question: “why build a new stadium if it isn’t to reinvest the increased revenue in the squad?” The answer to that is simply increasing the value of the club in view of a future sale. We realistically won’t know the true intentions of ENIC until they actually put the money where their mouths are. But a scenario certainly exists where the new stadium could be built and the money won’t be reinvested in the squad. Time will tell. Regarding our wage bill, we’ve also discussed this at length. Spurs are among the bottom clubs when it comes to the “revenue to wages” ratio. In absolute money, we’re spending more money than ever on wages. In relative terms, given that our revenues have increased significantly in recent seasons, we’re actually spending less, proportionally. We’re always going to struggle to match the clubs with higher revenues, but if at least there was a perception that we were doing everything we could within our means, things would be different. Right now, the club has never made more money or being this profitable, yet our investment in the squad has not risen at the same pace. It has risen in absolute terms, but just not as much proportionally. And I’m not even talking about net transfer spend. Where is the money going? Some of it has to be going in Levy’s pockets, given his hefty bonuses.

  • So, let’s say that we know for sure the imminent future of THFC. And that this often spoken of scenario, that ENIC are simply building up the club for a huge profit, in selling it to the highest bidder is indeed what eventually happens.

    Well, whoever that new owner turns out to be and, in order to afford the new THFC, will have to (probably) have finances way beyond ENIC to further build the club and to hopefully bring future on-the-field success…

    If this is to be so, then surely to all those that disapprove of ENIC and how they have run the club so far, then surely this (imaginary) new owner would then be the answer to all your prayers and give you good cause to celebrate. As opposed to when ENIC bought the (smaller/cheaper/mid-table) club, in the first place.

  • And, as for the actual article and reading between the lines of MP’s post-match words….

    Much like ENIC, if Pochettino were to abandon ship, then we can at least know and say that we are in a far better place than we were, before he arrived.

    At least thats how it looks to me.

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