Date: 19th November 2019 at 6:25am
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With the close of the November international break, Tottenham Hotspur stars should come back in relatively good confidence – certainly our England lads will – but all that matters is we see a spike in our own performance levels and results as we look to turn the corner on what has been overall disappointing form in the year of 2019.

Going into the weekend, Spurs find themselves sat in 14th place in the top tier table with only three wins from our opening 12 matches. Top four looks a long way off at this stage, but we’re only seven points off last place.

Having drawn a line under recent defeats with back to back draws, not only will manager Mauricio Pochettino want to see us stay unbeaten, but we want all three points and although Manuel Pellegrini’s side will be no pushovers, they are a point behind us in the table with struggles of their own.

It’s all to play for in Saturday’s early kick off at the London Stadium…question is, do we turn up or not?

West Ham V Spurs?







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242 Replies to “It’s Time For Spurs To Face The Hammers Again – Match Thread”

  • The last sentence says it all… West Ham always raise their game against us, as it’s their cup final bragging rights, as not good enough for anything else. So we have to step up again and actually not concede after going ahead, and close out the game. We have given them enough charity points over the years..

    Today media are saying West Ham looking at Rafa Benetiz to take over from Pelligrini. If poch walks away or Levy sacks him, rafa would be a good choice for spurs.

  • As you rightly say block 108, you can guarantee Wet Spam will be up for this game as they usually are, time for our players to find the same attitude and show what they are made of.

    My how things can change in the blink of an eye! Not so long ago we were hearing rumours about Manu and RM having to pay £25m to buy our Poch’s contract, this morning we read reports about the club having to pay £12m if they want to sack him. That’s one big turn around!

    What a pity we aren’t going to be in with a shout for Fernandes, can’t see him wanting to come to us with the apparent situation within the club right now. It is claimed that Sporting need to sell in order to clear a £57m debt but Manu are now reported to be front runners, but then again, they are being linked with almost every player in europe as potential January purchases!

  • The media are having a field day with us and Manu.

    As for the game at the council park, as others have said its their cup final and as ever will up their game, now is the time for all! Spurs player to stand up and be counted, my problem is I am not holding my breath, please prove me wrong lads and spank the racists *****, towards us anyway. COYS

  • I agree totally with the opening 3 comments but after the weak display against Sheff U what gives us hope that the dressing room will be galvanised into taking the game to West Ham ?
    Whether the players read the papers or not there is a great deal of debate ref MPs future and with reported tales of messages sent between players on international duty it can only produce a negative response ?
    However if the players have pride in their performance surely win or lose they will be professional and try their best to start to turn things round ?
    I doubt it but would like to be pleasantly surprised !!

  • Allan …. I think players read more papers than they say they do. It’s something most people would feel compelled to do from natural curiosity …. to a certain extent. The thing is that the players actually know the truth behind the headlines and therefore are better armed to deal with any unsubstantiated gossip. Supporters simply don’t have the same inside information. I am not talking about our recent performances which we all know have been poor …. just how players and teams deal with adverse gossip and media articles.

  • “International break” or should it have read “sharks smelling blood” ah la Poch departure with media circling, this Sats game at the council ground/park is his last should we lose according to some, so with that thinking it is blatantly in the players hands whether our hero goes or stays, so come on lads do it for Poch as well as us heart pumping fans.

    For me its Poch…IN, wantaway liabilities/hindrances OUT.

    Geofspurs….I think you are not far from the truth there. COYS

  • Thanks for that DH
    Fortunately have BT Sport so will not have to go to the pub and hear a very loud mouthed West Ham supporter F ing and blinding at the TV !!
    Have mentioned it to the management but they take no action even though there are youngsters watching with their fathers !!
    Will have a choice of which sofa I hide behind !!

    It is difficult for supporters to understand the true events at a club as you say but players are paid a great deal of money and whatever their feelings and happenings behind the scenes ought to go out and play their best not only for their pride but also for the supporters who pay a fair amount to watch their team .

  • Anyone got any thoughts on which position Winks ought to play in the team after the Int. break ?
    I notice the glowing comments coming from his then coach when Winks first came to the club as a youngster !

  • Madness to let MP go has he has done great under a lot of challenges. Came in when we had a dressing room of egoes and under performing players. Had clear out and rebuild.

    Then he has got us so close with two seasons out if his 5 away from whl. Then no signings one season. Limited funds. Players returning late from WC and transfers always arriving lare with little pre season or non at all.

    Then back to new stadium, players running contracts down and players wanting to leave add injuries to key players over the last few seasons. Kane, Toby, Vertonghen, Rose, Dele, Wanyama, Dier, Lamela, Winks, Dembele, Sanchez and more recently Sess, Celso and Ndombele.

    Lets put everything in perspective, MP has achieved under very difficult circumstances every season. Now its time to back him.

    This may mean writing this season off and taking it on the chin and accepting we may not get CL next season. However, next season at least these players will be gone and then he can start again.

    The mess this season isn’t just MP fault, its everyones at the club including fans all for different reasons. The board and Levy, MP, players, fans, scouting etc however, unfortunately due to the vast amount of money in the game often when things go wrong its the manager who gets the chop. We see it time and time again. Its because change is usually seen as the solution and changing the manager is often the way clubs go, in hope that it turns things around, which is all about money ultimately, too much cash at stake.

    So i fear for MP but i dont believe or think he deserves the chop and i dont know if we will get it right if we do let him go, there are no guarantees.

    In an ideal world MP would be allowed to gave a bad season and given time but its not an ideal world in football because of the impact financially. Im hoping Levy doesnt do what clubs usually do and stick by MP or MP doesnt walk either.

    No reason why MP can’t build something even better, he now has five more years of experience. With player clear out by summer it has to be a better environment for MP to work and thrive again and hopefully he want have so many challenges he has had over the last few years has the stadium is now built although he will still have limited funds, late arrivals to deal with, but with stadium built, a season in the new stadium behind us and no more letting players run contracts down this has to be better for MP in the future.

    I feel he needs some stability himself and then he will thrive again and takes us one step further.

  • For me, there have been one too many poor performances in big matches over the last 5 years for me to believe that this new Poch rebuild would yield any greater success than we’ve enjoyed previously. The biggest being that dismal performance in the Champions League final. If Poch had managed even a League Cup in his time here I’d be far more willing to give him another 5 years, with the promise of better on the horizon. As it stands though, the best Spurs team I’ve ever seen has won nothing.

    There’s also been Poch’s strange press conferences with inflammatory statements, strange team selections, and the baffling tactics over the last year or so which has seen us do a 180 from the exciting side we were a few years ago.

    Anyway, onto West Ham and I think we can win this one with the talent we have at our disposal. If everyone is up to it, including the manager, we should be fine. But if we fail to turn up yet again it only strengthens the position that Poch can’t right the ship and probably isn’t the right man to trust with a huge rebuild anyway.

  • The biggest problem for me is who do you bring in? Which top class manager is going to accept working with Levy?

    MP going is sad, but I understand how/why both he and the club would come to the conclusion that they’ve gone to the end of the road together, sadly. However, where do we as a club go from here?

    Levy’s record of choosing managers is terrible. How can fans be confident when it comes to appointing the next manager?

  • So MP has gone, perhaps it would have been better if Levy sacked himself. Who we will get now, Jose Mourinho 10 years too late, the ding dongs over transfer funds can be heard already before he has ever arrived. There is hardly a more unlikely relationship than Jose and Levy, one keen to spend money, and one who will off his nose to spite his face, to avoid doing so. For any new manager to succeed at Spurs, it will need to be allied with a thorough overhaul of the squad, to sort out those who are not good enough, those who don’t want to be at Spurs, those whose best years are behind them, and those with the required ability but lacking the required motivation and consistency who need their arses kicking. There are areas of the team that require strengthening, particularly at the back where we have conceded in almost every game. We need to look at a lack of creativity, and low level chance conversion. With the run of challenging fixtures from now until the Jan window and the unlikelyhood of any money being forthcoming for new signings. It will certainly be a dramatic introduction for any new manager we manage to come in and to attempt to resurrect this rapidly declining club. In some ways I feel sorry for MP but I suppose somebody has to pay, we can’t after all get rid of the real culprit unfortunately.

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