Date: 16th July 2018 at 11:28am
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It’s Over; It’s Beginning!

The World Cup is over. I have to say that, for me, this was the most enjoyable WC since 1966. England went much further than expected, Harry won the golden boot, the vast majority of Spurs players did themselves justice, Luka was the tournaments best player, and Hugo lifted the Cup and provided a comedy show.

There was some amazing football, great individual performances, and intriguing battles between teams playing possessive football against teams playing counter-attacking football. And, as we know, either team can win on their day. And none of them can win on every day!

The competition did not follow the prescribed plan, with most of the favourites going home earlier than desired. This was great for world football as it paved the way for some of the less fancied, ‘smaller’ football nations to increase their standing on the world stage and feel what it’s like to touch glory.

As far as England is concerned I thought our own Mr Trippier was the best overall performer. His consistency was brilliant and the increased confidence he will now have in his own ability will be a huge bonus for his club. Pickford also deserves a mention for his overall performance. Most of England is proud of the team’s achievement but, as with Spurs, some fans will always want more or look for the negatives. Southgate knows what needs to be done to raise the national team to the next level, and that will be his future workload.

As far as the World Cup goes…. ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’. ‘The Times, They Are A Changing’, and a ‘New Morning’ begins in the ‘Heartland’ of North London as we prepare for the trials and tribulations of Premiership football. Will Spurs get their ‘Wanted Man’ before the TW expires? Will the new season be a case of, ‘Nothing Was Delivered’, ‘Tears Of Rage’, or, will we enter through ‘The Gates Of Eden. Who knows …. not Robert Zimmerman, that’s for sure!


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  • HOPE is all we got at moment the way this window is going like the last couple so far . Panic Sissoko. Could we get a backfire panic early window close ? Coys

  • There’s a number of things for Spurs to think about. The first is there is inevitably going to be a problem with fatigue at the beginning of the season. Sports science will tell you that but in football sports science is readily available but usually ignored. Kane will be a particular problem, he was overplayed last season, played on in the world cup and now is expected to start again almost immediately. Son will miss the start of the season as well. The lack of a back up centre forward is likely to bite us hard. For players like Moura who have got a proper pre-season under their belt its an opportunity, a chance to make the case to be a starter. How we handle the situation will be critical. One thing Poch must surely think about after Trippier’s performances is whether Eriksen should be taking all the set pieces. From a longer term perspective Southgate may have done us a favour. He’s made playing for England something players will want to do again. As he’s just reminded everyone to play for your country you need to play for your club. So our reputation as a club that develops talent, lets player play, is likely to make us even more attractive to potential English signings.

  • We will have a serious problem at the start of the season from which we may or not recover as the season unfolds. We have a number of players returning from the WC severely fatigued and unlikely to be able to give off their best. Due to our wafer thin squad lacking selection alternatives and cover in key positions we will less able to cope than our rivals. We will have Kane, Trippier, Ali, Vertonghen, Eriksen, Dier, Lloris,Son all unlikely to be 100% ready for the new season, how do we cope. Yes others will have similar problems but few of the top 6 clubs have as shallow a squad as us, with no effective cover for several key players.

  • On the striker thing, I’d give Janssen another shot at least til Jan by which time Son will have hopefully won military freedom at the Asia games.

  • If we play Jannson he will obviously put the fear of Christ into the hearts of the rest of the PL. The thought that we could unleash the fearsomely prolific Jannson on the league must encourage Spurs fans. Personally I would rather we had Charlie Austin, at least he scores now and again.

  • Key players will be somewhat tired and all the players will have to adapt to a new playing environment … nothing like a serious challenge to get the blood running.

  • Frank – As Southgate demonstrated at the World Cup you play with what you’ve got. You don’t just whine about what you haven’t. You set your team up to make the best of whatever is available, something we haven’t done very well up to now. Unless we manage to sign a genuine centre forward, not a “can play as a striker” between now and the start of the season I’d keep Janssen as an option. Of course that would require us to actually pile early crosses into the box rather than passing backwards and forwards across the pitch ….

  • If jannson is considered as a option then we are in trouble.I have to be honest Southgate has been overhyped for what he’s done.

    • Massively , he and the team flunked the easiest route to a WC final ever.
      Played 2 decent sides lost twice to 1 of them and in ET to the other, just scraped past Colombia on Pens aswell.
      So essentially Won 3 out of 7 games and yet praise is being showered on them.
      Serious Delusions of Grandeur going on here people dizzy on a hype come down.
      As for the start of our Season this England bigging up is exactly the same as how Spurs fans blow our falling short out of proportion serenading Losers like they’re Champions when essentially they’ve fluffed their lines.
      Pochettino thinks he’s too good for Trophies, players don’t think they have to win trophies, Levy thinks he doesn’t have to buy Top players because as a fan base we Big them all up far too much for nothing that is tangible other than a few good results here and there all during a collapse of the establishment.
      As for the Transfer Window and plans for next season the term Negligence springs to mind!

  • Jod, it is not a new problem, we have been waiting 3 years for a second striker, cover for Eriksen, or any real selection alternatives all over the pitch. What do we get from the hierarchy, total apathy, lack of intent or ambition, and a determination to keep net spend to it’s customary zero figure. Every other competitor for honours in the PL has spent to improve their squads, and possibly to offset the effects of the WC on key players. If it goes tits up we know who to blame.

  • Let me see, oh yes who can we sign to fill “Our Arry’s” boots, you know score goals instantly, answer nobody, why? who is going to sign, with prem exp’ and play second fiddle to HK.

    For me you can whinge with same old recording of every TW all you like, not matter the article, it will not make one iota of difference, just probably make yourself more angry/depressed, its just not worth it, though I do agree on suggesting players for this or that position, ie strengthen the squad, there are and have been some very good suggestions/players put forward, but as I have always done, lets just wait and see, we may be pleasantly surprised.

    Pauric….to a degree I agree with you there regards GS. COYS

  • Frank – I’ve noticed with all your whinging you are always very short on specifics. So who exactly is this centre forward we should have signed three years ago that would have solved our striker problem ?

  • I think Son is our best bet. He is more dangerous as a striker IMO. Then perhaps promote a striker from our academy or sign a young striker in the lower leagues?

  • Jod people get paid loads of money to find, scout, and sign players, so I suggest they earn it and do their bloody job. Where strikers are concerned we have made a whole catalogue of bad decisions going back several years, never mind just in the last 3, and have only been rescued by the emergence of Harry Kane, a home grown player. How far back would you like to go, never mind 3 years. From memory we have signed going back to George Graham, Rebrov then Glen Hoddle signed Postiga, since then we have signed Bentley, Louis Saha, Bent, Soldado, and recently Lloriente, and Jannson and tha.nkfully Son, and Ali who although not strikers as such, have masked the shortage or an alternative to Kane. Nobody can tell me if the will and intent are there, that it is impossible to find a striker in the whole of Europe or beyond that we could sign to back up Harry Kane. The difference is you have to have the intent to succeed and win. the players are out there as others prove, how many had heard of MFer Ngolo Kante and Riyad Mahrez before Leicester went to France and nicked them for bargain fees or Vardy from Fleetwood, even Charlie Austin a bricklayer, who would have been a better striker signing than many we have made in the recent past. Of course there are players out there, they just need finding, scouting and signing.

  • Southgate should be backed but needs to up his game moving forward. He was lucky in this World Cup yet still committed tactical suicide against Croatia. The shape of the team was all wrong and to play a right footed left wing back who didn’t get chalk on his boots all game or deliver one telling cross is as much down to the manager as the player. The signs were there all competition and Gareth chose to ignore them to the detriment of talented players like Dele who were sacrificed tactically.

    As for Spurs, we now have a tough few months ahead. You might see Poch revert 3 at the back with wing-backs to compensate for the loss of Son and the fatigue to the World Cup players. He knows all his full-backs apart for Davies can operate best as wing-backs. The Wanyama / Winks partnership might be key to how we start the season as well. If those 2 get control of the ball in the middle of the park then that will ease the burden on other players.

    Signing someone like Martial who hasn’t been at the WC could be huge.

  • for me martial is d player I would go in for,he covers Kane but also solves son heading away to Asia tournament and in my opinion a upgrade on son.if Kane rushes back early he could do himself a serious injury . Poch has to be strong with Harry on this one rest up and bring him back with sub appearances to start with ,the Liverpool match as his first start short term pain but long time gain. Midfield for me is problematic we have no playmaker who can run a game which in turn would create space for eriksen.mousa on d downward spiral with fitness issues, winks injury issues are a concern which leaves Wanamaya and dier neither comfortable on the ball.keita, jorghinho,Fred all gone to our competition rabiot from PSG,Thiago @ Bayern are d type of midfield players that would take us to next level and yes they don’t come cheap but are quality players.i don’t no how you lot feel but I’d rather have a smaller but better quality squad. Lorente,sissoko,nkdou,onomah ,Janssen are not adding strength to our squad just take up valuable squad space. Bring 2 quality players in for those players and our squad strenghtens automatically hence poch makes changes but not a drop off in quality.I’m not being negative about our club where not far away but that last step takes courage on the pitch and this in my honest opinion is not putting the club at risk.manchester clubs spending is not what I’m asking for or anywhere near it .

  • Frank you forgot Pavlyuchenko! LOL! We don’t sign strikers. I don’t know why we can’t find one, it’s a mystery to me. I have high hopes for Reo Griffiths but he’s probably a couple years away from making a big impact. Hopefully he will be a phenom and be able to play now. The tour will tell but more probably not.

    What do we have to realistically start the season? Vorm in goal, Aurier, KWP, Davies, Foyth, Sanchez (possible), CCV, Wanyama, Winks, Sissoko (sale is possible), Lamela, Maura, Eriksen (possible), Janssen (possible sale/loan), N’Koudou (possible Sale). Quite frightening, wouldn’t you say. We have 9 players who should not play our first game and possibly not even our second game. Even some of the players we are linked with who played in the WC would probably miss the first game. I’m totally confused as to what our plan is but I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

  • FrankD …. You are assuming that if we find a forward, he will want to come and be Harry’s back-up. How many decent players are willing to do that? It’s not just about finding them.

    • Geofspurs, a proper squad has cover for all eventualities.
      If Kane was to get a long term injury or severe dip in form we need someone to take the pressure off even help to keep Kane Fresh.
      It seems only Spurs that dont think 2 proper Strikers are a must or that there should be healthy competition for places.

    • Geofspurs…..I keep asking the same question about decent players esp back up to “Our Arry” and playing second fiddle, no answers as yet. COYS

  • Over the last couple of seasons a few supporters have suggested upgrading on Trippier and Son. After this WC I imagine those same supporters would be begging Spurs to buy Trippier and Son. Guess what …. we did!

    Is this the year of the nudge, nudge, WINKS/WINKS?

  • Geofspurs – Trippier should enjoy the adulation of his World Cup performances but also know that he needs to up his game for Spurs. The weakest area on the pitch last season was full-back, both sides, and it was a perceived step down from the levels Walker and Rose previously set. It’s great that his belief in himself has probably grown now and perhaps he can find the next level in a Spurs shirt.

    As for Son, I have a feeling he’ll just keep doing what he does. If he could find more consistency to his game especially in the away games, he’d be a greater asset to Spurs. However, he’s more than capable of terrorising defence and always good for 15-20 goals. If he loves the new WHL as mush as he did Wembley, we’ll be in for a treat this season.

  • F82 …. I don’t think a lack of a ‘successful’ second striker has damaged our results much over the last three seasons. MP has assembled a squad that has many inter-changeable players. Periods when Harry has been injured in the past have not resulted in a panic situation. I’m not saying that we don’t need a back-up striker, just that the current squad seems to adapt to any positional needs on the park. That’s the beauty of the squad MP has built. However, I do expect a couple of decent signings to put the icing on the cake of a new season in our new stadium. If it happens, will there be a new striker? I don’t know.

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