Date: 11th July 2018 at 1:20pm
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BelgiumSpurs says:

We are doing it again.

At the end of last season, Mauricio Pochettino was asked about his ambitions for the coming season. More specifically, the media asked him about transfer plans, and he had this to say to Talksport:

“We are thinking and trying to anticipate because it will be difficult if not at the World Cup. If the performance is not good at the World Cup you are going to sign players that have not performed in the way you have expected and if you are going to sign players where the performance is so good it will be so complicated.”

Pochettino went on to explain that waiting until after the World Cup was a risk he did not want to take, and that he wanted his squad to be settled early.

Yet here we are, in the very last stages of the World Cup, when all but 4 squads have gone home, and we are still without a signing. Pre-season has already started, but it seems that we will again be bargain hunting until deadline day.

It all started so well: Pochettino’s extension was immediately followed by Kane’s. Given the money involved, these moves hinted at bigger budgets for the squad, and an increased willingness to spend on talent. However, several weeks on, we have failed to kick on from that.

Of course, a quick look at our top 6 rivals shows that most of them have already signed players with significant PL, CL and/or international experience. They have wasted no time trying to address shortcomings in their squads, or in City’s case, making an awesome squad even scarier.

Comparatively, we are again leaving it very late to improve our squad, which will again harm any newcomer’s chances of having an immediate impact.

Will we ever learn, or at the very least, try to follow the advice of a manager who should have earned a bit of respect, trust and credibility by now?


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  • Belgium spurs, jack grealish is going to put the fear of god into our rivals ,what r u talking about??i see Chelsea getting a top midfielder in Jorginho from Napoli he supposedly wants to move to London instead of Manchester. Why r we not in for him he would negate dembele leaving.

  • BS….to be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea whats going on, as always, so I will not worry about it, let others do the worrying as is their forte, and just wait and see, we might be pleasantly surprised or we might not.

    I would have thought that Poch has identified targets that he might require but again he might be happy with his lot, we just have to wait and see.

    Very good article by the way, thank you. COYS

  • Pauric…having just read your post, my answer to your question is maybe – wages! as is with most of them.

    In other words I have no idea. COYS

  • BS…i said thanks for your article earlier, but I think you have opened the usual summer “can of worms”, Frank will be on soon haha. COYS

  • Our transfer policy and lack of performance in this transfer window are likely to seriously weaken us compared to our main rivals for a PL top 4-6 finish and our challenge for trophies. Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd have all made multiple signings to strengthen and now even Man City, who won the league by a country mile have started with the Mahrez signing. Some will say that we don’t need to make signings, don’t need to improve, are fully covered for every position with quality, in that case why then have we failed to win anything at all for 10 years. We were told by Levy that the new stadium cost would not affect the transfer budget, this has now proved to be untrue. Could the problem be the drastic under estimation of the end cost of the stadium now reported as close to 1 billion. Whatever the reason/excuse for our total inactivity compared to our rivals, it may well negatively affect our performance in the coming season. We may well get involved in yet another tiresome Levy last day bargain hunt but history proves this is not a good idea ( Rasiak, Sissoko, Jannson, etc etc). Why can’t we do what others do i.e. decide who/what we need/want, scout them, negotiate and sign them all in good time during the window. The new ground, need to sell to buy, the world cup, are all excuses, red herrings, not reasons. We lack intent, ambition and determination to improve and WIN.

  • Pompeyyid, I am pleased to prove you right and come on to express my total disgust and extreme misgivings regarding our transfer inactivity. We may well finish up as the last PL club to show any interest, or indeed simply ignore the window and soldier on. However if we once again fail to win anything in season 2018-9 I look forward to the excuses and theories that will be trolled out to explain said failure. What will not happen is the true reasons like lack of commitment, ambition, determination, investment, and single mindedness to win.

    • Where will our meagre cover for Harry Kane be when Son is either away at the Asian Games, or indeed when they are over, and he faces Korean National Service. Where is any credible cover for Eriksen or Lloris or indeed most of our first XI, from our meagre 2nd string resources, where is the selection competition. Where are any additional players who can raise our quality and at least close the gap, or indeed surpass the clubs above us, to give us a competitive chance of a trophy. As an example Liverpool got to the CL final, but have already signed 4 with Shaquiry (spelling) to come for a steal at £13.5, they have not rested on their laurels, we on the other hand have no laurels to rest on anyway. If we are satisfied with bridesmaid rather than bride performances then so be it. We are mourning the passing of Alan Gilzean, a star of the era when we were competitive for trophies and proud to be so, unlike today. We now prefer to boost our property portfolio to enhance Lewis’s riches, and make sure he is able to cruise up the Thames in his £300M yacht.

  • We, the supporters, keep bringing it up so obviously we will never learn …. never learn to be patient, to understand we can’t change anything, to accept that’s how THFC does it’s business, and to wait until there’s a good reason to moan.

  • I am in full agreement with Frank Sr. If we had invested in the right areas in the last 3 years we would probably have won a couple of trophies. I can imagine Poch is getting pretty pissed off with Levy considering the pretence in which he signed his new contract. We are still a couple of quality additions away from winning trophies and yet we risk fading away into obscurity like Villa, Everton and now Arsenal. All it takes is one finish outside of the top 4 and we will lose Kane, Eriksen, Ali, Vertonghen etc. as they are all too good to be playing Europa league football. For such an astute business man sure Levy isn’t so dense as to understand the importance of strengthening a position in a successful business venture…

  • At this moment, I don’t have an issue with it at all, regardless of what Talksport thinks Pochettino has said.

    Reading the quoted speech of Pochettino, I reckon Pochettino said there are risks if you sign pre World Cup or try to sign post World Cup. Risks being the player may be a flop and complicated to get a signing done, respectively.

    Spurs’ Pre-season training started only this week, so at this moment a new player has lost TWO days MAX of training that is likely to be health screening and light jogging.

    Objectively, we do not have the same budget as the other top 5. We have to have a better strike rate of landing players that will perform. The likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea can have £50m players on the bench, yet getting paid gazillions more than any Spurs player . Spurs’ fans will not take long to criticise the club when any player bought for £20m and up is not deemed good enough or is not playing. And then the fans will remind us all of that with terms of “flop”, seemingly a term that applies only to Spurs players who are not superstars but not to any other teams’ non-performing players.

    So I prefer what we have done in previous seasons with an alleged softly softly approach, although in reality I reckon that that is not the case. I do not what is, and I am not concerned.

    And I hope that AGAIN we will leaving a number of the other top 5 smarting at our relative success.

  • Just another long drawn out window of zero ambition and zero strategy.
    The fans being stung for hikes in prices on everything, to pay off a bill for a building tailored more for a Sport that will visit twice a season while being sold a ‘project’ and ‘payment plan’ to watch us be Plucky but never really there.
    Value for money ? All the above would suggest otherwise.
    Will any of the profits these extra events that have upped build costs and that we will pay for be pumped back into the 1st team ? Again I think not.

  • Why then Geof do we get statements peddled out before the transfer window that we will “do our business early” etc. At least when Commolli was running the transfer business we got the likes of Bale, Modric and Berbatov from under the radar, without resorting to “£ Shop Sales” as we do now. We need to face the fact that where transfers are concerned Levy ” is as tight as a ducks arse” he is too busy with other things, and ensuring we invariably show a profit in transfer windows, and our net spend is amongst the lowest in the league, but still no trophies or risk of one.

  • So, if I am right, Spurs are still going backwards? I presume we must be, as we are frequently told we will be every summer and winter during a TW.

    That is to say, as for so long as we carry on in the dreaded TW’s as we do and, the club continues to show an obvious lack of ambition…

    Oh well… Que Sera…

    Bye, bye Kane, Farewell Christian, Adios Alli… Hola Carlos (can’t) Kick-a-ball!

    Now I know what the Villa fans must be feeling… As SICK as a proverbial and annoyingly repetitive parrot!

  • lol at all of the extreme negativity on the thread. WC down to a final 3 and Spurs still have more players involved that anyone. WTF with the negativity. let’s see how the transfers play out in the next few weeks.

  • Geof – the only thing I would say to that is just because we can’t change a situation doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    And I suppose that 1 trophy in 18 years, for a club of Spurs’ size and history, is a good reason to moan.

  • Has anyone here read Dr. Frank Ein Steins best-selling book: A Theory on Trophies, Wealth, Poverty and Relativity?


  • You’re absolutely right to LOL, TK.

    It is all, quite frankly, laughable…

    Soccer really is a silly old sport, ain’t it?

  • Here here BS. In any business if you wish to succeed you have to practise “continuous improvement”. If you stand still the others go bye and you effectively go backwards. As you rightly say we have won one trophy in the last 18 years (the period of the ENIC project) a pretty meagre return for a club like this, having previously been the first double winners in the 20th century, the first English club to win a European trophy, having by virtue of the Billy Nick era taught English clubs how to play progressive football to compete with the Europeans. Now we have at best plateaued at our level of top 4 finishes without winning anything, but as others strive to improve by investing in additional quality personnel, we remain stagnant with our heads buried in the sand, happy with relative mediocraty, making our modest profit on transfers window to window, avoiding any serious investment, refusing to compete. How long do we expect our better players to stay and play for a club, that maybe yes is unveiling a posh new stadium, and training ground, but is consistently failing to win honours, whilst at the same time not really competing on wages.

  • In the end it’s how we live that matters, not how many entries there are on our curriculum vita. If you catch my drift.

  • BS … Of course we don’t have to like it but haven’t you heard the saying, ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. ‘ It’s the same old moan every TW. Find some serenity and get over it for heavens sake. How many times can anyone spit out the same complaints until they realise …. that’s how it is. It’s not the end of the world. The time to moan (if anyone wants to) is when the TW is closed! It’s the same with game threads; some ‘supporters’ make ridiculous comments early in the game and then (often with our Spurs team) have to backtrack. That’s very uncool. That’s my rant and it completely lacks any serenity.

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