Date: 21st July 2018 at 3:47pm
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Fine folks of Vital Spurs…. I am a Villa fan, but I love you all dearly and so have done an article warning you all of the reasons why you should stick with Onomah and leave Jack Grealish where he is.

(Hopefully taken in the close season, bit bored, spirit intended!)


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  • JF … Funny thing, I was about to ask your opinion of him. Good timing! I was sitting on the fence but now I’ve fallen off and you have totally convinced me that he’d be well worth the money, whatever the cost. Hope Spurs buy him. I really do appreciate your concern for the welfare of THFC. You’re a legend, mate!

  • You know me Geof, always unbiased and totally even handed! LOL Hope our new owners can do something, might be too late as FFP still needs to be adhered to.

  • As Gs said “Good timing” , am now fully convinced! get Grealish signed as fast as you like.

    Gs…you know what they say about sarcasm! COYS

  • J P F… Gs said “Good timing” am now convinced, get Grealish signed asap!

    Gs….you know what they say about sarcasm! lol COYS

  • JPF … Yes, but I don’t think sarcasm is the lowest form of wit …. It’s way down the list, after ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, etc! Sarcasm works well for me. lol

  • My old nan (a real lady, lace gloves, the lot, so well spoken etc etc bless!) said to me “J, if you were as shitty, as you are witty, you’d been in one hell of a mess.” I’d never heard anything like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • JPF …. Everyone should have a Nan like that! Humour, as well as wit, does seem to run in families. My youngest daughter (16yrs) reluctantly admitted last year … ‘Dad, I’ve developed your sense of humour’! I’d already noticed this and just said, ‘Good luck with managing that for the rest of your life’. I loved the worried expression she wore on her face.

  • Probably won’t happen now, Bruce’s latest statement regarding the new money coming into Villa, which means nobody, particularly Grealish, will be “sold on the cheap”, will be enough to see off Levy. I am now resigned to a ” no signing” window, with a few late sales to ensure we make our customary profit. The main worry should be that the European window remains open later than ours, so it’s possible that the likes of Alderwiereld and Dembele and even possibly Trippier maybe sold after we can react. Anybody who believes it couldn’t happen should remember Berbatov being sold to Man Utd in the last hour of the window. One thing for sure if anybody meets Levy’s valuation on a player and the player is willing, he will sell irrespective of the timing or the effect on the squad.

  • Whats going on humour, wit etc am appalled in this PC lets kill humour world lol.

    Frank…please remember Levy can only sell players if they demand a move or as you said “is willing”, as Berbatov did/was, in fact if I remember correctly as Carrick, he “downed tools”. To me if a player does not want to play for or believe in Spurs, tata mate, I will not lose any sleep. COYS

  • PY… yes its all with the players now, If a bid comes in no matter what the club says, the player will go if he wants to.

    All this talk of no signings .. we don’t know what is going on with poch & Levy, I cannot believe there is a rift between them as poch must have identified who he wants in to the squad, and who is to leave. Levy gave him a new contract, and poch must have had his conditions, judging by poch’s own comments in media before announcement. So as usual we have to wait and see. As no big announcements yet means players targeted are not available…yet…with no comments from poch.

  • We as fans get so upset about Transfers yet we really have no idea about what the club is thinking or in reality who they want and don’t want. The tabloids have us on a knifes edge all the time with nonsense stories and we fall for the silliness all the time. The Grealish situation is a case in point. Today the media is saying that Levy has delayed and it has backfired. Did Levy delay? Or did AV knowing that they had investors coming in? Is the player worth £40mm or £15mm? Is he better than Dele was 3seasons ago? Let’s see how it unfolds.

  • and to be fair to Levy, he’s a tough businessman, we were on the brink of disaster and we’d have had to take any old offer. It was probably wise to wait from his point of view. Could he be better than Dele? You never know do you until players make the step up, but I do think with quality around him, in a league where they don’t try to break his legs every 5 minutes, he could be something quite special. I didn’t see anything from Lingard or Dele for instance, in the World Cup, to suggest to me they have more to them than he has.

  • JP actually Lingard has surprised me. He has become a much better player than I ever expected him to be. He had one bad game at the WC and unfortunately it happened in the semi final. Dele is a crafty player who deals in flicks and little one twos. His value is that the defense always has to watch him as he can take advantage of the slightest laxity. And he’s good for at least 10+ goals a year a afew assists. I don’t know JG but from what I’ve read he has talent which Poch could probably enhance. Wouldn’t mind having him on the squad.

  • J P F….you could be right there, but in defence of Dele and Lingard playing two players who are very similar was never really going to work, thus I think holding both back.

    Personally I think Grealish will make it, at Spurs I hope. COYS

  • Interesting jvd and agree PompeyYid, thought with Sterling as well, there were too many similar so tough to judge them when not playing in their usual roles for their teams. Grealish needs to add finishing now, he does score stunners, but a few close range tap ins would also help. We shall see, the game has changed with our takeover, we were honestly on the cliff, I was doing consultancy and the figures were alarming, the next minute these two billionaires arrive and we’re looking totally different for the future again (still got FFP at the moment but that can be delayed). Funny old game! Still wish we could strip it back a bit, Spurs have built correctly and get usurped by billionaires throwing money at it. The games gone!

  • J P F….”Funny old game” excuse me your quoting our Jimmy’s words, get your own lol. COYS

  • Actually …. We’re all quoting words that are found in any English dictionary …. just trying to clear up any copyright issues!

  • I’m not disputing that Grealish can be a good player one day. I just regret that he’ll have to go through his “growing pains” in the PL at Spurs.

    IMO, as a CL club we should be buying finished articles, not projects. Grealish has talent but he’s still unproven in the PL and he may or may not make it. We’re looking to replace an ageing player in Dembélé who has shown that on his day, he can boss PL games and while his body is starting to let him down, he still rates as an above average PL midfielder when he plays.

    I think we already have a young, promising English midfielder in Harry Winks, who is arguably already better than Grealish. We should either be targeting players who are head and shoulders better than Winks today, in which case the decision to limit Winks’ opportunities is justifiable, or we should just be giving more minutes to Winks.

    I can’t make a case for Grealish being better than Winks now, and he may not even be in the future. Therefore, I fail to see how he makes our team better now. The business side of the deal is what’s driving Levy (buy “cheap” and wait for a higher resale value), which is a shame.

    If the ambition is to buy a young, promising HG player, we should be testing Chelsea’s resolve to keep Ruben Loftus-Cheek. He’s PL proven, and faces an uphill battle for minutes at Chelsea, not least since Jorginho’s arrival. Yes, he’ll cost more money, but at least we save time and buy a player who can help now.

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