Date: 17th May 2017 at 4:40pm
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This is only my second ITK (in the know) article I’ve ever written on Vital Spurs – the last one was spot on. I just hope my reputation is not tarnished.

Media speculation has been rife concerning Tottenham’s right-back Kyle Walker for weeks, if not months however, I’ve received information which has pointed me to check out a few potential facts before writing and publishing the following.

A well respected Manchester City website, namely City Watch published a piece the other day stating Kyle Walker was heading to the Etihad in the summer.

Based on the above, but with reservations I checked out another source.

A user who goes by the name of MCRJON on Bluemoon forum claims a deal is all but done between Spurs and Manchester City. This person has, by all accounts (further checks) got inside MCFC knowledge. I can’t go further into details as my source has asked for confidentiality.

I am not the ‘oracle’ but from what I’ve heard this deal is as good as done.

Anyone surprised?



24 Replies to “ITK: Kyle Walker On His Way To Manchester City”

  • If reports are true then apparently Walker is looking for a way out of Spurs, he is allegedly unhappy with his salary compared to others, and having to compete with Trippier for the RB shirt. If there has been a rift which has reached a crisis point, then if our valuation is met, perhaps we should sell and replace him. Ideally that sale would be a club outside the EPL if this is possible. It would a shame to lose him but unhappy players are likely to disrupt the group.

  • If it is true let him go, I agree with you frank. We don’t need unhappy players. Personally he’s throwing his dummy out of the pram. We can replace him …

  • IMO, if true, it’s nothing but topping up his bank balance in his prime. I think he had a chat with Poch about the Manc interest and expressed his desire to be allowed to consider it. Hence Trippier has been starting of late. Nothing to with any fall out imo, more to start working for the future if the potential deal is agreed. I doubt it has any thing to do with trophies. As far as City are concerned, they are further behind than us until they spend ridiculous amount this summer . Pep is more of a WIP in the PL than Poch is. But I guess money talks. Just hope the deal gets done asap in order for us to fill our gaps before the pre-season.

  • Ghanaspur has a thing for Poch. The best Manager in years to manage the club and he berates him at every opportunity. CL two years in a row, progress every year of his tenure and he still writes crap about Poch with every post. I enjoy diversity of opinion but not trolling. I consider his posts to be the latter.

  • If Citeh are willing to pay sh*T loads over the odds for him, lets mug them of and take the money…..Pep will not be here after next season, this league is far too hard for him week on week. COYS

  • Ghana – I’m all for looking at performance objectively, and MP’s lack of trophies is a valid knock against him. But he has also done what no manager has done in my lifetime, with is deliver group CL football in consecutive years. Say what you want about his “mismanagement” of Walker (and I still want to see what ends up happening, there’s a lot of nonsense in the press and unless you know Walker personally, you are just making assumptions based on what is reported in the press), he has also helped the likes of Dele Alli, Eric Dier and others become very good players, giving them lots of trust at a very young age. If you want to slate MP for Walker’s situation, fair enough. But disregarding all of the good work he has done overall is dishonest. Overall, can you really call him anything other than a success, when he has done far better than every other Spurs manager in the last 15 years at least?

  • ghanahotspur, resorting to racial stereotyping makes you sound even more ridiculous. And if you take the number of different sports England participates in, it’s population size, and the success it has had in those sports, you’ll find it is one of the top sporting nations in the world.

  • Walker was also second choice to Clyne, Glen Johnson and others for England before MP… And many English coaches have won the PL, actually. The PL in its current form exists since 1992 . But the was a English league before then, you know (in fact an Englishman won it in 1991 – Howard Wilkinson with Leeds). I’m sorry to say mate, but you are just spouting nonsense out of spite at the moment. Take a while to digest our failure to win the FA cup, and come back once you are in a more positive mindset!

  • Ghana, chill mate! Let’s keep politics and race out of the debate. Can I ask you, have you enjoyed this season? I am not trying to defend Poch’s trophy record as there is nothing to defend. However, as Dele-Arri said, put things in to perspective. A young coach plying his trade with us, WIP, and has improved the team beyond recognition from the time he arrived at the Lane. It’s a project that he’s building with limited resources and his achievements thus far are commendable. I’d give him another two seasons to judge his trophy haul. There is a good reason why he is being coveted for Barca, Milan and other jobs (including United previously), where money no object probably would’ve got him fair few trophies without worrying to much about his philosophy. Considering the age of the squad and adding WIP to every personnel (players and coaches), I’d say he deserves more time and will deliver. All IMO of course.

  • Ghanaspur I could respond nastily but I will just inform you that I am a Trinidadian of Portuguese and French descent. I have been to England twice in my 65 years of life. What I dislike is people who constantly slam those who are working hard to build something and whilst having success, deem them to be losers because they have not won a trophy. Pochettino has brought this team to the top two not four. The trophies will come if people like you would just support them instead of tearing them down.

  • Ghana – so going back to your original post to jvd, you claim that he has a losing mentality because he’s English, and you somehow want to use the fact that an English coach hasn’t won the title since 1991 as proof to that claim? There must be some logic in there somewhere, but I personally can’t see it.

  • …Keith Burkinshaw won nothing in his first 5 years at Spurs….then won more trophies for us than anyone other than Bill Nick. You have to take what you start with, and work from there. It took KB time to turn us into a competitive team. Poch inherited a shambles of a team. If you take over a team that commonly wins trophies, and win nothing in 3 years, then you could argue failure. But to take a team that has won nothing in several years (a rate of 1 trophy per TEN years), and has no knowledge of being in a title race since the 80s, and turn them into what we have now – then you have a successful manager. The very fact that Inter Milan, Barca are sniffing around him shows how much of a great job he is doing. I find it astonishing that anyone can consider 3 seasons with increasing league positions, and points totals as anything but successful.

  • He certainly did get relegated…. However 2 seasons prior, Spurs finished one place above relegation…. He hardly inherited a team capable of winning 3 trophies in a 4 year period… It was a bumpy road!

  • Ghana, Ghana, Ghana, I always took you for a fool….maybe not, maybe just on football, but that debate is for another day. on another forum!!

  • Personally as much as he frustrates me going forward, I hope he’s stay, but if not, Ill wish him the best, and hope we get a replacement as defensively Tripper stills worries me.

  • I personally just feel that Walker has weighed everything up, and is trying to get a best of everything solution. On one hand, he is at the 6th richest EPL club, who are on the up, and finishing in CL places – plus he first choice and earning good money, and just got his England place back. On the other hand he could move to a club that will pay him amazing money, has a recent track record of winning things, and he is 27 and may not get this same chance in say 2 years time, plus it could be a move up to a more homely northern part of England for him…or his missus, and do not forget that he has been at Spurs a very long time, and may fancy a new challenge…. Plus I am sure that he has looked at the ages of Man City’s defenders in general, and it is an opportunity to become first choice their, and their next senior guy. He has become part of the furniture at Spurs, so we will miss him should he leaves, but not devastating as we are not exactly missing him now he is not playing. Either way, thanks for your service. The team will evolve with or without him…

  • Here we go, still 2games to go before the end of the season and we see leading articles alleging that Walker, Rose, and Dier all wanting out, the battle to keep the squad together is on, but our “shoe string” wages policy, with our percentage of revenue recycled in wages being nearer the bottom than the top of the PL, we will always struggle. If the “rate for the job” is set than you either compete or suffer the consequences.

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