Date: 17th May 2017 at 11:20am
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Everything to be proud of but let’s finish in style before we hit the beach.

A quick word about Sunday’s farewell. I tried to get myself a piece of the pitch but as I couldn’t get my spade through security all I could pick up were some blades of grass and some sticky sand! Not exactly something you can frame on the wall! The saddest part of Sunday was not who were was there but who wasn’t. The two biggest beasts were missing on Sunday, Greavsie and Gazza. The roof would have come off if those two had come on and it’s such a shame that Greavsie was too ill to get there and Gazza was advised not to go. Get well lads, we still love you both.

The transfer rumours mill is cranking up. Kyle Walkers is at the top of the list. His Twitter Video was more like an obituary or a, farewell and thanks for the memories, than a pledge of allegiance to the flag. Will he get picked over Trippier for Leicester and Hull or is it best for Tripps to get as much game time as possible if Kyle is walking. The season is not over and I hope the team don’t decide that they are already on the beach. It will be interesting to see who Poch picks for this game, in particular Sissoko. If he doesn’t get picked then you have to believe he is on the way out.

It may be a dead rubber for both teams and there may be some changes to both sides as a result. Hopefully it will be an open and exciting game rather than an end of term exhibition match. We were hoping for a blood and guts encounter but despite the fact that Leicester have won all five home league games under Craig Shakespeare we still want another 3 points and set a record points tally for a season in the Prem. 80 points is eight more than we have ever achieved in a Premier League season. The Foxes were unlucky not to get something from the Etihad at the weekend but Spurs still have everything to play for to help Harry get the Golden Boot. You can bet the Yid army will turn up in force. No doubt we will have to listen to several renditions of ‘Champions of England you’ll never sing that,’ from the Leicester faithful. We can counter with “were in Europe again, were in Europe again, Leicester City, you’ll never sing that!’ Poch being the disciplinarian that he is will be looking for ‘Pashion’ from the side and plenty of commitment. I hope we get to see Vincent Janssen get a decent spell on the pitch and some time for N’Koudou. All eyes will be on Mahrez as he is tipped to be coming our way. One player I would like to see is our very own Marcus Rashford, Marcus Edwards! He has just signed a new contract with the club and he is one of the players that I am tipping to be more involved next season.

It says it all about our season that it’s taken till the 37th game for the pressure to be off us. Every game became a must win toward the end and we almost did it. Spurs will pick up £36.1m for finishing second. In fact, as we walk into an uncertain season next season our long-term forecast is looking good. For years the press have talked about the top four and for years we have been trying to break the glass ceiling to get into the top 4 and now we have done it and the rewards will be colossal. According to the Deloitte Football Money League for the 2015-16 season, Spurs were the only one of the top six clubs not to break £50million on match-days. Manchester United led the way with £102.8m, followed by Arsenal with £99.9m, Chelsea with £69.7m, Liverpool with £56.8m and Manchester City with £52.5m. Spurs only took £40.8m. When the new stadium is ready we will be looking at adding a third more in turnover just in gate receipts alone. Not only will we have the biggest Football Stadium in London but we will become the 4th biggest club in England behind Chelski, United and City which would put us in the top 10 clubs in Europe. This season no one will remember Arsenal, Manchester United or City but they will not forget Tottenham for what we have done last season and this. Pep Guardiola and Mourinho may be headline managers but its Poch everyone will remember and its Poch who is on the top of the major Clubs shopping list. No matter how much money Chelski throw at their team in the pursuit of trophies in the summer we will still be title challengers. Long may Poch’s reign continue, it’s going to be Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur from 2018 onwards. Spurs are back and we are hungry and now we want the Silverware to match the team. Spurs really are marching on and I leave it to the rainbow that rose above White Hart Lane on Sunday as evidence that we are a club going places, the rain is over, the ‘Pot of Gold’ is somewhere on the other end of that Rainbow so let’s go and get it.



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  • I’m hoping to see Janssen, N’Koudou, Walker-Peters/Trippier, Wimmer and Sissoko (well, not really Sissoko) playing a decent part in these last 2 games as we have to think about the team. Kane could still win Golden Boot, but the has to be a secondary thought to player/team development.
    The extra millions we will be making in match day revenue should allow us to offer our mainstays new contracts and bring in a few, but there’s not much to change, merely tweak.
    Think Poch will use usual suspects for Leicester game and attempt to change once comfortable, while more changes at Hull. COYS!

  • Tottenham are without Kieran Trippier (illness), Danny Rose (knee) and Kyle Walker (ankle) for tomorrow’s trip to Leicester.

    Mauricio Pochettino says he may change formation for the game.

    “We have different options, maybe we will change the formation. It is good for us to be creative. We want to win our last two games, that is important.

    “We can not change the table butwe want to finish well. To finish second was a good thing now we need to finish the last two games with a good feeling.”

  • I was talking to a few lads in the pub on Sunday before the game and one of them knows somebody, who knows somebody… Anyway, the ITK said about 2 months ago Walker signed up a new agent and that’s when the agitation for a move began. I haven’t been able to find any evidence to support it but It’s the only thing that really makes sense given that Poch clearly rates Walker.

  • We should go all out to win these last 2 games to maximise the points total for 2016-17 season. Pick the strongest available team and shove it to Leicester in particular, and then Hull. I remember 12 months ago when we played Newcastle Utd who like Hull had already been relegated, and we got beat 5 and we don’t want a repeat. The season does not end until the final whistle on the last day, so yes we have confirmed 2nd place, but must keep winning until the end, let’s be professional.

  • It is reported that both Trippier and Walker are out of the Leicester game through injury. Trippier apparently got concussed during Sunday’s game, and Walker although on the bench on Sunday has allegedly got an injury. Regarding Walker, if he wants to leave, then if somebody meets Spurs valuation, we should sell him. If he is not prepared to compete for the shirt with Trippier, then perhaps we would be better off cashing in, and looking elsewhere.

  • Let Walker go, But abroad, don’t strengthen a rival. …. or let him rot in the reserves.

  • If we were mid table, I’d have said play all fringe players and a couple of academy lads. But, as Oyveh says, there are records to be broken. I am not satisfied with achieving 80 points, there are another 6 at stake and pretty sure the lads will be looking to get max. Kane is fighting his own battle for the shiny Boot so will need the usual support around him. Our goals against record looks safe, Goals for is no longer the 2nd best in the PL, the goal difference is just pipping Chelsea, Dele may want to get 20 goals this season, the defence may want to get two more clean sheets. All the individual and team stats can be further improved and can only add to the confidence going forward…. yes, then they can all have a bro-mantic holiday in Ibiza!

  • Let’s end the season properly and go for the 3 points. It is a chance to play those who have not featured much lately or if Pochettino knows which players he wants to sell then he won’t play them. With Walker who knows what is going on, he only signed a new contract last year so was happy with the terms then. A lot will happen over the summer, if you believe reports then Dier, Walker and Rose all want to leave. What fun and the season hasn’t even ended.

  • So the easy option for Poch would be to slot Dier in at RB and play Wanyama and Dembele in central midfield. I hope he doesn’t though. Another option would be to play 3 at the back and use Sissoko as the RWB. I hope he doesn’t do that either.

  • Another “West Ham” game tonight. Leicester will want to prove that they are a better team, at least in their own minds so I expect it to get rough and ready. Have we learned anything about this type of game? I don’t know. Just glad we wrapped up second place before this game. Hope the lads give a stylish and emphatic thrashing to the wannabes and rub Mr. Shakespeare’s nose and the players who conspired against Ranieri in a deep pile of very smelly poo.

  • DA, I’ve always meant to ask about your score predictions, are you predicting what you think the score will be?? or you telling us what you hope the score will be??

  • I agree with you Harry-Kari, that this will be a tough game. Im sayin score draw, as we ain’t so great away from home against the better teams, but Im hoping Im wrong .

  • I understand Morgan and Huth are both out so at least it won’t be the usual wrestling match! 🙂

  • Good if Morgan and Huth are out, so defending corners should be ok for us. However, I am concerned about the lack of pace at the back as Leicester will look to feed Vardy on every opportunity. My guess, we’ll go with 4 at the back and may be use Son and Sissoko on the wings. COYS! My guess, both teams to score and Harry to get a brace for neck-and-neck finish with Lukaku. COYS!…BTW, what happens if it is a tie for the golden boot?…penalty shoot-out?!

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