Date: 19th May 2017 at 12:36pm
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Son Heung-Min has been superb throughout the majority of this season. Goals plus assists, boundless energy, always a smile, crazy handshakes…he clearly loves Spurs.

I am not going to dwell on the few mistakes – everyone makes them…in my opinion he has found another level this season. Having said all that and in short, where does this leave…

Erik Lamela?

Yes, he is a super talent, but he really hasn’t delivered in terms of goals or assists. In addition and unfortunately for Erik during the 2016/17 campaign the poor bloke has been persistently dogged by injuries.

Erik Lamela (2015-16) vs Son Heung-Min (2016-17) Skills Battle

With Son in the best form of his life/career I simply cannot see Lamela getting a place ahead of him. We don’t know what the story is with Erik, having said that I suspect the drama may unravel this summer. But if he did leave would anyone, hand on heart say you would miss him?


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26 Replies to “Is There A Way Back For Lamela?”

  • I used to miss him.But I’m very fickle.Perhaps we have done better without him.He’d be great to have on the bench if ,heaven forbid Eriksen or Alli get injured.He is creative & does make assists.If he scored more goals we woud be raving about him.

  • Of course there is a way back for him, Sissoko just got his first start in months and shat the bed again. Lamela is an enormous upgrade on both him and N’Koudou and the only other playmaker we have in the squad besides Eriksen. As long as he fully recovers from his injury he will be a regular player next season.

  • I was talking with other Spurs fans in a pub in Brussels last night and I said that a fit, hungry and in-form Lamela would likely be our best transfer this summer. Unless we pay mega prices for a player of true quality (which we won’t), Lamela is the player to improve us the most. He knows the system and the team, and he was actually starting to really be a force for us. It took me 2 years to warm up to him, but on his day he is amazing. As others have said, he is one of the few players in the squad who can see and execute passes like Eriksen.

  • As Belgian spur said he is the one of the few players that can see and make passes like eriksen…. I hope he is fit and back next season….a helluva talent still to come out properly

  • For the avoidance of doubt ‘still to come out properly’ means……. he has still not reached the peak of his abilities nor the consistency……

  • Lol total spurs – as long as he is a good football player, I don’t care what he does in his own time!

  • Didn’t know he’d left? It’s really hard to come back if you haven’t been anywhere.

  • Lamela seemed to save his best stuff for games in Europe…. There is no guarantee that he can recover from such an injury ravaged season. And it is a longer way back than in previous seasons as Alli, Eriksen, Son have all stepped up. Lamela coming back should not interrupt our loong search for an effective pacy AM…

  • imo we have moved up a gear from him now. He was the epitome of a Poch player but was definitely shot shy. Basically two out of four years out, not sure he could replace any of Son.Dele or Eriksen.Fully expect him to move on soon.

  • Lame-ela has been a failure from the start; even before this so-called hip problem. Doesn’t want to come to work because his dog died! Please spare me. He hasn’t scored goals which was why he was bought & has hardly any assists. Even worse he is absolutely hopeless at defending and gives away countless crucial free-kicks & even penalties. What a different season Spurs would have had if he hadn’t given away that stupid penalty against Liverpool last August. That cost us 2 big points which over the last month would have been VITAL. Sir Alex would have sold him, latest after 2 seasons but Poch kept him because he is Argentinian. Lame-ela is the worse signing Spurs have made since Chris Armstrong. Get him out!

  • Isn’t my favourite player, think more is still required from him, and with our bench being so thin quality wise, we need to keep him.

  • I have never understood the fuss some of our supporters make over Lamela, he doesn’t come close to delivering what I expected. Since his injury, we have taken huge strides and have become a better team without him. Not missed, and a long way off the caliber of player we need to take us forward.

  • Son and Lamela offer different things and I don’t think we need to choose between the two. 5 goals and 9 assists in the PL last year is not a bad season, not to mention 6 goals in 8 European matches. Again the question is: who would you buy to replace him, who can hit the ground running, within our price range, and who is going to be happy being rotated with Eriksen, Alli and Son?

  • For the fee he cost us Lamela has been a costly failure. For that sort of money you should expect a “game changer”, or a match winner, Lamela is unfortunately miles away from being either. Apart from all this his record of fitness, durability, and availability for selection leaves a lot to be desired. Can’t see a place for him in front of Eriksen, Ali, or Son. If we could recover most of our outlay on him I would sell, learn a lesson and move on. We need to improve our recruitment, we suffer too many mistaken signings and failures.

  • That’s the trouble Belgian, Lamela wasn’t in our price range at the fee we paid, we got “seen off”, I would have preferred to keep Gylfi Sigurdson.

  • Lamela: just turned 25 years old. Sissoko: going to be 28 at the start of next season. Both £30m and one played a large part (last season) into record breaking Spurs, the other looked like Levy had money burning a hole in his pocket. Seems like we’re ready to start throwin our players away if they’re not good enough for Starting XI, despite having one of the best, and youngest, teams in the land. Lamela, despite trying to get himself sent off often with slide tackles, started off the season really well and was the reason Son thought about leaving last summer. It’s crazy to see someone improving, playing a big part in the club’s progress, then becoming injured and then thrown on the scrap heap by some fans. Yes, he didn’t hit the ground running and took into his 3rd year to show his potential/worth. We now know he can cut it in the Prem, but hey, let’s get rid of him. Is he a better option than what we have on the bench? Most definitely. Will someone else simply come in and…well, sit on the bench, as our team continues to progress? Lamela knows he’s part of our progress. I hope he recovers and is available next season. We will need a squad to compete on 4 fronts or did I miss the memo that says we are only playing 38 games next season?

  • My real concern would be whether he will be psychologically fit returning from what seems like eternity of an injury. This is his 2nd big spell out, add to it time off for personal reasons. All this while the team has moved on leaps and bounds and I think Sissoko was signed to cover for Lamela’s absence. Alas, hasn’t worked out yet. Hip injury is bad news in a physical league and he may get targeted by the oppo upon his return. We’ve seen similar problems with Dembele with injuries. Sorry, but if we intend to kick on and become regular challengers for the title and trophies, imo, we are past the stage of carrying ‘stop/start’ players. We need all the continuity we can get. I’d move him on as I am sure Poch will be planning start of next season without him.

  • Brilliant post Mellospur! How great would it have been if we had Lamela and Rose to rotate those final 20 games. Of course we keep him, he deepens the squad. We are much more effective at pressing when he is in.

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