Date: 19th May 2017 at 7:23am
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‘I wanted one or two for the golden boot but to get four and to play how we did was a perfect night. Thanks to my teammates.’ – Harry Kane.

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Mauricio Pochettino post-match press conference.

Away fans brilliant all night. #COYS

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Foxes defender Ben Chilwell talks to LCFC TV after a tough night at King Power Stadium.

Will Harry Kane win this seasons Golden Boot?

You bet ya!



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  • Ghana, Chelsea didn’t even start with Hazard in the semi final, if Pochetinno did that with Son and lost you would be saying the same thing. We are 2nd in the first time in about 50 years, it has only been the last 2 seasons we have been competing properly. Obviously the players efforts are not good enough just yet as they didn’t win the league, Chelsea did better.

  • It’s taken a record 13 game win streak, points total, no europe playing Chelsea to beat Spurs to the title. Gary Neill pointed out that average number of player changes for a title winning team is 100+. Chelsea made 38 changes this season to personnel on the pitch. Says it all for me. Since start of 2015/16 season we’ve taken 15 more points than closest rival and now won 10 of last 11 games. I doubt anyone was expecting such progress and were waiting for us to do a “Spurs” snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We never lead the league, never threw anything away, just continued to get better. Bar Chelsea, there aren’t any others in the top 7 that are happy with their league season. 2 personal bests in 2 season? Mauricio Pochettino, he’s magic, you know!

  • Ghana, yep, no trophies to show for the great endeavour and performances shown this season. Can’t argue with that. Let’s stay on topic though. We weren’t playing for a trophy last night, though Harry and Son will have you believe otherwise. It was a phenomenal performance against a team that has been on the up under Shakespeare. We’ve defied the myth of season-end collapse. Harry off to collect another golden boot, 3 players with over 20 goals, record points haul, and more to the point, CONTINUOUS improvement under Poch. That to me shows this team is keen to continue to learn as is the manager. Therefore, I can live with another trophy-less season as they continue to head in the right direction. Surely, the next step up is to start filling that dusty cabinet. I think we are heading in the right direction. having waited 20 odd years for a trophy, surely we can afford Poch and the boys more than 3 years on a steep learning curve? COYS!

  • Ghana, the tactical issue to refer to are fine margin calls. had it worked in our favour, Poch would’ve been hailed a messiah. I bet Chelsea fans were gobsmacked when they saw Hazard and Costa on the bench. On the day, seems the stars were aligned for Chelsea as you can’t legislate for one defensive error and a worldie shot for the goals. Before that Semi-final game, many were concerned about the lack of pace on the left with Davies. Poch imo selected son to help out as there were no other options from the squad. Hopefully, the pacy AM’s (wingers) will be added to the squad to resolve such shortcomings. Hope you’ve still enjoyed the season and appreciate the year-on-year improvements. COYS!

  • Ghana, I was surprised at Son being a wingback and wasn’t happy about it, I was at that game and thought that was one of our better performances and should have won, didn’t happen so can’t blame Pochettino for losing the semi final considering the performance put in, mistakes cost us there. Keegan and Rodgers both blew big leads and were top of the league and lost it. We have never done that. We can only go on what we see now, at the moment it is good and if we carry on improving then hopefully the trophies will follow.

  • Critical……………….the dusty old trophy cabinet will have been consigned to the skip as part of the demolition of WHL, we’ll have a nice new shiny one in the new stadium ready to receive those we are going to win in the future! 🙂

  • TQ2, It will have to be under some new manager as according to Ghana, Poch ain’t got it in him! :0)

  • We last won trophy in 2008. If you look at winners of the domestic cups since then, the “rich 5” virtually clean up. Besides them, you have Wigan, Birmingham, Portsmouth – who have all been since relegated….Portsmouth in the bottom tier even. No one can claim that these teams have more guile than Spurs. On top of that, Swansea also won the league cup since we last did it, and they only just scraped survival this season….and do not have more guile than us either. Winning a trophy is about either being one of the big 5 or avoiding the big 5 (or catching them fielding their kids – which they never do vs Spurs), then maybe pulling it off in the final. Bemoaning not winning a trophy these days is like bemoaning the fact that we aren’t one of the “big 5″… Instead of moaning about it, we should try to BECOME one of the big 5… That is what we are doing. We are finishing in the top 5, then 4, then 3, then 2. Being unbeaten at home, increasing stadium size and revenue and profitability. “We should have won a trophy this season” is merely a statement saying that we were good enough to win one, not that we lack the guile to win one. It just wasn’t to be. A few seasons back Liverpool should have one the title, and were good enough to, but it wasn’t to be. Incidentally ‘big trophy cabinet’ Liverpool have won no more trophies than us in the last 10 years…. And we consistently finish above them these days. Arsenal have just one more trophy than us in that time…. We really aren’t that far behind when you look at the big picture. The trophy is coming, and many more after that. A very strong foundation is being built here.

  • Ghana, at least we were top of the league then for 10 mins. Let’s talk about being 2nd and the season we are having, the fa cup is done now.

  • ghana, that whole match felt good, we were losing, then went it front and then you know the rest. I have enjoyed most games this season too. Last season is a memory, at least the Leicester fans have got their leicester back, we are moving on and upwards.

  • Yeah where is Turkish? And come to that what happened to the great Man ON? Nobody has told me yet.I fear the worst.

  • Ghana, it was good talking to you,. I am off to be happy to be 2nd this season, not because I want to be 2nd but that is where we are so am happy. I don’t care what Leicester do either but as you keep comparing us to other teams and Pochettino to other managers then it bothers you. Hopefully we can win something soon so you can be happy with a trophy.

  • going round and round in circles…..Where’s Coops and the nonsense thread??? never thought Ill be saying that!!

  • As for last night, I was so pleased with the way we played, a lil disappointed about Leicester as they didnt seem up for the game, and gave us far too much respect in the first half.

  • Tony – I don’t share Ghana’s frustration about this season, but I do share his concern at lack of trophies recently. For example, it does somewhat surprise me that we have been arguably a better team than Liverpool, on average for a decade or so, finishing above them in the league 7 out of the last 10 seasons. Yet their last trophy dates from 2012 and they have appeared in League Cup finals, Europa League Finals and FA Cup finals in the last 5 years. There is no reason why we couldn’t compare our performance to them – you look at Swansea, Portsmouth and other to make your point that they are worse off, but we should be looking at our peers (ie top 6 teams), especially the ones we have been competing closely with and/or beating frequently, as closer measuring sticks. Also “Winning a trophy is about either being one of the big 5 or avoiding the big 5 (or catching them fielding their kids – which they never do vs Spurs)” – didn’t we get beat by Liverpool’s kids in the League Cup this year?

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