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With Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino making no bones about how he wanted Spurs to cease overachieving and really build on our steady progress over the past few years, at the end of last month he gave an interview to Spanish press where he doubled down on his growing aspirations now we’ve built the new Stadium.

It’s “Imperative” – Pochettino Doubles Down On Ambition For Spurs

Plenty of Spurs fans picked up on his comments where he distanced himself from physical transfer dealings and drew a distinction between himself and the likes of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, and whilst everyone was celebrating our fantastic victory over Real Madrid Pochettino dodged questions about the future of Danny Rose, and again pulled no punches on his transfer involvement.

Ultimately fans will only read into it that he is hugely frustrated that we haven’t yet built on the signings of Tanguy Ndombele and Jack Clarke and that he hasn’t been able to get his targets in whilst he has the bulk of pre-season to work with them.

The Independent weren’t the only outlet to lead with his words, with a frustrated angle to them.

“I am not in charge and I know nothing about the situation of my players. I am only coaching them and trying to get the best from them. Sell, buy players, sign contract, not sign contract – I think it is not in my hands, it’s in the club’s hands and Daniel Levy. The club need to change my title and description. Of course I am the boss deciding the strategic play, but in another area I don’t know. Today, I feel like I am the coach.”

Spanish outlet AS had a similar line when answering questions about Christian Eriksen’s future.

“I need to repeat what I said to English journalists the previous days: I just train him, I try to get the best of him. These things, whether they happen or not, if we sell or renew someone, are in the hands of the club. At this time Iā€™m training the team to get the best possible way.”

His words will only inflame existing concerns.

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8 Replies to ““I Am Not In Charge” – Spurs Fans Won’t Like Pochettino’s Latest Words”

  • Just repeating the same old rubbish. Klopp doesn’t control Liverpool’s transfers, Fenway do. Its their money they are spending.

  • If this not sorted immediately !!!
    Poch will,walk
    He must be fed up with the whole structure
    He is manager and must have the say who comes and goes
    Levy should only sort out the costs etc!
    If this is not going to change
    Poch will walk!!

    • so true Renyar i dont think Billy Nick would have anyone else picking hes team & players for him he would have walked

  • I think we’re just seeing the petulant side of Pochettino, which has always been there, as his favouritism and freezing-out of certain players shows. He’s happy enough to take the credit (and the money!) when things are going well, on or off the pitch, but I reckon the uncritical praise of so many Spurs fans, as well as the fawning media, has gone to his head – he gets the credit for the successes but dodges blame for the failures, of which there have been not a few, from transfers like Janssen or Aurier, to players going backwards (Dier, Alli, Trippier) despite Pochettino’s legendary (or mythical) coaching skills, and, above all, the failure to win anything, five years into the ‘project’. Perhaps he’s genuinely unhappy with the structure at Spurs, or perhaps he can see the Real Madrid job coming up again very soon, and is preparing to jump ship – it’s anybody’s guess!

  • If what has been reported is accurate (always a big if) Poch actually said he “had no influence” over transfers. That is clearly complete rubbish since he said in a previous interview some time back he had a veto over transfers. He does seem to come out with these outbursts, Danny Rose style. Why I have no idea. So far anyway it doesn’t seem to have affected his ability to manage.

  • jod, I have watched the entire interview and there was no outburst or anger from Poch. He was just dismissive of answering questions that he has already given answers to all summer. Basically saying what you and I know to be so. That it is Levy’s job to get deals over the line, not his. His job is to coach and manage the team…

    His words have been manipulated left right and centre. It’s all being made into a hurricane, in an eggcup!

    To me, he looked as though he was simply frustrated with the same old bull from the gathered journalists, not the club or Levy itself… He actually smiled when he said maybe the club should change his title from manager to coach. He was just being sarcastic in response to the journalists inane questions. It was a joke!

  • ……… It was a bit of a half-hearted joke about his job title. But he did let out a little laugh when he said it. It certainly wasn’t any kind of outburst or show of anger.

    The man just wants to get on with preparing his team for today’s final and the oncoming season… He doesn’t need to be answering stupid irrelevant questions about his job title… Of course he doesn’t.

    • Hot Tottingham, I could agree with you and others in this forum but I’m desperately trying not to read into Poch’s latest press conference.
      Something is definitely not right, putting the club in danger of disrepute is not a joke even if Poch has a dry sense of humor.
      As a manager or coach whichever he is at the cub, there is a professional standard on how to conduct yourself and the establishment you represent. I cannot see how these comments will help Poch, Levy, Spurs fans or the club, the media love this kind of reaction if you give them the ammo.
      Poch at the end of the day is the mouthpiece for Spurs, so whatever he says in a press conference or in an interview when the media is present has to be taken seriously, it cannot be retracted after, by saying it was a joke or whatever excuse. Having to read through media crap from media outlets, some of it coming from Spurs every day without confirmation is a joke and Trippier’s comments have not helped this situation either.
      The last thing Poch should be doing is putting himself in a position of untrustworthiness with the club and its fans. Levy has always been a difficult person to work with when it comes to money, but if he wasn’t, we would probably be in debt.
      Mr. Poch and Mr. Levy, you have both done an amazing job over the last few years and I for one, and I’m sure the fans would agree, we have enjoyed the journey so far but we are not there yet, please don’t crash the bus, the consequences could be irreparable for years to come. COYS

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