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It’s that morning after feeling, isn’t it?

I am not feeling as upset as many mainly, because I try to keep perspective and look into why things are not right and how they can be fixed, accepting there is no quick fix for such things in life. For me, it’s about calm and patience and not ranting too much for too long.

I can see clearly, possibly, why this has happened and it’s few things imo that is expected. We took our eye of the ball, or pitch when the stadium took over, that is perfectly understandable, I have no issue with that because it was a huge project and had delay problems.

Players not leaving started two years ago. Toby and Eriksen didn’t want to sign new contracts, yes two years ago, and players who MP felt he could let go over a year ago didn’t go because players stuck around for the new stadium, this added to the problem of running down contracts.

Last season having no new players was always going to catch up with us and it has now. This all stems back to the stadium build, not being able to invest time and effort on the pitch and players sticking around going into their last year or so of their contracts because they wanted to be one of the first players to play at the stadium.

MP has had a raw deal because of it and I feel for two years he has wanted to start to rebuild his squad and hasn’t been able to due to players staying and no new signings. Then the stadium is done and we scraped through last season and this summer was a new start but the fact is, players once again didn’t leave.

My guess now, this was not so much about wanting to stay and play in the new stadium, they had made their debut in that, it was more about clubs not coming in for players because they knew they could talk to players in January and get then for free in the summer. Like it or not, other clubs have good business people like Levy. With the cost of players and wages, clubs are now being more prudent. Why pay £100m for Eriksen, when in a few months you get him to sign a pre-contract and get him for nothing. But also players have got so much power now and know they can earn mega money.

I’m not in the camp that players are loyal, some are but that percentage is declining. Toby, Vertonghen, Eriksen all know if they run their contracts down they will get a huge wage at their next club, that is more important to them than being loyal to Spurs, money talks. Then add the fact that they haven’t won anything, there is little to keep them at Spurs. Those like Kane who are Spurs through and through are few and far between and even he may feel the time may come that he has to go for the sake of winning something, although he will stay loyal for as long as he can, but at some point he may feel he wants to have trophies to show for his achievements and that overrides his loyalty to the club.

The point is all this started about two seasons ago when the stadium focus took priority and different agendas started to exist. You could say the agenda, is players staying to be the first to play in the stadium, was yet another act of selfishness. They’d rather run their contract down and stay just so they can go in the history books knowing the club will lose out of a transfer fee.

I think MP is struggling for various reasons, the aftermath of the last two years but also he is a good person and he has a good relationship with these players, they have grown together, so it’s hard for him to be ruthless with them. Because of the togetherness, he is trying to do right by them, not drop players who are obviously going, he wants everything to be on good terms when they leave and not create problems, his close relationship that has blossomed over the years is hurting him now, but again understandable.

He is human and he cares and treats people well and I think he knows its not all their fault, the club have to share some of the responsibility, but as I said, understandable due to the massive amount of energy and time put into the stadium build.

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  • Poch’s message that a team that can beat Southampton with 10 men does not become rubbish in three days rings hollow with me. We do have great players who can play sublime football at times. That’s not the point: there is something missing in the team DNA which shows a lack of belief, commitment and ambition. There may well be a purple patch to come but sure as eggs there will be other dire results too. A clearout is definitely overdue and that probably includes the management team.

  • Honestly what person thinks Pep,Mourinho,Conte or Kloppp would go near us a a club?????Does anyone seriously think these top managers would put up with that tight arse Levy moving the goalposts every time.,

    Defensively it’s been quite evident since last season we ain’t good enough ,so it comes off no surprise to me where shipping defeats as often as we are.if the fans would open there eyes to the reality last season Man City and Liverpool defensively where different gravey,our stats have been spiralling downwards for over two seasons including goals scored but don’t look at the stats in case you might see something you don’t like.

    Belgianspur,your 100% correct when you say it’s a pipe dream that the academy will produce the players to make the first team complete shite .Levy claimed we would get the Kane’s and winks coming through to be stars and would be loyal to the club and stay with us instead off looking to play for other clubs in otherwords Levy’s real taughts are well pay small wages and be able to do it on cheap.well news for you Danny boy that ain’t going work,and Kane might not stick around much longer when he see’s the mediocre way the football side of the club is run.

    Poch will more than likely see out the season ,unless it hits complete rock bottom and say his goodbyes and leave levy with his great “PROJECT” in dust . Liverpool where below us a couple a seasons ago now there miles ahead of us WHY I hear you say it’s quite simple really they want to win trophies and league titles not just happy to take the cash.we are exact copy of Arsenal when they where getting the champions league money season after season but at least they won a few cups .

  • Some good posts on this thread…we did see poch clearing out 13 players when 5 yrs ago he arrived at THFC…
    now it needs to be revisited. So the Alex Fergie theory looks right

  • Just to emphasise my earlier point, Brighton find an 18 year old who scores two against us in one of the most depressing matches I’ve witnessed.

  • BelgianSpur – Not sure how relevant it is to talk about Bale, given that episode predates our current manager. In terms of wages Liverpool’s highest paid player (Salah) is on £200k a week so they don’t pay quite the wages you were implying. What they do though is pay big bonuses for success (which we also do). There’s actually a lot of similarity in how the two clubs are run, not really surprising given Fenway are businessmen who see their sports franchises as investments. Losing players on a free transfer is more or less costly depending on how much you miss out on. The point about Eriksen is at one point we thought he was worth £75m, that’s a lot of cash to miss out on.

  • I have to agree with the comments re-changing the squad. There are at least 7 disinterested, dissatisfied or disillusioned players at present. But the way they are playing at present show a complete disregard for the club and their own professionalism. Who would want to buy any of these players. I look at the Leicester game, we were unlucky with the decision but lost heart. Against Bayern something similar happened someone hits a “worldy” and our heads were gone. We bossed that game
    for 30 or so minutes then ran out of steam and heart. But against Brighton (omg) we were clueless, listless, and pointless. We. We’re second best in all positions. I would love to know who is stirring up all the supposed unrest off field and releasing it to the press. Why did we purchase two unfit players one injured player and somebody Leeds doesn’t even want. Why didnt we buy decent defensive midfield a good right back a half decent back up striker and a young center half.

  • Good posts on here regards “a much needed change”, we all know who the players are that are rebels/want to go, am not talking about the ones some think are just not good enough, because otherwise its change the whole bloody squad, the rebels have to go and be replaced.

    Take for instance our two mainstay CB’s they are ageing thus getting slower, cannot be helped, for me its simple keep one for his exp’, he plays say with a younger Sanchez who is also much faster, yes he will make errors but he will learn, and sell/let go the other.

    Our so called “play maker” quite clearly does not want the “play make” for us anymore, get rid until Jan, sell if possible.

    In general it is starting to look more than just “freshen up” is needed, improvements are required, 2 or 3 more fresh/better skilled faces in the vunerable positions we have, I maybe talking crap but hey that’s my opinion.

    I do not want Poch to leave/be sacked as I believe their is an even better coach/manager waiting to come out, so Poch mate go out an prove that we who believe in you are correct, with 2 weeks of thinking/planning to come I think this could be your time. COYS

  • jod – the Bale example is very relevant given that the person calling the transfer shots at the time, ie Levy, is still in charge today.

    Salah’s base salary is nearly double what our highest earner’s base salary is.

    The obvious flaw in a bonus-base remuneration system is that players will get paid (or not) based on things they can’t control. Not top footballer who knows his worth is going to want to sign up for that. Hence why Liverpool pay significantly higher base salaries. On-target earnings are irrelevant is we can’t hit any of the targets.

    And as far as Eriksen’s valuation is concerned, I find it hugely ironic that you, of all people, would use that argument. You have been the first to remind everyone that “valuations” are always an abstract concept. You used that argument numerous times when discussing the (ir)relevance of giving Toby an extension.

    Using your own logic, there is no way to know whether anyone would have ever paid 75 million on Eriksen. If the market defines what a player is worth, as you have contended on VS many times, we may not be missing out on very much at all.

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