Have Your Say: “It’s That Morning After Feeling” – Dissecting Spurs’ Bayern Nightmare & Looking To The Future

One thing I would point out though for MP, he also needs to understand that if these players are not performing they will get him the sack, the players will be alright, they will go on and get their move so maybe MP needs to be a bit more selfish and protect his job by being ruthless and potentially upsetting these players, its a hard call for MP because of the circumstances and relationship he has with the players. He is a Mr Nice guy and treats people in the right way, that is why they have developed a close relationship. It’s like when you love someone but are unhappy and want to leave. It’s hard to say so, you don’t want to upset them. Although I know often when people split it’s usually nasty but not always. Sometimes it’s not working and you want out and you struggle to say so because you care so much and don’t want to hurt your partner, sure you get my drift.

However, MP if he really wants to stay, he has to protect his job and that might mean being a bit more ruthless. I don’t actually think the players are consciously causing trouble, so for me, there is no blame game, it’s just with sport, a team game you do need everyone committed and on the same page otherwise its hard to have harmony.

Take Sanchez, how does he feel sitting on the bench when he knows Toby and Jan are not committed, why play them and not him? Some will argue you play your best team regardless, which I agree, but it’s still going to cause unrest between players. They are human and football is an emotional game, they see commitment and togetherness as vital so when players are not committed, then those who are not playing are seeing players who are leaving playing, it causes issues.

It also causes issues for the coaches, they want to develop a team that is not just immediate but long term and playing those who are leaving stops that to an extent. Sanchez’ development is slowed down because he can’t play as much yet those players ahead of him will be gone, to the player and manager it’s a season wasted.

The talk about these players running contracts down are still committed is not actually true. You show your commitment by signing a contract, they have had plenty of time to do that. It’s so easy to say I’m still committed that’s why I’m here but that isn’t the same as signing a contract and, to be honest, they say that so they play.

It’s human, if you’re leaving a job often your effort and focus dwindles towards the end, ever given your notice in and found you automatically slack off, not saying it’s deliberate but it happens unconsciously and it’s impossible to rectify it when it comes to sport where there is always a fine line.

Now I am not overly concerned because I know it will be sorted by summer, there is no quick fix. Clubs are unlikely to pay for these players in January unless they are desperate. What MP does is neither right or wrong when it comes to playing them or not. If he continues to play them and we win he will be seen as being right, if we lose he will be slaughtered. If he drops them and we win he will be seen has right, and if we lose he will be slaughtered. Fact is there is no easy answers.

The club are in this mess and it’s a matter of time for this mess to run its cause and learn from it. My only concern is if we don’t get top four. The impact on the club financially, the players and our status will be hit hard. We still have a chance to get top four, it’s so early and for me that should be our objective.

So next summer we have the clear out and rebuild like what MP wanted but still have CL. We may get some of it sorted in January, some players might leave but it’s likely to be the likes of Wanyama, may be Aurier if an offer came in, but I won’t hold my breath.

I do feel MP can sort this out and, given time, it is what it is. I think the fans need to step up and help him and the team regardless of how they play. We all hit bad times and don’t want people to put the boot in, it’s the same for the manager and players. Just love them for what they are, they have hit hard times it doesn’t make any sense to slate them or moan all the time, that will just fuel the situation and make it harder to rectify.

I urge everyone to sing their hearts out for ALL the games no matter what happens and see things change sooner rather than later. Time for fans to step up and change their mentality.

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