Date: 13th June 2018 at 5:15pm
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Currently away on international duty with England, in Russia, preparing for the greatest football tournament the world knows, Danny Rose features in the transfer speculation today.

But, if Rose was seriously hoping that this summer he’d be able to make what our source, the Telegraph, is suggesting is his dream move, to Manchester United, then he’s set to be disappointed if our source is correct.

They’re reporting that after looking as if they’d be prepared to sanction a £50 million move for the 27-year-old defender, Manchester United have had a change of heart.

Apparently, after signing the exciting Portuguese teenager, Diogo Dalot, Jose Mourinho has ditched his plans to sign Rose, content in the knowledge that he is able to choose between Dalot, Luke Shaw and Ashley Young.

Quite what that means for Rose, with regards to his future, remains to be seen.

Is it possible that he’d be prepared to knuckle down and remain at Tottenham Hotspur or is the writing now on the wall for the defender?

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13 Replies to “Bridges Burnt Or Still A Way Back For Tottenham Defender”

  • That old chestnut again. He made one silly comment a year ago when his Northern friend moved back up home for bags of money. It was dealt with internally and he hasn’t misbehaved since. I remember him saying he was surprised at the support after he came on late against Real Madrid in the Champions League. People make mistakes. He hasn’t done it again, so let’s get behind him, he’s probably the best left wing back in the Premier League when fully fit.

  • I still think he wants out. Even in his last interview regarding his depression he is still clearly angry with the club. He did also say there were things going on with spurs that he can’t mention that really made him angry.

    He has always been injury prone. We need to sign the next up and coming LB/LWB. If that means buying from the lower league so we can build him up over the next few years so be it.

  • This article makes no sense whatsoever.

    Firstly, Rose’s “dream move to Utd” was concocted by the gutter press after he made a comment in the infamous interview about playing up north and being closer to his mum eventually. The rest of it is just the normal “jump on the bandwagon” BS. Utd haven’t had a change of heart. They were no more in the chase Rose than any of the top clubs who sent admiring glances when he was at full flow.

    I don’t believe for one minute Rose is out of favour with the Spurs management. Poch has practically picked him ins his 18 man squad every time he’s been available and he hasn’t been regularly omitted like Toby was. He’s also played certain games and rotated with Davies whilst trying to get back to full fitness. He’s contracted until 2021 and could be like a new signing next season if we have the old Rose back.

    I do agree with Darren Anderton though. He is probably lucky to be in the squad based on his 17/18 season for Spurs.

  • Burnt Bridges. lol. as in passing the Rubicon. no way out of the bloody situation. danny rose, if he comes back to what he was, was a Spur, blistering first goal that he scored and all.

  • Burt Bridges? He’s the soccer playing brother of Hollywood heroes, Beau and Jeff, the sons of Hollywood legend, Lloyd… All famous for their starring roles in the classic WW2 movie, Bridge over the River Burton… Yes, I Googled him, Danny!

    Even so, he’s no bloody wing-back! But, he’ll be real good for the clubs American profile. Levy’ll love that! He’s well hungry for the US Dollar!

    Seriously folks… Rose is staying put and so is Toby. Us Spurs supporters may well think of them both as two of the very best in show business but no other club seems to want them. And so we are unfortunately lumbered with them for yet another season, at least.

  • I’ll happily “tolerate” Toby and Rose for another season, especially if Toby signs a new contract.

    HT – that means we can go and put down payments on de Ligt and Sessegnon to join us in one or two years time. I know you love those new contract models 🙂

  • If United have lost interest then Rose has nowhere to go and will be looking pretty stupid. Not sure how this will work out but it does highlight the fact there are actually very few clubs who can make our players the kind of offer that will turn their heads. Unless of course Danny fancies a move to China …

  • Things change quickly in football. This time last year I bet he thought he would have loads of offers. They just haven’t materialised for numerous reasons.

    Who knows a good World Cup and he may well have his wish.

  • To me what he said was oh so last year, so forgotten, the Rose that wilted will hopefully re-bloom in to the magnificent Rose that he was and do us all proud next season, here’s hoping anyway. COYS

  • Forgotten by you but forgotten by Rose himself? I don’t think so. He still has beef with the club. In his interview last week he isn’t exactly a happy spurs player.

    He will soon change his tune if nobody comes in for him willing to pay him his 150k a week.

  • I didn’t see anything in Danny’s recent interview whereby he even suggests, let alone says, that he has a beef or is angry or unhappy with Spurs, etc.

    It was only a couple more weeks ago from that interview that he said he was looking forward to playing at Spurs next season and hoping for some good competition with Davies.

    Funnily, when he said something positive about him and the club, it was somehow ignored by all and sundry. No articles on here about that, I don’t think… And no posts on it… No headline story for folks to make up stuff about and somehow read stuff into what wasn’t even said… Oh well…

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