Date: 13th June 2018 at 7:00pm
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Daniel Levy is refusing to budge from his £15m valuation of Aston Villa attacking midfielder Jack Grealish, according to the Sun.

The Telegraph reported last week that we were leading the race to sign the playmaker, but the Championship club were hoping to sell the player for £40m to ease their financial problems.

Villa owner Tony Xia is struggling to pay player’s wages as well as the club’s tax bill, and it’s likely that many of the team’s senior stars will be sold off to balance the books.

Levy is said to be playing hardball in order to get Grealish at a lower cost as he believes the Villans will have no choice but to sell.

However, there is reported interest in the midfielder from Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, West Ham and Newcastle which could push up the price. The Sun say that no other club has yet to put a bid in which means we have no incentive to up our offer.

For £15m, signing the talented Englishman could be a very good investment, especially if Mauricio Pochettino is able to develop his game.


19 Replies to “Levy Refuses To Budge On Spurs’s £15m Valuation Of Playmaker”

  • If we do sign Grealish that would give us 6 AM’s to cover 3 spots, so that would mean 3 1st teamer’s and their rotating counter-parts. Alli, Ericksen, Son, Moura, Lamela and Grealish. No point dreaming of Bale, Martial, Malcom, etc as only if we now sold would be looking to bring in anymore. If Ericksen signs on then that will be the 6 we go with next season – fair play – very tasty indeed and keeps us on a budget and does not disrupt the family feel of the club – no big name primadonna.

  • I don’t think we are serious about Grealish not at £15M, or half what we paid for Sissoko who is a complete dummy.

  • Fair price. He’s 22, in the championship and hasn’t appeared once at the senior international level yet. So he’s basically done absolutely nothing to warrant a higher fee.

  • Grealish may have to get used to making up the numbers in the Prem if he moves to a top 6 side. In the top sides, half the homegrown players sit on the bench or are omitted from the 18 man squad as the overseas players dominate. Even some of the England squad can’t get a start.

    His agent could do a lot worse than give Chris Hughton or Eddie Howe a ring and see if he can find a slot at Brighton or Bournemouth. First team football has to be his priority next season, not making up the numbers at Spurs. If he impresses on the Prem stage, top teams will come calling in a years time.

  • Apparently Martial has only 1 season left on his contract, will not sign a new one and wants to leave either now or on a free in a year’s time – I guess it’s now or never if we do want him.

  • muttley … That’s a good call for Grealish and his future career. It depends what his main ambition is … to play football or to accumulate wealth. The outcome will be interesting.

  • We must be buying Jack. It’s the 3rd article on him in a few days…

    Buy Grealish, as back-up and competition to Christian, Dele, Son, Lamela, Wanyama and Winks, and we’re good to go… To go where, I don’t know.

  • el jefe – Spot on, one area we are strong is attacking midfield. The only wrinkle is that we have problems in Europe with not enough English players. But given we still have no back up centre forward (as opposed to “can play as a striker” players) and the link position (Dembele, Sissoko, Winks) looks weak it does seem pointless signing Grealish.

  • jod, if all this speculation is true, then it’s quite possible that Pochettino sees him in that “link” position you mentioned. And/or an alternative to Christian as well. Which is what so many Spurs supporters say we need… And perhaps as an alternative to Sissoko as a “utility” midfielder at least.

  • HT – To play there you have to be able to defend as well as attack, its what makes that position difficult. I’m not talking about chasing back the way Eriksen does I’m talking about being able to shield the defence. Grealish has never shown the ability to do that. Essentially you would be playing with four attacking midfield players instead of three with only one DM.

  • jod…to be honest I am in agreement with you there, though if Poch wants him maybe he sees something we do not, if so will he want to learn, it will be about attitude. COYS

  • There are so many threads …. does anyone else have a problem keeping track of what comments they have made and where they have made them?

  • Geof;
    Yes, I have difficulty as well in keeping track… It’s a pain trying to find the thread that I want from one day to the next…

    jod, I’ve read elsewhere, from Villa supporters, that he would be ideal for Spurs as the more attacking “link up player” in a 2 man midfield pivot or whatever we want to call it… Which is the reason I suggested it…

    All the different opinions I’ve seen and read is why I also asked on another Grealish thread, who do I believe when it comes to comments about a player I have barely seen play. One view contradicts another and so on.

    If he were to come to Spurs, maybe even Pochettino himself doesn’t yet know for sure where he will play him.

  • Geof; To find that on a daily basis there are articles clogging up the front page that mostly consist of apparent links to countless players that are said (even in the article itself) that they are probably not coming to Spurs is frustrating to say the least. Let alone the articles that are about the same talked about players that may or may not come to Spurs, (i.e., Martial). As well as the same 3 or 4 that may or may not leave…….

    Anyhow, my good and reliable source and ITK mate, Donald (the duck-haired) Trump says: Kane is probably not leaving now. Messi is probably still not coming and Bale just doesn’t know what he’s doing…

  • I think a lot of people need a reality check! Saying £15m is fair!? Really?? Pickford is an average keeper who went for £30m, Drinkwater, again average, went for £35m at 27 years old, Raheem Stirling £50m and he is utter tripe (one good season after 4 doesn’t justify a thing!). What I am saying is that football has gone mental so why should Villa bend over and get robbed when every other team doesn’t?? Grealish has played at the highest level, even went to an FA Cup final after single handedly destroying Liverpool in the semi, he is only 22 and FULL of promise…..I reckon at least 75% of comments above have NOT watched him on the regular, so opinions are based on hear/say. Say what you like in response, I am not having a go at your club, I think Spurs are a great club and always have been, but Levy is taking the piss and it will only take you backwards as players will always go to the highest bidder in this world, Levy is proving himself to be the Wenger of Spurs and just look at Arsenal now!

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