Date: 29th June 2019 at 8:30pm
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Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has always maintained that Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is a tough man to deal with and it’s not the first time he’s taken to the media to attempt to play the game and create himself some leverage, and with our well known chase for Tanguy Ndombele it was probably always going to be only a matter of time before he was running his mouth off again.

£200,000 p/w – Report Claims Spurs Have Countered PSG’s Move For Top Summer Target

A few days back it was claimed that we had countered Paris Saint-Germain’s move for the player and tabled a firm £55million offer of our own – some outlets like Sky Sports went further and suggested that a £65million deal had now been agreed between both sides for the 22-year-old.

As if by magic, cue Aulas who predictably criticises Levy for dragging his heels.

The Telegraph quote him ranting.

“If I wait another 8 days, it will be €80m…Tottenham made us an opening offer worth €45m. Then, we discussed more. Nothing is done, I can assure you. We are not in a hurry either. Tanguy has shown his qualities with the French national team. He is one of our best players. How much is he worth? I do not know, but not just €45m.”

Ignoring the Donald Trump like childish reaction, Aulas sadly doesn’t seem to spot his own contradiction on raising the price if he has to wait longer, yet being in no hurry whatsoever to do a deal.

Mouthpieces usually make such basic errors as they rant off for effect but for those with long memories (the Lloris deal) given his previous accusations, I have to naturally question whether it’s actually Levy that is the problem.

“We had people speaking all night with Daniel Levy. He talks a lot and goes back on what we’ve agreed in writing. Agreements have not at all been respected. We had email exchanges which have been contradicted, so that’s made it very complicated. It’s difficult. The Tottenham board’s theory is to explain that the economic market is very hard and so we have to get used to renegotiating. It’s been very, very difficult. I’ve got 25 years of experience as a president of a club and it’s our 16th participation in a European competition in a row. But this is very rare in the football world. The negotiation with the Tottenham directors has been the hardest I have ever had to undergo in these 25 years.”

Said the man who tries to negotiate in public and still can’t keep his message straight.

With Aulas’ record when it comes to commenting on Lyon’s sales most will probably expect a deal to go through on Monday.

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13 Replies to “Aulas Shoots His Mouth Off Again In Spurs’ Direction & Continues To Look Foolish”

  • This guy sounds like he has been the top dog in his club, and now finds he is being outmanoeuvred a 2nd time, and is way below the top class group of football clubs chairmans… LOL…. Daniel Levy rules. COYS

    • Oh please let’s not put Boris up as a reference point. He claims he doesn’t even know when his own leaked happy photo was taken conveniently for his batty ambitions.

  • This guy loves the spotlight. Pissing about with transfers when the big clubs come calling is the only way he can get his name on the same page. He thinks he’s being clever but really he’s being a smart arse.

  • Dombele is not a 70m player or nowhere near it yet otherwise he would be a regular in the French team and have Barcelona, Madrid, Juve etc scrambling for his signature. They aren’t. He may become one under Poch playing in a vastly better league. We’ll see. He looks good playing in a weak league. His true value at present is prob 40 – 45m at best and Aulas knows it. Levy knows Bu** Sh** when he hears it. Spurs will probably get him for under 50m and that would be a good offer.

  • Waiting to see how this pans out..
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    Site getting annoying to navigate.
    Click on one thing and another is loaded.
    New thing or problems?

  • As is usual for me, I spend the TW ranting against all the bull we continually read and hear from the sports outlets. I believe nothing until it is indisputable. But as you have suggested in the last line of your article, Danny; Now that the mighty Aulas has spoken, I believe that N’Dombele will indeed soon be confirmed as a Spurs player. (Well, maybe).

    What makes me smile is that just a couple of weeks ago I called this guy out on here as a man that talks childish nonsense. As, his words about Levy and the Hugo deal were used as a stick to beat Levy with. And as evidence as to why Levy is not a very good negotiator. I pointed out that we did actually did get Hugo. But this seems to have been lost on some Spurs supporters that always seem so eager to see Daniel as the bad guy in everything and everyone else he deals with must therefore be the good guys… But, it’s not a question of good or bad guy. It’s just business. And it gets done or it doesn’t get done…

    And, even if we do actually get Tanguy to Spurs, whether that be for 45m or 70m, it will remain to be seen for a while, if the business done was good business or bad business… Hugo good… N’Jie, not so good… N’Dombele?

  • As for what Boris says? Former foreign secretary and likely soon to be British PM. Like Aulas, he’s yet another fool that frequently stumbles idiotically through his use of misplaced and insulting words and phrases. Hod help us all!

    Isn’t Johnson a slang word for penis? And, could Jeremy Hunt be rhyming slang for….? Oooh Matron!

    Sticks n stones! Swings and Roundabouts! Over the moon! Sick as a parrot!

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