Date: 29th June 2019 at 8:47pm
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Mauricio Pochettino has revealed he does not have the final say on transfers at Tottenham Hotspur.

Speaking to Spanish media outlet TV3 (via The Independent), the Argentine admitted that he did not have the same control as other managers in the Premier League had when it came down to some of the finer details about players.

“At Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, there’s not the freedom that Pep [Guardiola] and [Jurgen] Klopp have at Manchester City and Liverpool,” he said.

“Pep has total control of the plan at City. It’s a different model at Tottenham and other clubs. Selling players, deciding and offering contracts, buying players – it depends solely on the manager, in the case of Pep or Klopp. Things aren’t the same at other clubs [like Tottenham].”

The thing is, those comments should hardly be a surprise to hear as we all know what Daniel Levy is like when it comes down to spending money.

There is no doubt that the chairmen is extremely prudent with the way the money is handled and it is obvious he will not spend just for the sake of being able to.

However, the fact that we have not signed a player for 18 months should obviously highlight the fact that Pochettino does not have the final say, otherwise, it would have been hard to imagine that he would have been completely happy with the squad he has had available during that time.

Indeed, things look as though they are about to be different this summer though as Tottenham look to continue their upward trajectory and a number of exciting talents look likely to join us in north London in the very near future – but, we have to admit, we will not be getting too excited about it until we see them come through the door.

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2 Replies to “Report: Pochettino details interesting news regarding Tottenham and the transfer policy at the club”

  • I don’t know whether Poch doesn’t explain himself clearly or its not reported properly. Either way it doesn’t make a lot of sense. City are a club run by oil billionaires as a hobby, funded by unlimited dirty money thanks to EUFA giving them a get out of jail free card when it comes to FFP. Liverpool are run by business men who balance the books. So how can they be the same ? Pep may control the finances as the owners of City don’t really care what they spend. Fenway are sure as hell not going to allow Klopp to do the same. So Jurgen will be working to a budget laid down by the owners, same as the rest of the managers in the premier league. The other thing that seems to have gone unnoticed even though its actually in the article is Poch seems to be saying City and Liverpool are the exceptions, we are the norm. But hey, can’t bash Levy going down that road can you ?

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