Date: 18th April 2018 at 12:55pm
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Goals Galore!

There are lots of ways to score goals. Individually, they can be scored from distance outside the box, by a dribbling run through the defence, or by a spectacular overhead kick. They can be scored directly from penalties, free kicks or corners. They can be scored by any team member; defender, midfielder or forward. And they can even be scored by the keeper. They can be own-goals or lucky goals which the scorer knows little about as it goes in off his backside. Team goals can be scored by breaking at speed from defence, or from a slick passing move that plays a runner through the middle and onto goal.

At Tottenham, this season, we have seen most of them, although I can’t remember the last time I saw a goal scored directly from a corner which is the rarest goal of all. As this season comes to the end it seems to be a good time to consider which goals are contenders for ‘goal of the season’. It’s a difficult question to answer because there have been so many wonderful goals for us to celebrate since last August.

For me, the goal of the season would have to be the first of Dele’s brace in the home game against Chelsea a short time back. Everything about it had to be perfect for the ball to end up in the net. The timing of Dele’s run and the timing of Dier’s long ball over the top had to be precise in order for Dele and the ball to converge at the same point. Dier’s pass was awesome enough in itself and cannot be overstated, but Dele still had so much to do when the ball found him. With defenders hot on his heels, he had to pull the ball out of the air, keep it under his control, and flick it quickly past the advancing keeper. He did it all, instinctively, and with apparent ease. It was a truly superb goal.

That’s my GOTS so far. What’s yours?


8 Replies to “Goals Galore, Which Was Your Goal Of The Season For Spurs?”

  • Just noticed that Harry is now seventh on our all-time scoring list. There are two of the Double team in the top four. Harry is closing them all down. Will he reach the top? I think he will if most of his career is here.

  • I would vote for Eriksen’s late goal against Everton at Wembley: a team goal of the highest calibre.

  • And it was the equaliser away to Liverpool in a crazy game, so it gets extra points in my book. Got the biggest reaction out of me on any goal this season. Dele 2nd goal assisted by Diers ridiculous pass vs Chelsea a close 2nd.

  • I agree with George. For me it’s Christians goal in the 4-0 win v the Toffees. A perfect team effort with some lovely forward interplay…

    Kane to Aurier… Aurier to Son… Son to Dele… Dele to Eriksen… GOAL!

  • I predict that one of our goals today will be one of the best of the season.

    But who will score it?

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