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Has Xvausch made a convincing plan? Is his vision correct, is it even possible?

You decide – either way, Xvausch is a true student of the game – a high quality informed forum poster, he deserves a wider audience for his thoughts:

This week I watched a crazy even match…

Goons took off Lacazette and put on Welbeck

Chelski took off Hazard and put on Willian

Those are potential game changing subs. With our best 11 starting, and no injuries, can we make a comparable sub? One we could expect to shift the course of a match?

We need players that are going to continue to improve our overall speed of play. We are best when we are moving fast. Some of that comes from familiarity, and Kane-Eriksen-Dele-Son-(and Winks) are all flowing pretty well together. I’m going with the expectation that Lamela will get back to his pre-injury contribution.

The shakiness in the defense is different from last season, and has changed what the attacking players are able to do. The transition forward thru Toby-Victor-Eriksen, a faster more direct path, has been disrupted, and the play wide is happening deeper instead of in the final third, bogging sh|t down and exposing the likes of Sissoko and Tripp.

IMO, all healthy, on top form, our best 11 looks like…



Of those, 2 or 3 are possibly concerning…

Rose – For all the obvious reasons
Lamela – How good will he be?
Aurier – Some pretty shaky performances, but new to the Prem





So, which of those players’ roles could be improved upon with a January signing?

Off the bench we’d have Sanchez, Lamela, Winks, Llorente, Davies, Tripp, in order of potential on-field value. And then the rest.

Do we have younger players that could rise to the occasion? KWP, Edwards, Amos, TOB, Sterling, Harrison? Kyle Walker Peters being the most known of a mysterious group. Maybe we need a ‘Kyle’ back on our flank? Seem to be missing the last one a bit. And who is this Oliver Skipp kid?

Spurs have become pretty adept at developing young talent, and Poch’s stated desire to get early deals done this Winter, looking to bring the players in at the start of the Summer, makes alot of sense. Might be the best way to get the players we need without spending the new special ‘Liverpool Tax’.

Who do we buy?

Ryan Sessegnon (And his brother Steven apparently) (Fulham) –
No brainer, prolly cost 35m. Sign him(them), loan them back for the season. No matter what happens with Rose, this is just a player we should sign, and figure out where he plays later.

Christian Pulisic (BVB) & Weston McKennie (Shalke) –
Pulisic is the real deal, and he’s showing it with Dortmund. I would have no problem whatsoever with Levy writing a 50m check for his kid right now. He is that good already, and his potential is off the charts. He is grounded, his head is screwed on straight, and he’s been in Europe for years, and he’s only 19. He WILL be playing in the Prem next year, and we really can’t let Manure or Piss get him. He is a PERFECT fit for Poch’s playing and coaching style, and if we were needing a replacement/improvement for Eriksen, this guy might be it.

McKennie is a totally off the radar player, but that won’t be for long. He’s a strong CM with excellent vision and great touch on the pass. Not as polished a pro as Pulisic, but he’s as good a prospect out there for around 5m. And I think we’ve seen we could use some good depth at the pivot.

These two Americans are friends, both mature for their age (19), and play very very well together. Signing them both, bringing Pulisic in now, and loaning McKennie back, would be a great bit of business. USA is out of the World Cup so both players would be available for a full offseason/preseason. Experienced European pros, room them together, they’re less likely to suffer the Yedlin syndrome.

Jadon Sancho (BVB)
There was talk of a nifty roundabout deal with the kid ending up at Spurs next season. Whether there was any truth to it or not, he’s proving to be the player we thought he might be. Might not be available, but as another sign and loan back player, he could be a great buy for the future.

Ross Barkley
I’ve not been too big on this deal, which is weird because I remember seeing him first break in and thinking how I’d like to se him in a Spurs shirt. I’ve come around again. It’s clear Moose is nearly done, he’s prolly already on the hip replacement path in his retirement. And Winks has shown he’s got a bit of mental work to do. Provided he can get fit, Barkley playing in the CM pivot with Victor would create a slew of new options for Poch. Can’t cost much, in this market he’d be a steal. Regardless of his injury, there is NO WAY that I could believe he’d end up being worse than Sissoko. Why hasn’t this been announced already?

Luke Shaw
If Rose went to Manure and we took Shaw in return plus 25m, well that’d prolly be ok. But isn’t he on some stupid ridiculous salary? Is he potentially a World Class Fullback? I’m not sure. After Poch called him a lazy pussy with an attitude problem, one wonders if the Coach rates him. But the player has said he’d like to play for him again so who knows.

Julian Brandt (Bayer Leverkusen)
Everybody wants Draxler, but Brandt is a better buy. Strong on the ball with size that belies his quickness, speed, and dribbling ability, he can make plays with his feet and his passing. He’d fit in our wide forward spot, more inclined for the left I think, as well as the middle. With 150 top level games under his belt already at the age of 21, he could be a quick contributor. My guess is he’d cost between 25-30m. Next year, if he has a successful World Cup with Germany, he could cost 75m. This guy could be a great Spurs player under Pocchetino.

We should probably sell somebody.

Rose is the most talked about potential sale. Me, I’d rather he get fit and play like his last game. Be the best Left Back in England, and become a true Spurs legend. However, if he were to go for a 50m type fee, well kinda hard to not to be ok with it. If he’s down again with his knee for any extended period of time, I’d surely sell him in the Summer.

Moose is about done. Made himself one of the best in the team, and showed how to put your head down and work to improve your weaknesses. Total pro, well when he ain’t gouging eyes that is. He should go to France, finish off his career, then return home, relax, and run his Hotel. Whatever we get for him would be fine, he should be sent where he can get a chance to play a less rigorous game than The Prem.

Sissoko. God please let him go somewhere. Anywhere. please. He’s got some ability, and he was fantastic for France in the Euros, however if we don’t have a young player in the wings that could at least contribute as much as Sissoko has, then we has some real big problems. I don’t think he’ll ever be more than a serviceable backup, and frankly he’s taking pitch time from some guys that could be alot better. If anybody offers us anything we should just send him away.

Loans out, loanees back in…

Last game he was given a chance, he took it by the neck. Wait, that was pretty much the only chance he’s been given this season. And none since. Hmmmmm…… Why is this? I really like the guy. He seems like a really likeable guy. I’m going back to the Sissoko comparison again, but I’d rather see this guy get a chance. At least NkooDoo’s brain works fast, has to to keep up with his feet. I see no value in loaning this guy out. Either he stays and earns time and that’s great, or he stays and can’t get in, and then we make a decision on him in the Summer.

Boy what a strange disappointment (So far). I thought he’d make it. My hope was he’d be scoring for fun in Turkey. Guess not. I heard Napoli wants him, how that happens I don’t know, but recalling him to sit is senseless. Be great if he banged in 20 for the season and made us think of bringing him back in the Summer.

Onomah & CCV
If we don’t bolster the CM/AM/AF spots at all with new signings, then bringing Onomah back might be prudent. Otherwise letting him play more there is best. Not sure I see the benefit of recalling CCV for us or the player, as long as he is doing well and getting regular time on loan.

Sending out a few of the mysterious youngins’ mentioned above is likely in the cards. But I really hope we do see Marcus Edwards get a real chance in the first team this season.

GK: Hugo; Vorm; Gazzinga
CB: Toby; Vert; Sanchez; Foyth
LB: Rose; Davies
RB: Aurier; Tripp; KWP
DCM: Victor; Dier; Winks
CM: Dele; Barkley
ACM: Eriksen; Pulisic
LF: Son; Brandt; NkooDoo
RF: Lamela; Edwards
CF: Kane; Llorente

Winter Signings for Summer Arrivals
R Sessegnon; S Sessegnon; McKennie; & Sancho


Rose to Manure for 55m, 15m for Moose, 20m for Sissoko, and we take that and buy Bale for 75m, and subsidize his salary down to 200k/wk with performance add-ons and such.

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21 Replies to “Xvausch’s Template for Success”

  • Wow, there’s more analyses and speculation going on there than when Big Sam Allardyce in the past, and in the month of August, has been busying himself mapping out his latest clubs prospective results and points total for an entire, forethcoming season!

  • Great article! As long as we ignore the scouting team who “found” Sissoko and use the scout who recommended Davidson Sanchez we have a chance of signing a good player. The young the talent like Foryth Edwards seem to be ignored now, only Harry Winks with his ankle trouble has had a chance this season. Has Pochettino become too respectful to established players to keep them happy. ie Dembele. I thought Janssen was our Danny Ings, at least he tried and put himself about to help the team,

  • It’s funny there were an awful lot of Spurs fans who believed that signing So-So-Sissoko was the equivalent to finding the missing link and he would almost certainly strengthen us…..I hasten to add, I wasn’t one of them.

  • Spurs scouting committee have made some obvious errors. Having watched sisoko for a number of season he never caught the eye. In my opinion Chadili was a better player and should have been kept until spurs found better. And it would have saved spurs 30m.

  • The thing about our “scouts” is that they are always prepared, can light a good fire, and forage for grub in the woods. Unfortunately when it comes to finding, and scouting footballers likely to improve our squad they are still “cubs”, providing of course anybody listens to the suggestions of likely signings that they submit.

  • For all of Sissoko’s weaknesses, if he wasn’t in the squad who would we be playing right now? We took a chance on a talended yet annoyingly inconsistent player. I tried to see the upside when we signed him, and I still believe there is a good player in there somewhere. He wasn’t my 1st choice in the market but let’s face it, Levy never goes after anyone’s first choice. Levy goes bargain shopping and more often than not, bargains can only be had on imperfect players. As far as imperfect players are concerned, I suppose we could do a lot worse than a 27 year old French international. I’d still rather Sissoko than Stambouli… Going back to the article, Pulisic seems a promising prospect. As I said in another article, the wet dream for me in central midfield would be Leon Goretzka on a free in 6 months. But he’s just not the type of player we target.

  • Sorry sissoko is not talented in my opinion. Powerful and fast yes but talented no no no. At 30m an expensive bargain to boot.

  • Confirmed that Chelsea have made the fatal error of signing Barkley for £15M, half what we paid for Sissoko, some gamble, it will all end in tears, ours.

  • It’s funny but I think most Spurs supporters would not be seeing Barkley as an automatic starter in our team. Especially as he is not even fully fit as yet and hasn’t played all season. So who’s place on the bench will he be taking in the PL reigning champions team, once he is eventually fit enough to actually play? Surely Chelsea could afford to buy a player that is much more proven than Ross and who is not a recovering crock.

  • Barkley is exactly the type of MFer we lack particularly when we play the “bus passers”, he is big powerful can carry the ball and run directly in amongst a packed defence drawing tackles, at his age with his PL background and the fact that he is English at £15M he is an absolute steal. At his fee and £120,000/WK for 4 years as an example, he would cost a total of £46,640,000. Sissoko at £30M and £80,000/WK as a guess, could be more, over 4years costs £44,120,000. So for £2M additional cost over 4 years you get a footballer rather than a donkey. Another example of us missing the boat.

  • Palmover – go look at Sissoko’s performances for France at the Euros, or some of his best games for Newcastle. The talent is there for all to see. 30 million may seem a lot, but apparently we agreed to that fee on the condition that the payments would be heavily offset over 5 years. Would Newcastle have taken less in one lump sum? Most probably. And if you want to have a look at what top CMs are costing/making in today’s market, look no further than Kante or Naby Keita. By those standards, Sissoko’s deal remains very reasonable.

  • Of course Sissoko is talented. How on earth does a guy get to play for his country and for a top 4 PL club by not being talented at football in any way. How you rate a players talent and then not believing him to be good enough for Spurs is something all together different.

  • palmover, Read my post again… Do you honestly think that any footballer that reaches his standard in the pro game is essentially untalented? There are many PL players that I also don’t rate highly but I do know that they are of a certain standard that many will never reach. You have to be in what is an unforgiving profession whereby many talented young players will fail to make the grade.

  • By the way, I didn’t think Sissoko was right for Spurs myself and I couldn’t see why we would fork out so much for him. I just don’t think he has been as bad as many others do. And, I’m not one for slagging off players at THFC. That’s just me……

  • Palmover – we don’t have to agree on this, but at what stage do you decide that a footballer has talent? Sissoko has had PL games with multiple goals in the past. I’d say that you can’t do that if you have no talent. Where is your threshold? I’ll be the first to say that Sissoko is inconsistent and therefore probably not good enough, but on his day you’d struggle to find a better footballer. Shame that day only comes once a season.

  • We should have simply consulted some Newcastle supporters before splashing out on Sissoko, rather than rely on a handful of games for France, he has always been a once now and again type of player, stupidly over priced, and a last resort buy after wasting a window in familiar fashion.

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