Date: 5th January 2018 at 12:26pm
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The Telegraph
…. reports that Chelsea are now favourites to sign Everton and part-time England midfielder Ross Barkley in this January window, it seems we have decided that his wage demands are bordering on insane for a player that is as inconsistent as he is at times compelling.

According to the Telegraph, Our Chairman was hoping to get him on a free at the end of the season when he is most likely to have had the time to prove he is over what was a pretty nasty hamstring injury as the scar down the length of the back of his thigh can attest to.

Buying players after a serious injury is a huge risk, once you have committed to a 4 or 5 year deal if they don’t fully recover you might as well have burned a few crates of Fifties roasting some seasonal chestnuts.

Taking massive risks like that simply are not in our budget and Poch may well have considered there are better less risky options. How much of a blow this is to Poch’s plans we may never know, but I for one believed that if he joined us he would under Poch’s tutelage steadily improved, become more consistent and finally realised his potential.

Taking these sort of monetary gambles for Chelsea is easy; wasting tens of millions on wages on players that simply adorn their bench is a well-travelled path for them.

Unless Barkley significantly improves, the chances are should he join Chelsea he will spend the next few years watching football rather than playing it.

But at least his agent will be richer for his advice and Barkley will be comforted by his bank balance, and that is what the game is all about, right?


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  • Didn’t really think it would happen anyway, after all most of us have heard of Barkley, so he never fitted our criteria.

  • But will he pass the medical at Chelsea?. Barkley had a very serious hamstring tear and has not played since – let someone else take the gamble. He would not be a regular in our side right away in any case and its doubtful we can even meet his wage demands.

  • Don’t worry – it’s not as if we are short in creative areas! I am sure we have other targets that will also not materialise.

  • Strange thing with spurs – this is the second time in recent years that we have been on the verge of something really big (2010 being the other example) only for the clubs progress to be halted by an overwhelming lack of ambition.

  • DoncasterHotspur, ambition or lack of ambition ? – taking a chance on a player that may well never completely recover his fitness from a career threatening injury may not be the smart thing to do – the PL has a history or players who’ve had the same injury, come back and then it happens again an again – Micheal Owen would be just one such example….why take the risk when there may well be just as good if not better opportunities to get attacking midfielders elsewhere?

  • Unbelievable if Barkley goes to Chelsea for 15 million. So who will we sign at 23.00 on Jan 31st? Levy is already looking through the telephone directory for unknowns at a knockdown price as our marquee signing. Roll on Europa next season.

  • Spursex, we will see whether we will unearth a gem of a powerful forward running ball carrying MFer of Barkley’s ilk or not. I only wish I had the same faith in our scouting system or Google scanners that others have and that we won’t end up with other N’Jie, N’Koudou, Sissoko types.

  • Doncaster the similarity between the current situation and the one that prevailed after we got to the QF off the CL under Redknapp and the failure to invest in the team’s further development is striking. There are glaring gaps in our squad as highlighted yet again by West Ham’s tactics and our inability to break them down, which has now become a regular feature of our games against “bus parkers”. The only missing feature at the moment is a repeat of the massive ” family silver sale ” that asset stripped that squad. Will we see an updated version of the Bale, Modric, Van Der Vaart auctions this time around.

  • So of course Frank we should have first insisted that Bale and Modric didn’t go to Real and then pay them more than enough to compensate for it. More than Real do right now? Also guarantee (in writing) to both that by remaining at Spurs, they would definately go on to win several league titles and CL cup winners medals…… VDV was a great player. A great player that was only able to play for half a match at a time. He also WANTED to leave. Levy didn’t false him to go as was with the other two. Or Berbatov or Walker or anyone else that we would have rather have kept. Surely long enough has passed that we can all just forget them now. Jesus, I don’t care about Walker going and that was just 5 months ago!

  • I thought you said the Barkley deal was more or less done?, not bothered really as i think Spurs have enough talent in the central midfield area for the remainder of the season, however, can you tell Levy/poch that we did a wide attacker now as the FA cup is a must win for me. Coys

  • I am so glad that Chelsea are to sign Barkley for £15M at 24 years old. They have fallen into the trap, signing a player who has had an injury, who will never recover, he will never be the same again, some even say he may need a hip replacement in later life, imagine that, what a gamble for £15M. Mind you it is only to be expected from Chelsea with their abysmal transfer record, they never seem to get it right, unlike us with our unbridled record of success in signing players to improve our squad. Looks like we have had a narrow escape, phew thank god for that, back to the safety of Google.

  • No Hot we should have simply held them to their contracts, when they had nearly expired we could then sell them at a time of our choosing rather than theirs.

  • palmover, you can never legislate for last minute demands – it’s like buying property, I’ve bought countless properties and the number of times sellers come up with last minute demands for a hike in the price is never ending….by all accounts his agent starting making a huge increase in demands in the last few weeks….and of course the chav’s said ‘no problem’…you can’t compete were the only criteria is the desire to enrich yourself above all other things…

  • Just great we miss out on Barkley when he wanted to come to us. Now lets hold our breaths and wait for some great signings from the yellow pages stars of yesteryear. Can we beat the great N’Koudou, the amazing Sissoko and the ” I never touch the ball” Llorente cos I prefer to sit on the bench in my thermals.

  • palmover, not sure we do have enough talent in CM. Dembele is falling apart, Dier is our jack of all trades, who you don’t rate if I remember correctly. Wanyama is good, although just recovering from injury. Winks is still a prospect.

  • I agree with Spursex in that Barkley’s scar indicates the severeness of his injury and even though medical opinion is that if the operation was carried out almost immediately then professional athletes can recover 100 percent of their abilities it does represent a huge risk. Hopefully for him he will recover fully but if his wage demands are truly unrealistic given his situation and ours then good luck ti him at Chelsea. One point I would question though Spursex is the statement that there are several better, cheaper options around and would be interested who you think might fall into that category. I think Loftus Cheek would be a good buy but doubt Chelsea will sell to us. Personally, I hope we could find some British players to bring in, maybe a Scottish, Irish or Welsh gem as our reported overseas targets do not look inspiring, although Perisic? from Dortmund does look a hell of a player but probably out of our price range.

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