Date: 27th October 2017 at 11:49am
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..but cheerily seek how to redress their harms. William Shakespeare

It should not be a surprise that the debate about the manner of our capitulation to the Spam has passionately rumbled on inside the forum and it should come as no surprise that just as divisive is the subtext to the loss; namely the contentious issue “to win or not to win, that is the question!” (my apologies to William for corrupting his words).

Our Survey said:

Our poll and so many of the posts have reflected the passion and the pain we invariably feel when losing to a local ‘lesser` rival in the manner that we did; our poll which gave just a choice of three answers asked;

Do our players understand the importance to fans to win derby’s?
Suggested By: 10Hoddle

no, they get paid regardless. 58%
Yes they do, they just have off games 28%
Can’t be sure either way! 14%

It attracted one of our highest ever votes, and as you can clearly see the underlying but overwhelming sentiment being expressed is that the players simply don`t have the same regard for the outcome as we think they should.

Can that honestly be true?

Are they not all professionals who do this for a living, who work tirelessly to be as good as they can be; did West Ham simply end up wanting it more than us, or was it a combination of returning not fully fit players, and players that simply have not had the time together or not played enough competitive football?

There is no love lost between us.

Did the foreign legion among us not understand the history and rivalry that never ends between us?

What caused us to Capitulate?

Having done a brief tot-up (and I am still researching the exact numbers) it seems West Ham`s starting eleven had around twice as many competitive playing hours as our starting eleven – could that be the critical reason that we faded so badly and looked so disjointed in their fifteen minute scoring period?

Did it matter that much?

Whatever the reasons, if we`d won we would have been three games away from a possible cup win, and I cannot shake the feeling that we may look back at the end of the season and pinpoint this Cup as one we could have gone all the way in.

What now?

As it is, we are left now fighting for three of the most difficult trophies in modern football, none of which we`ve won since the Premier league started.

I earnestly hope that as the season rolls on, we address this harm (and I do believe that the manner of our loss has harmed us) and it is ultimately a winning Season, if it isn`t, then a damage limitation exercise may well be too little, too late, when it comes to holding onto our best and our brightest, or am I simply over-thinking it?


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  • Hey, it could’ve got worse. We go through after thrashing the bubble-blowers senseless but we then quite possibly get knocked out in the Q-F by the Gooners. – It’s over. It’s done. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.

  • I’d question how the term derby is being used. Technically any game against any London based team is a derby, since London supports a whole host of clubs that makes for a lot of potential derbys. The idea these are all equally important is ridiculous. Our real derby game is against Arsenal,even if the match has absolutely nothing riding on it both sets of fans are desperate to win.

  • I didn’t vote by the way as I think it’s a rather pointless question to be asking. My answer would be of course they do and yes of course they had an off-game. I’m sure they don’t go into any competitive match not believing that the supporters want a win and that they also want a win, regardless of which team they are playing, London Derby, or not.

  • It’s funny, because all I ever read and hear from Spurs supporters when we are about to play the Hammers, is about how their supporters pathetically view any match v Spurs as a ‘cup final’. We lose to them and the very same THFC supporters get all over-emotional and pathetic themselves, as though it were indeed a cup final.

  • IMO we lost not because players don’t understand what it means to win Derby’s but because we were arrogant, complacent and damn right disrespectful to the opposition, combine with some showboating mannerisms of body language.

    This cup is the least attractive but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and win it. We are aiming higher but surely cup experience finals at any level is needed to get us to those better cups, CL, FA and winning PL?.

    For me I am not cup mad, I like the progress we are making but this loss affected me badly because of the attitude and manner we lost, too much uo their own arses imo and we were made to pay fr that – simple.

    I seriously don’t think we will win anything again this season, certainly not the PL or CL and FA cup is possibly our only option but that want be easy.

    I just hope we get top four, which isn’t going to be easy this season, and I hope we do well in the cups but can’t see us win anything. As for Derby’s well we also need to start winning against Chelsea and Arsenal away for a start, that would make me happier

  • This whole article and the thinking behind it is the reason I seldom venture over to the forum. I find it filled with negative attitudes and many who have the answer to all our woes. I just enjoy my Spurs and support them through thick and thin. I cry when we lose and smile when we win. Apart from that i try not to blame anyone for a poor game as I am not perfect myself.

  • jvd …. I agree. That’s the only attitude to adopt if you want to enjoy football and remain sane!

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