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It`s Ok Lads ?????.it`s Only Tottenham!

So was the famous pre-match comment of Sir Alex before a game at Old Trafford against Spurs. As Gary Neville used to say “Spurs were always “flakey” at OT. Well we`ll see how confident United are against us this season. The dynamics have changed and the shift of footballing ability has seen us win 2 out of our last 3 matches against United which shows that Poch knows how to play and beat Jose. In fact Jose has only won twice against the top five teams (Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, City & Liverpool) home and away since he took charge at United last year. United play noticeably better at home, winning all four Premier League games at Old Trafford and keeping a clean sheet in each one and that`s without some of their most influential players but, when they do get back, United will be a handful so now is probably a good time to play them at the Theatre of Dreams. United have endured a spate of injuries in the last month, leaving their midfield short and with a suspect defense. Pogba- Ibrahimovic -Carrick – Rojo and Fellaini are all missing Eric Bailly will be back as will be Jones and they will need them as Smalling has been left to do all the heavy lifting recently.

This one will be all about tactics especially if Harry Kane is not fit. If we win this one it will be one in the eye for Pep who thinks we are all Kane and no Spurs. We have seen recently that having all the possession does not provide us with goals. We proved against Dortmund, Real Madrid and Liverpool that we can give the opposition the ball and hit teams on the counter! Let`s face it, United are still seen as a soft touch at the back to a quality attack! Spurs by contrast have a more solid defence, if you don`t count losing a 2-0 lead to West Ham!

There is nothing between us in terms of our respective PL records this season, we have both lost once, we have both drawn two and we have both won 6. On paper this should be a draw but then there is the Kane factor and whether he can play if he does he will get in between Smalling and Jones. As long as there is the space at the back for counter attacks we should win it but if Jose decides to have 9 at the back and 1 up front we`ll struggle! Despite 80% possession at Huddersfield United only got 3 shots on target and Mourinho told his players that their attitude stank! I doubt the United team will need booting up for this one so it`s all about how we contain United and whether Poch comes to United with the intention of stealing the game as he did against Real Madrid.

Huddersfield won because they wanted it more and they matched United for passion and aggression. We can show aggression and we can show United that we want it more but we have to be solid at the back. Lukaku has either scored or assisted in eight of his last 10 Premier League games (eight goals, two assists), but, when you look at his goals, many have come at the end of a match when the game has been pretty well won. Don`t get me wrong Lukaku will need handling and Verts and Alders will have to make sure he doesn`t get room in the box. Lukaku won`t go back and get a ball though, he waits for the service which means we have to cut off his supply. Valencia is a power house and his runs along with Youngs gives United a lot of width Herrera and Mata in Midfield are the engine room and you have to wonder whether Poch would rather play Winks than Dembele whilst he nurses Dembele back to some level of fitness.

Herrera and Martial were singled out by Moaning Mourinho because of their poor performance against the Tykes so that midfield paring may change. Herrera has not been a regular for United so far this season, with summer signing Nemanja Matic taking his place in the first-team, Rashford has pace and, as a team, you would say United have more pace than us but can they get past Aurier and Davies? Rashford can be brilliant and quite naïve at the same time and does run himself into cul de sacs. Liverpool raised their game against United and that game was a shut out so hopefully Poch will look at that and pick up some early clues. We can`t afford to go to sleep like we did on Wednesday night. Although beating West Ham would have been nice, in the grander scheme of things getting into the quarter finals would have added a huge fixture congestion for us in December so maybe that defeat was supposed to happen!

Expect a back 5 of Aurier Verts Alders Sanchez and maybe Davies over Rose with Dier sitting in front and Winks taking the ball to the box, the question is whether Poch will play Kane or start Lorente and Eriksen just behind or tinker around with the midfield to try and outnumber United in Midfield and drop Dele deeper. Poch only needs a win or a draw Mourinho has to win to send a message, and to do that in these kind of games, means the best form of defence will be attack. A fast start for us would be ideal. Mourinho has failed to win all 19 Premier League games in which his side have been two goals behind. If we can hold the mighty Real we can certainly get more out of this United game, especially if we show the same concentration levels as we did at the Bernabéu then we must come away with some kind of result. COYS!


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  • Good article, OyVeh. Not sure that it’s a draw on paper …. home advantage is a huge factor. A 3-0 win to Spurs and then we can start to hunt down City!

  • No Kane, no gain I suspect. Dier and Alli have been off form all season, Llorente hasn?t acclimatised to our system or rather we don?t have a system that plays to his strengths and I suspect Lukaku will concentrate on Sanchez. We really need Eriksen to step up and someone to help Winks control the MF. If Kane doesn?t play then Son is the only real attacker we have and he looked knackered on Wednesday. Headaches for Poch, just hope he has a cure.

  • Llorente? Is he not an attacker?

    Spurs have won 5 and drawn one their last 6 PL matches. United have won 3 drawn 2 and lost 1. Lets not let one poor result against the Hammers get in the way of the fact that we are on a par with United in the PL standings and that we have the better, current form.

  • Reasonable article Oy Veh…. It seems Harry will be rested for R Madrid game on Wednesday, So Lorente upfront with Sonny. IMO…shape Poch should go for, 352 with Dele MF with Winksy & Erikson Davies Trippier outside. Toby sanchez Verts, Lloris. As Oy Veh says, contain Utd. MF and hit them on break.

  • We beat Man U and WBA do the unthinkable and win at home against City. Spurs will be just 2 points away in 2nd place. – These things do happen you know. In football. 🙂

  • Been confirmed no Kane for tomorrow, and Wednesday is a maybe. Still dont think we will lose tomorrow, but cant see us winning now, ill settle for a draw.

  • It’s only with out Kane, now poch had to take full blame as 4-1 up against pool and kept him on until late few minute’s total madness as we now have a striker who has no goals.

  • Don’t worry 123. Kane went the whole month of August without a goal. Llorente has scored a good few goals himself, in his long career. I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten how it’s done.

  • The most enjoyment I get from beating teams managed by Jose is watching his post-match interview. I think he?s got a Uni degree in ?Creative Excuses and How To Avoid Blame?. Hope he has to put his degree to good use on Saturday. If Kane doesn’t play I wonder how long it will take him to force his way back into contention after we beat United without him. I had a dream ….

  • Maybe Poch wasn’t being so stupid after all when taking Llorente off the other night. If we had equalised and he had then played the full extra time as well, he’d be knackered for tomorrow, along with Harry. If’s and buts and maybes. Hopefully some tactics will help.

  • Yeah!! 123spurs is right again !! Sorry man but like all you ever do is criticize. Hamstring injuries can happen in training, running to catch the bus, you can?t wrap players in cotton wool all the time and take them out only when needed. Let?s have some faith that we aren?t really Harry Kane?s team for real. Only way to ensure that we put egg on Guardiola?s face is to beat ManU! COYS!

  • I pulled a hamstring getting out of bed one morning, long ago. It’s true! If I had stayed in bed, all wrapped up and warm, it may never have happened. Swings and roundabouts!

  • When Kane was crocked last season our stats were: We went six games without a victory, dropping points to West Brom, Bournemouth and Leicester and losing to Liverpool in the EFL Cup and Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League. We scored significantly fewer goals too. Kane netted more than one-third of our league goals last campaign. 3 teams held us scoreless whilst Kane was out – Bayer twice and Bournemouth. In the 29 games featuring Kane, opponents have kept clean sheets on just four occasions. This time around we have arguably a stronger defence and we can still play slick attacking football as we saw in the first half against West Ham. Dele will not be so lazy as he was on Wednesday but not having Kane means Jose has more resources to choke us up front and he will do just that, he will neutralise Eriksen and Dele and that will affect the service to Lorente or Son so it has to be soak up the pressure and hit them on the counter football just like we did against Real.

  • I can’t imagine not playing Kane against Man U was ever part of the plan. MP is great, but he has to own up to his mistake of leaving Kane on too long against Liverpool. I said in another thread that there was no reason to leave Kane on after the 70th minute. MP has to hold his hand up for that one. The silver lining is a fresh Kane for Real, but I have to believe that we would ideally have had Kane available for both games.

  • We could easily say that losing Kane last season for all those games has prepared us well for losing him for the odd game or more in this season. With a twist of irony and a dash of optimism, I think we will do just fine.

  • It’s obvious that MP didn’t plan for Kane not to play. It’s also obvious that he will be missed. But hey, maybe we will only beat them by the 1 goal and not the 4 or 5.

  • It’s not a mistake leaving Kane on against Liverpool. It’s just the unfortunate outcome of leaving him on. Maybe (probably) MP had every intention of resting Kane for WHU and wanted a fully fit Llorente for that match, knowing Harry would be sharp and ready for United. Again, it’s all if’s and buts. We now deal with the facts and we are still a strong outfit without Harry. Without Dele and Sons goals last season, where would we have finished in the PL?

  • Yes, a lot of ifs and buts, but MP does have a habit of leaving subs until last 5/10 mins. Hardly surprising Llorente is not up to speed in competitive games. Even v Huddersfield, he appeared almost at death. I agree that injuries can happen any time, but when asked about Kane’s injury straight after Liverpool game, Poch said something along the lines of tiredness, playing 3 games in a week. Surely, that alone was a good reason to take him off earlier v Liverpool? Here’s hoping he won’t be missed against United. It wouldn’t surprise me if Poch doesn’t start with Llorente, but Son leading the line. MP has surprised everyone with his recent starting selections, so perhaps he has another surprise lined up….. I think Dembele will start. We will be tighter defensively and rely strictly on breaks. May be time for Eriksen to shine and Dele to take the accolades….

  • Poch has a habit of subbing Harry for whoever, late in matches but it’s not the same for all positions in the team. Many managers do this and to me it’s for obvious reasons. Could it be that it’s purely tactical that he reserves his only out and out attacking sub for a good reason. I think it’s to do with the more pressing dilemma of perhaps losing the goalkeeper, or a defender or two. It may not always work out like that but it’s just a personal theory. But it’s not unusual for this to happen with most teams. I think. Unless it’s out of desperation or your main goalscorer just isn’t doing it and is having a bad day. – I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone but at least I know what I mean. 🙂

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