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Will the Tottenham Hotspurs Hit the UEFA Champions League Group Stage?

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The Tottenham Hotspurs are currently ranked #5 in the Premier League with a total of 44 points. They are only a few points away from throwing Aston Villa out of the UEFA Champions League Group stage. Could their upcoming matches help to put them in the running for the Champions League? Let’s speculate the odds of them coming into the top league by evaluating their current performance and who they will be up against in the upcoming matches.

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Tottenham Hotspurs’ Upcoming Matches

The Tottenham Hotspurs will go up against the following teams on the upcoming dates. You can tune into local programming or purchase tickets to spectate the matches in person.

  • Brighton on February 10, 2024.
  • Wolves on February 17, 2024.
  • Chelsea was originally on February 23, 2024, but it is being postponed.
  • Crystal Place on March 2, 2024.
  • Aston Villa on March 10, 2024.

Tottenham Hotspurs Current Performance Analysis

During the last five games in which the Spurs have played, they had 2 draws, won twice, and lost once. Overall since the games in the Premier League have started, the team has won 13 times, had 5 ties, and experienced 5 losses.

A few key players have been propelling the team forward to success for the 2023 to 2024 season. Heung-Min Son has scored 40 shots on goal with a conversion percentage of 18.75%. He obtains about 0.57 goals per 90 for a total of 12 goals for the season.

Richarlison gets about 31 shots on goal with a 15.38% conversion rate, 0.67 goals per 90, and 10 goals made in total for this season so far.  Dejan Kulusevki has scored 36 shots on goal with a 10.87% conversion rate, 0.22 goals per 90, and 5 goals scored for the season as of currently. Cristian Romero and James Maddison have each scored three goals for the team this season as well.

Overall, the Tottenham Hotspurs have achieved 49 goals for the season with about 2.13 goals for every 90 minutes played. They’ve done 46 total assists with about 2 assists every 90 minutes. They’ve had 880 progressive dribbles with a total of 9,052 successful dribbles. For every 90 minutes, there are about 393.57 successful dribbles.

The team is on a much higher percentage of being on offense during games than being on defense. The Spurs are about 86.32% on offense and 23.16% on defense.

Records That the Tottenham Hotspurs Achieved This Season

The Tottenham Hotspurs is #1 for ground duels being won and the top contender for tackles in the Premier League. They are also #1 in the total number of ground duels they have done as well as successful passes in % from the opponents’ box and total touches in phase set pieces. The team is #2 in the Premier League in multiple facets such as goals total minus XG total and they are #3 in total successful passes from their box.

So Will the Tottenham Hotspurs Make It Into the Champion League?

If the Hotspurs can win all their upcoming games in February and March, it could be the avenue for propelling them to the Champion League. Of course, this would depend on the performance of all the players on the team and as long as there are no injuries amongst the key players.

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