Date: 3rd June 2019 at 11:32am
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A goal down almost before the game kicked off and a second goal conceded at the death when Spurs were pushing for a deserved equaliser meant defeat in our first Champions League final.

Spurs contained Liverpool’s attack throughout the game. Spurs controlled midfield throughout the game. Spurs had more goal attempts and possession throughout the game and were superior in all match statistics but good goalkeeping and a failure to convert many excellent opportunities meant defeat.

Make no mistake …. losing the final is not a step back; reaching the final is another step forward.

Of course it was disappointing but, personally, my disappointment was short-lived as I was so proud of this team’s performance throughout the ninety minutes. This performance took nothing away from Tottenham’s growing reputation as a top football club.

But still the knives come out and the vitriol from some ‘supporters’ begins. It’s Astounding! Some of the comments on VS were …. ‘We played the better football’, ‘We were the better team’, ‘We outplayed them’! Okay, we didn’t win. It’s football. But almost every football fan on the planet watched us being the better team. So why all the vitriol?

Supporters who consider that any member of the Spurs team did not give their utmost should spend more time exploring their own successes and failures in life. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t work out the way we want.

There are so many reasons for any team losing: not good enough, poor team selection, bad decisions from the whistleblower, poor tactics, etc, etc. Sometimes the better team loses. But at the end of the day it is what it is and life (and football) goes on.

None of the supporters who are disparaging the club now would have realistically expected Spurs to be in the final …. so why be so angry because we didn’t win it? Disappointed, yes, because the opportunity was there …. but surely the pride in going so far should outweigh any anger from supporters.

The dream for this season is over, but the dream for next season has already begun. And that’s what football provides …. a tag game of never-ending dreams! Great, isn’t it.

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  • It’s amazing how people can see completely different things, one apparently watching a good but unlucky performance by a clearly superior team, while others see a lifeless, uninspired display, which caused the winners so little trouble that an equally flat performance was sufficient to gain the victory. One sees the better team thwarted by inspired goalkeeping, others see a toothless and disjointed attack, led by an unfit player who hasn’t been at his best since before the last World Cup, and should have started on the bench, the keeper being called on to make a couple of routine saves, and nothing more. Finally, one sees a creditable showing, promising well for the future, while others see a team unable to raise its game from the relegation form with which it finished last season, in need of top-to-toe rebuilding. Someone needs to go to Specsavers, but who?

  • I came out the final with more certitude than ever that I am proud to be a supporter of THFC. Take away the awful call by the official in the opening seconds and considering that we outplayed Poo throughout most of the match…

    We have everything to be proud about. I love this club more than ever. What a run we had, ousting Citeh when no one thought it possible, ousting Ajax when no one thought it possible.

    Stop the moaning and fussing. Be proud that we are Spurs, the team that did most with the least this season. I do not remember any season by any other team that was as wild as this season was for us. Be proud, lads, be proud.

  • Geofspurs…..thanks for a truly honest article, well written.

    Ches….so bloody true with your reasoning, lol.

    TK….am with you there, I am also a very proud Spurs fan, and even prouder deep down now, though a little bit disappointed, ah well life goes on. COYS

  • How we got as far as we did baffles me. Its been an incredibly hard season and by the final they just had nothing left. I was actually a lot more disappointed the year Leicester won the league. Then I felt we had a really good chance of taking the title, this time it was an uphill battle from start to finish.

  • TBH I think it was abit of everything people think. It just being a non classic game gives you a real perspective about the game. What is most important now coming out of the game is how the board re-act, Back him or litrally sack him by not investing properly to try and give Poch the chance for more memories like the last CL campaign.

  • libbo2003 – “not investing properly”, I really do get fed up of these non specific sound bites. What do you actually mean. Spending what we have or spending what we don’t have ? Reinforcements so we don’t run out of players next time or actual upgrades on what we already have ? Of course its much easier to just come out with some phrase that can mean anything or nothing.

  • Regards new blood for next season, I would like every Tom, Dick or Moussa to sign, but I know it isn’t going to happen, so in my small minded way “its just wait and see”, as I always have done in my time a Spurs Fan and that’s a long time.. COYS

  • Playing Kane was correct, but then we continued playing long high balls. For lorrente that’s fine. Not Kane. Had he received normal service, would have been a different game. Offensively Pool were negated by Jan and Toby. I agree more positive things than negative. A mere bump in the road on the way to bigger things.

  • “Playing Kane was correct, but then we continued playing long high balls. For lorrente that’s fine. Not Kane. Had he received normal service, would have been a different game”
    True ’nuff. We did play the long-ball game too much. But I’d wager that that followed from Poch’s plan for the alignment to shut down the Poo attack, which we did quite effectively for the most part. Playing a high line like we did early in the Poch era might have opened us up in ways that playing back more would not, and hence the long-ball attack. Hard to shut down an absurdly wrong penalty call, though.

  • I actually thought that the Spurs performance was pretty poor. I thought Liverpool were poorer still. As for the ref giving the penalty? That was also very poor. Poor performances all round made for a very poor and dull game of football. It was all a massive disappointment to me… Unlucky Spurs not lucky Spurs, in the end.

    Oh well, it was good while it lasted…

  • Regarding the penalty, the decision was based on the latest uefa cock up of the rules of the game, that have been around for decades. They say that virtually any contact between ball and hand is a penalty, which of course is complete nonsence. The problem is they don’t understand, or can’t spell deliberate, so they have decided to ignore it. They are gradually sanitizing the game, they have nearly almost outlawed tackling, needlessly buggered up the offside rule as well.

  • Latest on Eriksen. Apparently he is reported as saying that he had reached a stage in his career when he might like to try something else and apparently Real Madrid are still hovering in the background. In virtually every game in the second half of the season, in all competitions, he has been substandard and appearing somewhat disinterested, as was obvious in the CL final. I would suggest if he doesn’t want to play and give his all for Spurs, then while we can still get a fee for him, get rid and get the lad from Real Bettis in, or Isco, to replace him. Problem is he is under no selection pressure at Spurs whether he plays good, bad, or indifferently, and this lack of pressure shows in his play, his body language, and playing with a face like a slapped arse, he knows he is not dropable. He simply fails to turn up in too many games since he has had his head turned. In short, come on Levy cash in and reinvest in somebody who really wants to play for Spurs.

  • Funny thing about Eriksen is that his numbers in a Spurs shirt are pretty impressive. They show that he’s one of, if not the most creative player in the league over the last few years. Problem is, while this season’s numbers are decent, he’s down in every category when compared with his other season’s at Spurs. He’s clearly had his head turned and unfortunately a lot of this season’s performances show that. Poch’s tactics mean we go as Eriksen goes, and this season the football hasn’t really been the best. It’s certainly not as slick and entertaining as it has been so I’m ok with him leaving. I had the thought that perhaps it was time to break up the group and bring in 4 or 5 new faces. I hope the board see it the same way. You’d think with the tv money, prize money, and the new stadium increasing revenues that we’d be in a stronger position to improve the squad. Let’s also hope that if they do decide that the product on the pitch is high on the agenda this time, that they don’t draw it out until deadline day. After the CL final we could do with a quick bit of good news!

  • We like liverpool did not turn up, at least our front four did’nt. If we had really had a go at them we would have won that game despite the penalty that really was’nt. Now we need to do what liverpool done last year and identify the weak links in our team and replace them with top quality players who will go straight into the first eleven not squad. We have got to start turning up for the very big games with the attitude that were going to win them , not with the oh were just happy to be here crap. We are Tottenham Hotspur and in the 60s, 70s and 80s we used to win finals . This really was a golden opportunity and we blew it.

  • Some very good posts so far… Eriksen can go to his new challenge, Levy has said to RM he’s not for sale. Which is standard Levy speak for.. pay my price and you can take him, remember Bale transfer?

    It looks like poch will get at least 2 top players with 2 youngsters, and 5 to leave to balance squad numbers then possible 1 more in last week of transfer window.

    As to stadium revenue, catering prices are not that cheap. But all the normal outlets pies, burgers etc. always packed out

  • I’ve been looking at the international commitments of some of our squad over the summer and it doesn’t look good to me. We have quite a few current squad players (and potential new signings) involved the Copa America, the final of which isn’t until July 7th, and we have the European players involved with the Nations League and Euro qualifying matches which run almost to the middle of June. Our African contingent fare even worse, the Cup of Nations tournament doesn’t reach it’s final until July 19th!

    When you consider that our first competitive match in pre-season is on July 21st in Singapore you have to think that the players (where possible )will need to report for pre-season training early in July. How does this give the players an opportunity to take a break and recover from what has already been a tough season following on from last years World Cup? Seems to me the commercial and financial demands of the football hierarchy will end up burning out it’s top players.

  • TQ …. ‘Seems to me the commercial and financial demands of the football hierarchy will end up burning out it’s top players.’ Sadly, it’s all about generating as much money as possible, and it won’t get any better if the powers-that-be have their way. Maybe the top players really do earn the obscene wages they receive. The only time Kane will get a decent break is when he gets injured. It’s crazy!

  • I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say they earn their obscene wages Geof, I would have said that £250k to £1m max per annum would be a pretty decent wage for what they do. The current system is crazy and is insulting to the average Joe who spends his/her hard earned dosh to attend games or subscribe to TV sports channels and streaming services.

    I do think that footballers are quick to bemoan their lot in terms of what is expected from them physically, compare them having to play at most an average of two 90 minute games over the season to a top level professional male tennis player who can often be involved in a 5 hour match and potentially come back and do the same again just 48 hours or less later and might play 5 or 6 such matches over a 2 week tournament.

    I know this may seem as though I’m contradicting my first post but in fact the point I am making is that they no longer seem to get a decent in between seasons break to let their bodies and minds recover.

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