Date: 26th July 2018 at 2:03pm
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Dreams And Reality!

2018/2019, a new season starts. We all dream. When it comes to football my dream is that Spurs win every game they play and every trophy they play for whilst, at the same time, I get to enjoy pure, flowing football, in the Spurs tradition. But even our sweetest dreams can be destroyed by reality!

The best thing about a new season for supporters is that it is always the start of a journey to an unknown destination.

So, once again, it is the time of year when we ask those interesting two questions; what would we like Spurs to achieve this season and what, realistically, do we expect Spurs to achieve this season? No doubt there will be a variety of answers but, as they say, ‘variety is the spice of football’ …. or something like that.

Thinking about it I could probably cut and paste what I said this time last year. I want Spurs to play good, competitive football. I want to see some amazing goals and some amazing team, and individual, performances. I want to be ‘entertained’. I want Spurs to finish in the top four. I want Spurs to progress from the group stage of the CL and at least one knock-out round. I want Spurs to have a good run (Semi-final) in one, or both, of the domestic Cups. And I want Spurs to avoid relegation!

In reality, what do I expect? Well, I expect to get exactly what I wanted! It is quite possible that I will get more than I wanted because I know Spurs are capable of more. Unfortunately I don’t know how our World Cup stars will adjust to PL football after a long and intense summer. I have no idea how other clubs will perform. I don’t know how the remaining days of the TW will change the script. I don’t know how long it will take to adjust to playing in a new stadium although, given our away record over the previous three seasons, I don’t think it matters much where we play.

There are the usual six main contenders for a top four PL finish. Or will there be a surprise seventh? That would make it interesting. Will one or two of the ‘top six’ self-destruct early. That would be interesting, too. Less interesting if Spurs were one of them!

It will take five or six games for the teams to settle down. By game twelve we will have a fair idea of who is going to do what. By game nineteen all the clubs will have played each other and we will have a much better idea of who is going to do what. By game thirty-eight we’ll know for sure. Throughout the season a number of variables will influence results, adding to the drama and interest. Emotions will roller-coast from game to game and, often, during each game. There’s nothing quite like it.

So VS, as the season is about to kick off, what do you want and what do you expect?


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  • It’s not going to be a big surprise, but I would like to see us win something and finish in the top 4 or better. Realistically, top 4 and the LC seem the most attainable.

    If the season goes as Geof wants in the article, it will be a good season but I won’t help but to feel that we’ll have stagnated a little. I’m willing to compromise on style in order to hopefully see us lift a trophy (the more prestigious the better, but baby steps).

  • We need to win the premier league. We have a great settled squad with a couple of gems in the academy coming through. Moura will be like a new hungry energised signing and the world cup lads will use their experience to help us achieve greatness this season. Factor in an amazing new stadium and bingo we have lift off. Let’s get right behind them every step of the way. It’s gonna be exciting! COYS X

  • I want lucas moura to be given a good chance in the first team ; the club have lacked real penetration and trickery down the wing for a few years now ; their predictability, especially against the lesser teams has been a real weakness. If given his chance i cant see the need for zaha or pulisic if the club is as strapped for cash as they say following the cost of the new stadium. I would also hope that harry winks recovers well because he is a class player; at his best he would have improved england at the world cup. In his absence we will struggle to improve so a progressive midfielder has to be levy’s priority in the transfer market if dembele goes

  • Champions , with the spending and quality players going to other clubs things could be changing unless we bring at least two in minimum . Could drop out of the running for Cl very easy hope not . Worrying times coys

  • As usual I agree with BS almost word for word. What do I expect, I expect as I do every season an improvement on the season before, rather than stand still and as BS says stagnate. We are already a top 4 club, allbeit with less wins and points than the previous season, we had disappointing defeats in both domestic cup competitions, particularly the one v West Ham from 2-0 up, and threw away a lead in the last 16 stage v Juventus in CL. I would expect improvements on these results, I hope we have put ourselves in position to achieve this, but I am disappointed in our transfer window inactivity. We will hope we stay lucky with injuries to key players, and not too many come back totally knackered from their WC exploits as we have precious cover for some of them, although MP promises some new faces before the window shuts, hope this is more accurate than “we will get our business done early before the WC starts”. We shall see.

  • Hi Geof, nearly time for the 1st game so I thought I’d pop in to have my input!

    Your article raised some very good points and questions.

    Rather than what do I expect or hope for, I’d list a number of things I DON’T want to see/hear:

    1. You say, “It will take five or six games for the teams to settle down”. Well I don’t want to us play catch from that early on in the season…again.

    2. I don’t want Harry to have a drought in August, thought he may have an excuse this time round.

    3. I don’t want to hear Poch say in a post match interview, “we started very slowly”… hope they’ll be better prepared for each game.

    4. I don’t want to keep hearing ‘We need to be more clinical – Dele”.

    5. I want Dier to be less dire in some games. Is it me me or does he look like Tom Huddleston, having consumed a lot of Big Macs?!

    6. I don’t want to see Hugo make too many poor distributions.

    7. …add yours.

    One thing I hope Poch considers is giving Kieren an opportunity with Free Kicks and Corners.

    With all above resolved, I am looking forward to another exciting journey and may be, just may be, put a trophy in the new stadium cabinet. COYS!

  • BS …. Ditto.

    Frank … We’re probably all a bit disappointed with the TW so far. But it’s not over yet.

    michael …. I think Moura and Winks will be huge players for us this season. Fantastic potential. I’d even say that Moura, Son, Dele, and Winks are all equal in their importance to what happens from August.

  • I expect every Spur to do their duty.

    I want to see what I always want to see with Spurs ahead of the start of every season.

    A team of fine, hardworking individuals, under the guidance of a worthy manager, going out and attempting their very best to win every match they play, in all competitions. Which strangely enough means that they also then have a great chance of winning more than just a few matches but, a trophy too.

    The PL title would be quite nice! A PL and CL double would also be a rather lovely way to go too…

    Up, up and away (from home) and in our new home, sweet home!

    Up the Spurs!

  • Geofspurs….great article, getting to be a bit of a habit, keep writing.

    BS…agree, but still want the flair.

    C_Spurs….think you had better start wearing ear defenders, only joking, It would be great if your wishes come true, but somehow I am not sure, 1 or 2 might slip out lol!

    My dream for next season….simple, have a great season Spurs. COYS

  • Critical …. Nice to hear from ya. What I meant by ‘your number 1’ is that it will take a few games for teams to settle because of the changes to their playing staff. A lot can be done in training but playing a competitive game in the PL can really turn eleven players into a team. Should be a good season!

  • Aah, but at least can’t use Wembley as an excuse Geof!, though from September the new WHL may play a part…..for the better I hope. COYS!

  • Critical … That’s true. Wembley is not a problem. Hopefully the new Lane won’t be either …. no reason why it should be.

    I also don’t think we can blame August for Harry not scoring in the past …. it’s just one of those weird patterns football throws up now and again. Maybe this season he’ll score eight in August and none in April. It’s all part of the ‘great unknown’!

  • C_Spur….”can’t use Wembley as an excuse” well that’s me done then haha, the doom merchants will have a War of the Worlds size excuse book available, only jesting lads n lassies, am still hyped from our 4-1 win, Moura was mom for me, looks like a new signing. COYS

  • Geofspurs….oh so sorry for underestimating you mate! Where the hell do you find the time? lol COYS

  • No doubt everyone was devastated to hear that Arsenal lost on penalties to Atletico. I just want you all to know that I share your grief!

  • PY …. I’m retired! Although, to be honest, they only take around ten minutes to do. Apart from that, writing is something I have enjoyed since primary school …. mostly poems and short stories. Well, there has to be more to life than football. My Kawasaki, reading, and my kids and G/kids fill in much of my time. Retirement is so demanding! lol

    • Geofspurs…..Ditto, maybe not writing, no talent you see, but add caring for a family member to the list, oh and my preference for v8 engines, so am a petrol head Spurs fan. COYS

  • ARSENAL! S**T! B******S! W*****S! DIRTY F*****S!

    Sorry that’s my extremely abusive, offensive but uncontrollable TOURETTE’S SYNDROME KICKING IN! WENGER!


  • Didn’t watch the game last night/early morning. Was that our B or C team?… might give Harry & Co an extended break!

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