Date: 2nd March 2018 at 9:11am
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One dream everybody connected to THFC shares is to enjoy Champions League football in our new, mind-blowing, you-beaut, state-of-the-art, how-do-you-like-them-apples-Arsenal, stadium. How close are we to making that dream come true?

There are so many ‘ifs, buts, and maybes’ when trying to predict results in football that it almost seems pointless to try. But sometimes you just have to and, let’s face it, it’s fun.

There are ten games remaining. Ten! If we beat Huddersfield and City beat Chelsea at the weekend we will have a five point lead and a better GD (could be significant) over Chelsea with nine games left. I believe our neighbours will have no influence on the outcome of the top four positions … being more focused on finishing in 6th, 7th, or 8th, place. A new day has dawned in North London.

It is also quite possible, given the remaining fixtures, that we could end up in second or third place on the table. And that would place us in a much better position when the CL commences.

Our remaining fixtures are no more difficult for us, in terms of the opposition we will face, than any of our rivals. So it’s seems that, after this weekend, we could almost be at the stage where a top four finish is ours to lose. We will drop some points but so will the teams around us. It should even out quite nicely. Shouldn’t it?

Given the fact that our squad is virtually injury free (I’m anticipating Verts and Toby coming back soon) and our confidence is on the rise which is reflected in our results and performances, surely we have every right to feel noisily confident we can make it happen. If Toby does not return soon it might be for reasons other than fitness. We will soon know how that one transpires. But despite this, you just get the feeling that everything is coming together at the right time. The bonus of a cup or two wouldn’t upset me either.

Is top four almost ours to lose? What do you think?


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  • At the moment the games can’t come quick enough. We are playing well, grinding out results and have a wonderful, almost fully fit squad to deal with it. I just hope that overconfidence won’t be a problem. I won’t be celebrating anything till the last game of the season (which might even be the FA Cup or CL Final) COYS

  • I’m probably in the minority, but I’d rather is finish fifth and win the FA cup then finish fourth and win nothing. Of course finishing 2nd and winning the FA and Champion’s League cups would be my first choice 🙂

  • Knowing our luck, we’ll finish fifth, won’t win anything and Arsenal will finish sixth having won the Europa League

  • Geofspurs, let’s hope so. I must admit this team does seem to have something about them. I’ve not seen that in a long time from a Spurs team, the belief (not hope) that we can beat the “big” teams. We just need to take the next step up and win something.

  • ISA …. Maybe that ‘belief’ comes from having just beaten four big teams. Why wouldn’t they be full of confidence in themselves and each other.

  • ISA, losing out on winning a CL spot could cost us up to £55million next season. That?s the amount we have earned to date in this season?s CL. It is why we can keep our stars because it allows us to pay them big bonuses instead of having to pay big salaries. Getting into the CL is a massive need not a nice to have. FA cup trophy would be great to win but it won?t replace the revenue from losing out on CL. Losing out on CL will see many of our stars seriously begin looking to leave.

  • Funnily enough Geof, last weekend i was thinking that other than a serious injury to Kane, complacency would be our biggest enemy in the run in to the end of the season. So I think there’s a long way to go before we can think ‘It’s almost our to lose’. City may not beat Chelsea at the weekend (how much will they have left in the tank after last night and the League Cup final?) We could lose at the Bridge and then things would look a lot different. Juve have Dybala back next week. We could be without Jan. That would put a different perspective on the game for me. Swansea away will be very tough in the FA Cup.

    Having said that, the players are playing with a lot of confidence now, as you’ve said. And as in the last two seasons it looks like we’re going to play much better in the second half of the season than the first. We also have a near fully fit squad (with the addition of Moura).

    I don’t know what we’re going to end up with at the end of the season but I am confident that provided we stay focused we’re going to see some great and exciting football from our team.

  • We have 2 difficult games left- Chelsea away & Man City at Wembley, top 4 place is ours to throw away indeed. As long as the best players remain injury free & disgruntled ones like Toby & Rose stay on board ,I’m optimistic.

  • We are fighting on 3 fronts and they need to be balanced but the PL will absolutely take precedence over all else. Don?t be surprised if we sacrifice the CL itself this season, for PL position and FA Cup trophy. Not saying we have to but not sure we can fight on all 3 fronts with our squad. So the question is really which trophy is the more realistic, FA Cup or CL?

  • Geof – given that we’re currently 4th, it’s hard to argue that the position is “ours to lose” ;-). This being said I expect a dog fight to the end. The good news is that With City playing Chelsea Sunday and Man U playing Liverpool next week, while we play Huddersfield and Bournemouth respectively, the next 2 weeks could be hugely beneficial to us.

  • jvd … If it was purely for financial reasons I would say we need to aim for top four, then CL, then FA Cup. But I think we have a squad that could well finish in the top four and take off one of the cups.

  • FA cup is more realistic obviously & it would give us a great crowing opportunity over poor old Arsenal ,who I’m hoping will be trounced by Brighton on Sunday.Tee hee.

  • jvd, the FA Cup is a much more realistic target than the CL but if came to a choice of prioritising one over the other, I’d take the CL all day long. As much as I’d like us to win the FA Cup, I don’t think there’s any real merit in winning it. This season all we’ve had to beat is Wimbledon, Newport and Rochdale to get to the quarter finals. Last season Arsenal played two non-league sides in winning the trophy. Compare that to our journey in the CL already this season: Real Madrid, Dortmund and Juventus so far. The players want to play in the CL. And the further they go the more experience they get at winning big matches. The club gains both financially and through exposure. Our European coefficient improves which may result in a higher seeding the following season. And as a fan European nights in the top competition doesn’t get much better. I would take a quarter final spot in the CL over winning the FA Cup.

  • Gary …. I did mention the ‘ifs and buts’, but unless anything too unexpected happens I can’t see us missing out on the top four. It’s not wishful thinking, and not even an attempt to put a positive spin on things …. but more a logical (maybe not such a good word to use in relation to football) prediction taking all the remaining fixtures into account.

  • jvd, if we get past Juve in the CL but lose to the Swans in the FA cup, there’s an answer for you. If we beat Juve and Swansea, then draw say Roma or Shakhtar in the CL and Man U in the FA cup, who would you fancy our chances of progression against the most? Or, 2 legs in the CL against any team left or 1 chance (bar replays) v Man U or Chelsea in the FA cup? … Surely the main priority has to be to do our utmost to win the next game and then the next and so on… If we are knocked out of both cups over the next 2 games in them, then we will have no choice but to just play out the PL… In other words, how does one plan and prioritise for all these different scenarios, bar going for the win in every match we play and see where it will eventually take us.

  • Geof, this weekend is pivotal. If we get the five point cushion then yes, it’s our to lose.

  • HT … I agree with that. I can’t imagine a Spurs team going onto the pitch with the attitude, ‘this one doesn’t matter’. As you say, they all matter …. and we are Spurs. The club motto should guide us whenever and wherever we play.

  • It’s great today because we are in 3 competitions & looking good. With Moura making assists & Llorente looking a bit like the great striker he once was, I feel we have strengthened our attacking options on the bench. This time of the season when fatigue & injuries are kicking in the advantage of a big squad cannot be over-emphasised. Regarding the Champions League it’s a possibility as Real are fading,Neymar is out for a while & the best teams-Barca,Bayern & Citeh could be drawn against each other.It’s a cup competition & we used to be good at those! COYS.

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