Date: 6th August 2019 at 9:30pm
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After a long, and pretty quiet summer for Tottenham Hotspur fans, despite a season extension for the Champions League Final and new record signing Tanguy Ndombele arrive, Premier League football finally returns this Saturday as we welcome newly promoted Aston Villa to our new White Hart Lane Stadium.

After a three year absence from the top flight after their relegation, a dark summer with financial concerns almost saw us snare young talent and England hopeful Jack Grealish, and even though the 23-year-old has admitted his head was turned we failed to come to an agreement and with their take over, he stole the show in 2018/19, but for them, and not us.

We’ve moved on and if we wouldn’t pay the reported £25million, we aren’t going to meet the speculated £60million release fee, but for those in the fanbase who would’ve loved him with us, we’ll all be hoping he has a poor return to the top flight himself as our aim is to build further on last season and pick up the three points that will again establish us quickly at the top of the table.

We’ll then hope injuries don’t get in the way as they did last year and if we can’t challenge genuinely (with consistency) for the top two spots, we’ll at least want to close the points gap to show further progress but on a more immediate basis, it’s all eyes to deadline day as despite Jan Vertonghen recently talking up the group, we all know we need a few more faces through the front door.

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199 Replies to “Spurs Welcome Jack Grealish & Villa To White Hart Lane – Match Thread”

  • I think Ndombele will get some game time just unsure if it will be starting in the first 11 or off the bench.

    I’m more intrigued to see if Eriksen is involved and what formation we play. Our new boys will get plenty of game time.

  • For this first match, I’ll go with a familiar look Spurs, although I’m uncertain as to whether Eriksen should/will play or not. But for me that is mainly due to recent poor form and not any uncertainty about his Spurs future…

    Hugo Lloris
    KW-P Toby Jan Rose
    Winks Sissoko
    Lamela Eriksen Son
    Harry Kane

    Maybe Tanguy and even a sneaky look at Lo Celso from the bench?

    Probably totally wrong but there you go…

  • Sessegnon got his hamstring injury about a month and a half ago but there’s no certainty as to when he’ll be back to fitness. But Pochettino I presume wouldn’t be pushing him right into the the team anyway. He is definitely more one for the future. (post Rose?)… When fit I’ll expect we will see him on the bench initially/mostly and making some cup appearances here and there.

  • HT….you got there before me, that was the team I am expecting for tomorrow, but Lucas rather than Son as you corrected Lol! The bench might be interesting. COYS

  • Having now done a bit of post TW scouting of Lo Celso and going by what I’ve also seen of Ndombele; I reckon we have bought very well indeed.

    AND……. If Poch is to try going with a 433 as myself and others have already suggested, then these two look ideal as box to box players alternating and also in tandem when pushing forward as a press without the ball and as an attacking force in possession. I can see Dier/Winks as the more holding/defensive players in a midfield 3 and Sissoko and Skipp providing rotation/cover with the two new guys.

    And with or without Christian in the side, I think we have plenty of attacking ability in the side/squad to provide well for our forwards. Lo Celso and Ndombele may not be seen in the playmaker mould as with CE but they can certainly provide for us in their own positive and forward-thinking fashion. As well as looking defensively strong. I feel that even without CE it doesn’t necessarily mean we are weakened in our creativity, just different… A more direct way, a new way, may well prove a better way in the long run…….. I await it with eager anticipation. And if/when Christian does leave, I still think we will be a force to be reckoned with. A fresh and new improved Spurs for the new stadium… Why not?

  • Like the optimistic attitude,see poch is saying we may not see celso for 4-5 weeks yet.
    Tq yeah,good maths….lol.
    Everyone seems to be saying city is a surity for the title except this fellow on ESPN who says pool and us third .
    Remember we were two points off city around Xmas before injury and fatigue took a hand so maybe can upload that rabbit from the hat…coys

  • I was listening to Motty giving his predictions for this weeks PL matches and also for top 4 finishers at the end of the season. He has us down for a win vs Villa and also has us finishing second in the PL behind Liverpool with City in third!

  • His reasoning is that he thinks they will prioritise winning the CL, I think we all thought they would be doing this last season but didn’t reckon on playing us! :- )

  • Off topic but has anyone seen David luiz’ so called reason for joining the goons?
    He claims he left chelski because he wants to win trophies (speech of the window)…lol.
    Fact is lampard told him he wont be a guaranteed starter.

  • I reckon Eriksen will start and Moura and Lamela deserve their places irrespective of suspension’s etc after having a good goal-scoring pre-season. We could of course go with 3 in the middle of Winks, N’Dombele and Sissoko with Lamela, Moura and HK10 – doubt it but it’s certainly now an option – even more so when Dier and Wanyama are back to full fitness and firing – Liverpool style. I honestly want Sissoko in the team regularly as he was my player of the season last year closely followed by Sonny, HK10, Moura, Winks and Toby.


    KWP Toby Verts Rose

    Sissoko Winks

    Moura Eriksen Lamela


    Saying this N’Dombele will probably start for Sissoko.

  • Unless we do have Lo Celso on the bench (unlikely?), we are a bit light on attacking options with both Dele and Son not available. So we could well play with 3 in the middle if Poch wants to keep one of Lucas Lamela or Eriksen in reserve.

    Of course he could choose Parrott to be on the bench as an attacking option. There is also Nkoudou. Poch may also have to call on another young one to cover the full-back positions, left and right. So there could be 2 or 3 of our younger academy players on the bench today, if MP feels it necessary

  • Just listening to discussion on new handball laws on BT Sport with ex ref Peter Walton…………..what an absolute mess they are creating. He starts by demonstrating what a natural silhouette is (arms by the side) and says anything other than that will be handball. He then says incidents such as that with Sissoko in the CL probably won’t be given in the PL this year? It’s going to be total confusion!

  • It’s only the start of the season, and already we all trying to name the team for to day, at the mo all very similar, but the addition of 3 new lads is already getting us thinking, way of playing/line up, esp as a couple of the last years squad are injured, so for me all this predicting/not knowing is excellent.

    Am looking forward to an very good season, everybody except a couple ready and raring to go. COYS

  • TQ2S….the handball ruling isn’t the only thing that’s going to cause confusion but VAR itself I think.

    There are going to be a whole load of moans n groans about the two stiuation’s right through the season, am looking forward to it, not! lol! COYS

  • If we carry forward the best of the pre-season play into the game today Villa could be in for a tough time.

    Liverpool showed they can be vulnerable last night, their high intensity play in the first half got them a 4-0 lead but they ran out of steam and lost the second half 1-0 to a hard working Norwich side with some fairly decent talent in it.

  • Mornin’ lads and lassies.

    TQ/PY the handball ruling seems to me to have been changed to fit in with VAR itself. Surely VAR should be to clear up the not so clear for the ref and assistants, that which has happened in real time and not be imposing on the game too much as an integrated entity of its own, by over complicating things such as handball. Which for me it already does, all too often.

    As for a players “natural silhouette” supposedly being with hands down to their sides? How is this a natural stance when running around playing a sport like football? To me it is a most unnatural position. And that’s either when standing still or in movement… I just don’t get it. Maybe they should tie their arms to their sides and see how that works. They’ll all be totally unbalanced most of the time and unable to play without falling over all the time!

    We’ll see. But I still think it’s set up to cause yet more controversy whereby it is supposed to end it. When it works it works well. But when it doesn’t work, total confusion for all seems to ensue…

  • As HT said the “natural silhouette” being by your sides is simple, it is not, especially whilst running, standing still at attention maybe, so as I said before maybe wearing a “straight jacket” is required lol!

    Not long…so bring on the Villans. COYS

  • Going back to Sissoko’s CL final ‘handball’; As a player, Moussa is always pointing, throughout the game and all over the pitch. It’s what he and many players will often do. Pointing to space that needs covering by a team-mate, pointing to where he thinks the ball should be played etc. But he seems to do it more frequently than most. I’ve seen that Dier does this a lot as well. To the point whereby I have made a mental note of it… Is this now to be considered a thing that all players should now refrain from doing?

    Of course it will more often than not, not end with the ball hitting their hand or arm but when it does, what are we now to think, when in the PL it may be ignored but in the CL for example, it will again be seen as handball?

    It doesn’t matter that this won’t probably be a regular occurrence because as we have seen, in the CL final it still had a huge impact on how most of the match panned out because it happened so early in the game and at nil, nil…

    I don’t know. Will the refs (let alone all the rest of us), also not really know for sure?

    Argh! I got a headache!

    What times kick-off?! LOL

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