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It’s that time of year. It’s a wonder. We wonder how we will go in the league. We wonder how we will go in the League Cup. We wonder how we will go in the FA Cup. We wonder how we will go in the Champions League. Isn’t it wonderful!

So what would we like to see happen?

Assuming (an educated assumption) that the PL title and domestic Cups for the new season will go to clubs who finished in the top six places last season, it would be fair to say that, once again, we are in the mix.

My hope for this season is the same as last season …. a top four finish and a good run in the cups. And I think anything less than a QF in the CL would be disappointing. It’s quite probable that supporters of the top six clubs have the same hope as me. The competition is so fierce that eventual winners are uncertain.

City is probably the exception and would be the club that most pundits pick to win something. Liverpool will be a favourite of the pundits, too. But Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and United are not just there to make up the numbers. In reality, there are no guarantees for any of these six clubs.

I don’t think there are any significant changes to the City and Liverpool teams. United shouldn’t be much better than last season and Chelsea probably won’t be as good without Hazard to rely on.

As far as we are concerned I believe we are in a much better place than we were at the start of last season …. in terms of both the squad and where we are playing. Barring a catastrophic amount of injuries our bench looks quite formidable and as I said on one of the threads, it looks like the best squad we’ve ever had in terms of depth.

The major factor that will influence what happens is how all of the new players will fit in with their new clubs. The first few games will be interesting. Some will make a mark and some won’t. That’s always a gamble no matter how good a player’s resume looks.

Then again, there is the possibility that one or two lesser fancied clubs could throw their hat in the ring …. at least for a while. That’s the joy of the Premier League.

So …. who’s wondering?

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73 Replies to “Spurs – It’s A Wonder!”

  • With the obsession that many supporters have about having to win trophies to be considered at all to have had a successful season; I always wonder about what is considered acceptable for the season as a whole if we do go on to win a trophy. Let’s say the FA cup.

    What if we have a poor season (by recent standards) in the PL, finish 5th or 6th, but win the FA cup? Is that to be considered a success? What if we also don’t get past the CL group stage but win the FA cup?

    I ask this because the FA cup final comes right at the end of the season. So, after being disappointed during the whole course of the season by being poor in both the PL and/or CL and not knowing at all what may happen with the FA cup final until it’s played of course; Can we only ever then view our season retrospectively as being a good one? Especially If we have spent almost 10 months being thoroughly disappointed with our team in all other competitions.

    I mean how can we then suddenly see a ‘bad’ season as a good one just because we managed to win and not lose that end of season, final cup game?

    Football happens in real time. Real time emotions. Real time enjoyment. Real time pain. So, in real time, what if after witnessing 90 minutes of the most boring FA cup final in history is only just won by Spurs with a last minute own goal off a Gooners backside? How does this change everything? How would it have made this season better and so much more enjoyable than the last?

    I mean when I talk about reaching the CL final as being a great achievement by Spurs, I’m then told by folks, “So what, we lost 13 PL matches”. “We went backwards”. “Last season was not a success”.

    Would finishing 6th in the PL (having say lost more than 13 matches this time around) but winning the FA cup final be seen as a successful season? Even though we had already (in real time) suffered several months of torment watching our Spurs mostly being mediocre. Is a cup win in this case, really the be all and end all?

    What if we failed but having played some fantastic football all season? What if we finished second in the PL but lost 1-0 in that FA cup final?

    I was just wondering…

  • HT …. Wonderful comment! It is interesting how supporters define ‘a good season’ in so many ways. I want a successful outcome in every competition. But more than that I want Spurs to play according to our tradition …. good football and performances that make our supporters proud and global recognition as a result of it. I’m not sure if I want too much or not enough …. but I’m happy. : – )

  • Hi and thanks Geof.

    I hope that other VS posters realise that that post is full of questions and not statements… I genuinely would like to know how people can define an enjoyable season, either in advance of hopefully winning something or in retrospect having seen us actually win something right at the end of a season.

    The old cliche; “one game at a time” springs to mind. In a way every match for me is a mini-cup final. Something to enjoy in real time by its own merit. And the more of those kind of enjoyable games there are the more the likelihood that something will indeed be won at the end of it all. But losing the CL final for instance in no way took away from every minute I had watched getting us there. Ironically, win or lose, that final was a very poor. spectacle, imo. The result was not good but more so, the football was dull and uninspiring. BUT, if we had won it, I would probably still be celebrating it, and in spite of the poor show that it was from both teams…

    I loved the comment from the Villa fan on the match thread. He/she said something like if Villa stay up, finishing 4th from bottom but having given the PL season a good shot, that he/she will be happy. What a contrast from us lot? And that’s from the supporter of a club that has a comparable cup history to Spurs.

  • HT….well written 1st post, I am 100% with you there esp’ with your questions, for me a good season is finishing in the top 4 again, esp’ if we are playing the Spurs way and entertaining, ok! winning the FA or LGE cup would be an addition to my joy, simples! COYS

  • HT …. As you are no doubt aware I agree with your sentiments entirely. That Villa supporter you referred to understands the realities of football which makes being a supporter much less stressful and much more enjoyable!

  • Next week’s game will result in a load of varying comments on here whatever the result is. I’m sure some supporters are ready to blast the club if we fail to win. I mean …. it’s City away!! I believe we are just as capable of winning as we are of losing so any result makes perfect football sense, if there is such a thing. lol

  • Geofspurs…..Football and sense are two words that just do not go together, surely you have realised that, lol! COYS

  • Of course I want to win trophies. Why – because I hate losing matches. It is actually watching a game that thrills and upsets, not pub or forum talking. Bragging rights are for kids. I’d rather we lost to Arsenal than a newly promoted team. Playing well in true Spurs style is what matters especially in this era when it really is money that wins trophies.

  • I think Rodri for City will be a brilliant signing. He will give them another dimension.

    As for the rest of the season a top 4 finish is a must. I would take any trophy to go along with that. Play some exciting football along the way. That would be a good season for me.

    Will be interesting to see what our squad is like by the end of the European windows. We could be Eriksen and Jan down. I really hope this isn’t the case.

  • Talking both as a fan and share-holder – need us to finish top 4 and in the CL again. We need the money, the players need that type of footy and it just makes sense to be there in every way possible. I would put top 4 and CL again above winning a trophy unless it’s the CL itself of course. That said will be as disappointed as anyone if/when we go out of each domestic cup competition but if I had to prioritise it’s CL qualification over winning a domestic trophy – it’s a no brainer.

  • Winning the Carabao Cup/FA Cup is not going to attract the kind of quality we are now accustomed to or that is needed to regularly challenge for the top honour’s. We need to build a quality squad and in doing so a domestic trophy or 2 should fall for us as it has fallen for others namely Utd and Arseanal and Chelski in recent year’s without them actually winning the Prem or CL but they have won the Carabao Cup and FA Cup. We need to aim for the Prem/CL and then take the season from there. Although I’m not going to say we don’t have a good quality squad I still feel that for example at RB more quality is needed but hopefully KWP/Aurier and even Foyth can hold their own and be a positive instead of a negative for us. Also defence wise they’re getting on a bit (Verts 32, Toby 30, Danny 29) and although experience is a great thing a long tiring season (as it will be challenging on 4 fronts) they’ll have to call on every drop of it through-out. Davy is also still prone to the odd error or so I think defence is going to be the make or break of us this season. I think HK10 looks like could be on fire and with 6 good AM’s and 6 good DM’s to pick from, it’ll be upto our defence to hold up and get us into a position to win something and qualify for top 4 atleast again.

  • Having watched all our rivals so far I think City and Liverpool is more of the same as last season, Utd just battered Chelski and Arse got a good result away at Newcastle with a lot of what will be their first team missing. I think Utd and Arse are going to make it hard for us this season, really hard! Utd are finally settled at the back with Maguire and Bissaka adding real genuine quality to their back-line and they will be very hard to beat because of it. Rashford and Martial have started well but I think they’ll still miss Lukaku and could have done with a Dybala/Eriksen/Fernandes/Lo Celso – I guess they have Lingaard and Mata and both are good but the other 4 I feel are of a different quality that would have had them challenging City and Liverpool for sure, still a cert for top 4 I reckon though. Arse have genuine CL quality up front – it’s ridiculous the firepower they have: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, Ozil, Ceballos, Mkhtaryian, Maitland-Niles, I’d even go as far as to say that it’s good enough to trouble City and Liverpool, problem is and lucky for us – think they’re defence is not upto it but they’ve added Tierney, Luiz (and the French CB for next season) so Arse are a big worry for sure this and next season with regards to top 4 and the cup’s also – on their day they can beat anyone. Chelski I feel will suffer for losing Hazard above all but also the experience of Luiz at the back and naturally the transfer ban – they could even find themselves out of the top 6 if they don’t pull together fully especially based on today’s performance – a lot of responsibility on young shoulder’s – Abraham, Odoi, Pulisic, etc.

  • You should ask Pep or Jose why winning the League Cup was so important for them. Winning trophies installs a winning mentality. Turning you’re noses up at trophies shows a poor mentality.

    Anyway it’s not about one or the other it’s about doing both.

  • RD – for every reason possible we need to prioritise Prem even over the CL itself IMHO – we need to finish top 4 – outside of it and we’ll be in trouble. We’re already having to balance the books as it is with regular CL footy every season and doing well in it so imagine what we’d be like without it?!

  • Top 4 is a trophy in itself and achieving it is also installing a winning mentality (which is very important) – getting over that line, qualifying and then playing well in the actual competition itself as we have done indeed reaching the final last year after having reached the last 16 the season before and losing to a quality Juve side and not losing by much and they then took Madrid all the way losing by little and Madrid eventually winning it in 2018.

  • No, getting top 4 is not a trophy in itself. It’s an achievement and it’s a great way of making money and expanding our brand. It’s very important for numerous reasons. But it’s not like winning a trophy. That sort of mentality must change.

    Winning a trophy is winning a trophy. It goes down in the history books and in the trophy cabinet. We need to get top 4 and win trophies, there is no other way. That’s what the best teams do. That should be the aim every season.

  • RD I agree with what you are saying and I think I answered better in my original posts in that we need a quality squad to achieve what you talk about. I don’t think we’re quite there yet – for example RB is a weak point IMHO depending on how well KWP can do there and perhaps Foyth, we may need cover for HK10, remains to be seen, etc.

  • RD – ultimately the aim is as you say to get top 4 every season minimum and win trophies aswell but until we do that regularly I think we have to prioritise top 4 over trophies so that we can keep ticking over and building and re-building the squad everytime better until we reach the point where we can compete with Man City/Liverpool, etc for the top honours. Top players want CL footy, they want the big wages it brings, etc and that’s the base for success – regular CL footy – the prestige and the money it brings. It’s a shame we did not get in Bissaka this summer would have been a good replacement for Walker, I guess let’s see how KWP gets on – hopefully in the long term he can be that player in house! Not so sure about Aurier though even as cover – needs to be sold and a replacement bought. Another issue could be no proper back-up for HK10 – Son/Moura big boots to fill as usual if called upon. I wonder if we’ll get Lloro back for another year?! Another issue is Eriksen – is he staying or going?! Also worrying what you posted about Verts on the other article and Toby aswell.

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