Date: 10th January 2018 at 8:10am
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I’ve been following Spurs for close to six decades now and I have to say that this is the worst period of being a THFC supporter throughout this time. Football is all about winning, winning silverware. It’s about the accumulation of trophies, the more the merrier. This cannot be stressed enough so I’ll say it again; football is all about winning trophies! To serious-minded supporters of any club this is blatantly obvious and shouldn’t need to be stated in the first place.

The harsh reality is that THFC has not won a trophy during the current decade and it is simply not acceptable! To say the club is declining would have to be a gross understatement. How any club can continue to operate when its trophy cabinet is not being rejuvenated on a regular basis is beyond me. What is there left to look forward to?

I have to laugh when supporters of this once great but rapidly stagnating club, talk about such topics as; players, tactics, opponents, stadiums, transfers, managers, owners, facilities, parking habits, the media, gossip, etc. What a complete waste of time and energy that has to be. Other supporters mention games or players from bygone days as if that has any relevance or interest. What is the sense of that? How can any of those things be as satisfying as the ability to deftly reach into your wallet, pull out a photo of a glittering trophy, and flash it around for all and sundry to enjoy? That’s all that matters. That’s what makes the game great!

I have a photo of the 60/61 team posing in front of two beautiful trophies. I watched that team win those trophies. I no longer recognise the people sitting behind the silverware in the photo but those two trophies never fade from memory. The games themselves meant little and were just the means to an end. I remember none of them but, despite the passage of time, I still receive great joy from looking at that photo, hour after hour, and admiring the craftsmanship that went into the creation of those trophies.

Some disheartened supporters, desperate to put a positive spin on a hopeless situation, point to last season’s second place finish in the PL as if it was some kind of achievement. But did that put another photo in the wallet for us to enjoy? No doubt, when this season finishes trophy-less, yet more supporters will mention the fact that we finished in top place of our CL group and made mincemeat of the European champions at the same time …. like that has any meaning! Where is the photo? I would gladly lose every game of the season if it meant collecting a trophy at the end of it!

The thought occurs to me that if I had been supporting our red neighbours I would probably have needed a much bigger wallet and could have had so many more silverware photos to give me joy and comfort in my hours of darkness and throughout the bleak trophy-less years that lay ahead. Hindsight always comes late! The sad reality is that, with the absence of silverware, I am doomed to a future where the only enjoyment has to come through watching a game of football instead of developing my photograph collection. And, for me, that is not an option! Anyone got an application form for a Manchester City season ticket?



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  • Some ones stolen Geofspurs login details, i can’t believe i agree with you 100%. I do remember Stewart scoring in the cup final and of course Ricky. V’s goal is unforgettable, however, the only goalkeeper i remember from a final is Tony parks i will never forget that famous save diving to his right. With all Levy’s development he hasn’t got the passion, foresight, love that will lead spurs to glory. Kane said cities success isn’t down to money alone and i agree with him, i would prefer Kane to do the presses as he talks more sense than MP.

  • “All things happen in their proper time. Everything in life happens in the time allocated for it. Don’t waste energy worrying about end results. Worrying only distracts you from living day to day and enjoying life”! James Van Praagh said that.

    Or was it Tim Sherwood?

  • You may ridicule the fans who care about winning all you want, but the bottom line is that football remains a sport with a competitive objective, and the goal of any game is to win it. The higher you go up the echelons of football, the more competitive the environment gets. If anyone wants to watch football for the love of the game, that’s fine. I personally don’t understand why they choose the most competitive environment in the world (the highest echelon of English football, the deepest top league in the world, and the richest league) to do so, but that’s another story. Many fans have gotten disillusioned with modern PL football in recent years, saying that we’ve lost the essence of the game. These people have turned to lower leagues and/or Sunday leagues to satisfy their need for football, arguing that it’s a much purer form of the sport. I recognise that this is an acceptable train of thought. It’s not one I share, but I recognise its validity and I see where those people are coming from. Maybe it’s agenerational thing but I fully believe that different generations of football fans expect different things from the game. It’s time for everyone to look at what the modern PL is like now (ridiculous spending, no time for managers, a constant pursuit of success – often defined by trophies, snoodies, foreign players,….), and make a decision as to whether it’s something one enjoys and agrees with or not. But criticising those things yet continuing to watch – something doesn’t make sense there.

  • What a load of rubbish. If you know how to compete with much better funded clubs without a new stadium, developing the players we can’t afford to buy etc please tell us. But of course you haven’t a clue. Back when I started going regularly to White Hart Lane in the mid seventies there was usually someone standing close to me who at some point, regardless of what was happening on the pitch would start whining about how these players weren’t fit to tie the boots of the doubles team. Didn’t seem to register with them that that era was long gone and wasn’t coming back. This is just another mindless rant, no clue how to achieve what you say you want. If all you want is to support whoever’s winning just change your allegiance every few years to whichever team is currently on top.

  • It’s not and never will be a generational thing BS. There are young supporters that see it like myself (and Geof) do and there are supporters of my generation or older than myself, that don’t.

  • Does anyone really believe this was a serious article?! That’s freaky. Palmover, it’s nice that we agree but there is no real danger of it happening again. I guess nobody recalls an article entitled ‘AVB Out’. jod’s comment was spot on, probably because he rarely displays silliness or humour (which have no place in football or life). BS, I’m sorry you feel ridiculed, you shouldn’t do that to yourself.

  • I certainly didn’t think you were being serious…… I actually new it was an article from you having just seen the title of it.

  • Thank God for your post at 10:08 Geofspurs. I thought I had lost a soul mate! LOL! I was just about to post a question to you asking how you go about winning trophies without winning…hahahaha. You?ve become a wind up artist today. Truthfully I want to win every bloody game and I rant and rave at every missed opportunity to score when I watch us play. My wife thinks I?m mad, my kids and grand kids laugh at me but it never changes. One day soon I feel I will have the last laugh and run around the house like a madman, screaming ?Come on you Spurs?!

  • Geof – I don’t let articles like this one, or much of anything on VS, get to me. I do however believe, very objectively, that such articles are antagonising. I’m not sure what the purpose of an article like this one is, except possibly trying to drive a wedge between Spurs supporters of different opinions. It’s a light-hearted way of mocking supporters who don’t see it the way you do, and who enjoy their football differently than you do. It’s pointless to me. Half of the people on VS aren’t going to understand that you wrote your article tongue in cheek and among those who did, quite a few aren’t going to appreciate it. But as long as you’re enjoying yourself…

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